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Brad Johnson, Richard Dreyfuss, Holly hunter

An aerial forest firefighter in Montana dies battling a blaze. He returns to earth as a ghost and encourages his old girlfriend to fall in love again with another young pilot (Brad Johnson). He watches the two start their new romance and battles feelings of sadness at giving her up while always remembering that she needs another chance at love. A little mushy but with great special effects and co-starring Brad Johnson in his younger years. Ladies keep your tissues handy.


'Flight of the Intruder'
Brad Johnson, Danny Glover and Willem Dafoe

In the last days of the Vietnam War, U.S. navy fighter pilots aboard an aircraft carrier have become disillusioned with the way the war is going and the pointless missions they are required to fly. Because the authorities have forbidden them from bombing strategic spots during the Paris peace talks, ace pilot Lt. Jake 'Cool Hand' Grafton (Brad Johnson) and his partner, a cynical veteran bombardier named Cole, decide to take matters into their own hands. As they plan a daring raid on the People's Resistance Park in downtown Hanoi (where
the Viet Cong display captured U.S. artillery), Grafton and Cole find themselves torn between their loyalty to their commanding officer and their sense of personal honor.


costarring Melinda Clarke as Jessica Priest

Adult, stylish and more than a little mean, this full-length animated tale has one very strong thing going for it...it knows how to milk cool. The animation is superior to anything recently devoted to a superhero...or super antihero, in this case. Al Simmons was a government assassin before he was burned to death and sent to hell (plot summary's starting out nicely, isn't it?). After making a
particularly bad deal with the devil to lead Satan's dark armies in exchange for seeing his wife again, Spawn is let loose upon the world. He immediately whacks three mob hit men, making his presence known and getting himself into all sorts of trouble. Spawn is also visited by the Clown, an obese, disgusting Beatrice, guiding our third-degree-burned Dante through this hellish, topside world. There are other nasty characters but in this first segment a very gratuitous inclusion of a child murderer goes too far for even this mature fare. Spawn isn't fun; there's very little joy in any of this. But the point isn't fun...it's brutal, adult-comic style. And there's plenty
of it.


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