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Recon Team Utah commanded by One-Zero Capt. Xavier Trout (third from left)
MACV SOG CCN, Republic of Vietnam, December 1969


Unauthorized unit patch for MACVSOG in Vietnam




  United States Army
Special Operations Command unit patch

  75th Infantry unit patch





 7th Special Forces Group flash

5th Special Forces Group flash (Vietnam) 

 United States Army Special Operations Command flash


Master Parachutist Badge


  Special Forces Crest

   Basic Parachutist Badge


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Personal Data:
Trout, Xavier
Nickname: none
DoB: 1938
PoB: Morgantown, West Virginia
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 185 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Gray
Marital Status: Married
Dependents:Wife Patty, Daughter                          Alison (previous marriage)
Rank: Colonel (O6)
Clearance: Top Secret/SI
Citizenship: United States



West Virginia University Bachelor of Science
West Virginia University Masters Degree
Southern Illinois University Doctorate


Basic Training. 8 weeks. Camp Gordon, GA
Advanced Infantry Training. 6 weeks, Camp Gordon, GA.
Basic Airborne Course. 3 weeks. Fort Benning, GA.
Jungle Operations Course. 2 weeks. Fort Sherman, Panama.
Ranger School. 12 weeks. Fort Benning, GA.
Advanced International Morse Code Course. 8 weeks. Fort Bragg, NC.
Special Forces Communications Sgt. Course. 24 weeks. Fort Bragg, NC.
Officer Candidate School. 12 weeks. Fort Benning, GA.
Infantry Officer Basic Course. 16 weeks. Fort Benning, GA.
Special Forces Detachment Officer Qualification Course. 22 weeks. Fort Bragg, NC.
Static Line Jumpmaster Course. 3 weeks. Fort Bragg, NC.
Infantry Officer Advanced Course. 16 weeks. Fort Benning, GA.
Combined Arms Service Staff School. 18 weeks. Fort Benning, GA.
SFOD-D Assessment and Selection. 4 weeks. Camp Dawson, WV.
Operator Training Course. 6 months. Fort Bragg, NC.
Military Freefall Course. 5 weeks. Fort Bragg, NC.
Command and General Staff College. 24 weeks. Washington, D.C.

Mar '62 - Jun '62 Infantryman C/2/1st Brigade, 101st Airborne Division.
Jul '62 - Oct '62 Fire team leader C/2/1st Brigade, 101st Airborne Division.
Nov '62 - Dec '63 Squad leader C/2/1st Brigade, 101st Airborne Division.
Jan '64 - May '64 Platoon Sgt. B/2/1st Brigade, 101st Airborne Division.
Jun '64 - May '65 Squad leader 173rd Airborne Brigade and C Co., 75th Infantry
                            (Airborne Ranger).
Oct '66 - Nov '67 SF Commo Sgt. ODA 736, C/1st Battalion, 7th Special Forces
                            Group (Airborne).
Aug '68 - Feb '69 Executive Officer ODA 522 B/1st Battalion, 5th Special Forces
                            Group (Airborne).
Mar '69 - Aug '69 Detachment Commander ODA 522 B/1st Battalion, 5th Special
                             Forces Group (Airborne).
Sep '69 - Oct '69 12 (One-Two) Recon Team Utah, MACV-SOG CCN.
Oct '69 - Apr '70 10 (One-Zero) Recon Team Utah, MACV-SOG CCN.
May '70 - Aug '70 Commander Hatchet Force MACV-SOG CCN.
Sep '70 - Mar '72 Company Commander C/3rd Battalion, 5th Special Forces
                             Group (Airborne).
Apr '72 - Apr '74 Executive Officer 3rd Battalion, 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne).
May '74 - Jul '77 Training Officer SFOD-D.
Aug '77 - Nov '79 Squadron Commander SFOD-D.
Dec '79 - Dec '80 S2 Intelligence Officer SFOD-D.
Jan '81 - Jan '82 Executive Officer SFOD-D.

Static Line Jumpmaster
Rappel master

Special Forces Communications Sergeant.
Infantry Officer
Special Forces Officer

Medals and Ribbons:
Distinguished Service Cross
Silver Star Medal (3rd award)
Bronze Star Medal with "V" device (5th award)
Air Medal with "V" device
Meritorious Service Medal
Purple Heart (4th award)
Joint Service Commendation Medal
Army Commendation Medal (3rd award)
Army Achievement Medal (6th award)
Army Good Conduct (2nd award)
Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal (4th award)
National Defense Medal
Overseas Deployment Ribbon (11th award)
Vietnam Service Ribbon
Republic of Vietnam Campaign Ribbon (1964-70)
State of Vietnam Presidential Unit Citation
Gallantry Cross Armed Forces Vietnam

Awards and Badges:
Master Parachutist Badge
Ranger TAB
Combat Infantryman's Badge
Special Forces TAB


Sep '83 - Apr '89 Student West Virginia University.
Nov '89 - Jan '92 Special Consultant, Department of Defense for Special Operations Forces.
Feb '92 - Aug '94 Special Consultant for Counter-Terrorism, National Security Agency.
Sep '94 - Jun '96 Recruiter, National Security Agency, Southern Illinois University.
Jul '96 - Aug '97 Special Consultant for Special Operations, National Security Agency.
Sep '97 - Present Case Officer/Facilitator for a classified intelligence special operations unit.

Open Water Diver
Teaching Certificate

Languages: DLPT
Vietnamese 3/2+
Montagnard 2+/2+
Lao 1/1+
Thai  1/1 
Arabic  1+/1
Farsi  0+/0+


Awards and Medals:
Intelligence Commendation Medal (2nd award)
Intelligence Medal of Merit
Distinguished Intelligence Medal


Subject entered the service in the US Army at seventeen because home and the streets offered little in the way of a future. After Basic Training he was assigned to the 101st Airborne Division where he quickly rose to Staff Sergeant and became a Platoon Sergeant. After two years with the 101st, subject served a one year tour in Vietnam with the Rangers. After earning a Silver Star in Vietnam his Company Commander allowed him to transfer to Special Forces.

After SF training subject became a Commo Sergeant on an A Detachment in 7th Special Forces Group. With this detachment he served his 2nd tour in Vietnam at a Special Forces A Camp in South Vietnam near the border of Laos. There he earned his first Bronze Star when his 'A' camp came under a fierce night attack from a Battalion of NVA. After his tour in Vietnam subject returned to the states and attended OCS and was commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant. His 3rd tour in Vietnam was as an XO of another SF detachment in 5th Special Forces Group in mountainous South Vietnam in another 'A' Camp working with the Montagnard hill people. During this tour he also became a Detachment commander.

Subjects 4th and 5th tour of Vietnam was with the highly classified Military Assistance Command Vietnam, Studies and Observations Group in Command and Control North. Subject became the 12 (pronounced One-Two, or radio man or third in command) of Recon Team Utah and did two missions with this team before the 10 (One-Zero, or commander) was killed in combat. Subject became 10 (and promoted to Captain) and conducted 11 more missions with Recon Team Utah. On one of these mission Recon Team Utah successfully snatched a NVA Captain from Laotian Highway 110 on the Ho Chi Minh Trail. In addition subject also led two successful Bright Light missions to recover remains of SOG Green Berets killed in action. Subject also has two combat jumps into North Vietnam (still classified). His last eight months in Vietnam he spent as a Hatchet Force Commander which was the Company sized quick reaction force made up of 8 SF soldiers and 60 Nung guerrillas. With this hatchet force he conducted a highly successful 9 day raid into NVA held territory in South Vietnam destroying bunkers, supplies and hidden caches and calling fire on a pursuing NVA Regiment, killing an estimated 370 of them.

Subject returned to Fort Bragg and served in various command positions in 5th Special Forces Group and was instrumental in the formation of 5th Group's 'Blue Light' or Counter Terrorist team. When SFOD-D began to organize, Major Trout was assigned to this new unit as it's training officer. Subject also served as a Squadron commander and conducted numerous classified missions in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and South East Asia. In preparation for the ill-fated Desert One Iranian hostage rescue, subject infiltrated Iran under cover as a Canadian national to provide intelligence in downtown Tehran. With the missions failure subject had to find his own way out of the country (via Turkey). Subject also participated in Operation Urgent Fury in Grenada and Operation Just Cause in Panama. Subject conducted other classified missions in Central and South America and in the Middle East. Subject retired from the US Army a Colonel.

Subject obtained a Bachelors and Masters Degree from West Virginia University and was then hired by the Department of Defense as a special consultant for SOF. As a special consultant subject returned to Delta Force and conducted classified operation including leading some tactical combat operations in Beirut in an effort to locate and rescue US nationals held hostage. Subject then worked for the National Security Agency as a special consultant for counter terrorism. While working for NSA as a recruiter, subject obtained his Doctorate from the University of Southern Illinois. Subject then returned to his consulting duties for the NSA in Special Operations. Subject was then hired as a facilitator/case officer for a classified operating group tasked to recruit and run covert special operation forces made up of highly trained, select, former military and law enforcement operators tasked with conducting highly sensitive, critical, high risk operations for the National Command Authority with plausible deniability.

Psychological Profile:

Subject has possibly seen more combat than any other US military veteran excepting World War two vets. Coming up through the ranks as he did has given him a balanced view of military operations that he has never lost. Subject was very successful in the highly demanding recon operations with MACV SOG. Among the Special Operations community he is literally a legend. His current work is so low profile than many of his contemporaries assume he has passed away. Soldiers who have worked with him find him extremely competent and professional. Many have expressed that he was the best commander they had in their entire careers. Many consider him to be the best all around combat operator they know. Subject was very successful in all kind of combat operations, defense, ambush, raid, reconnaissance, prisoner snatch, body recovery, intelligence operations and counter-terrorism.

His SOF team has been very successful but he attributes that success to Major Shepherd's recruiting and leadership skills. This is typical of subject's personality. Subject is quiet, reserved, appears to have little ego, but is confident and professional. Invariably when one first meets him it is assumed that he is a professional businessman. When one learns of his true background the effect is quite surprising. He does not look to be a retired, combat professional.

While working as a civilian advisor to Delta, subject was deployed to Beirut, Lebanon in an effort to locate American citizens held hostage. One operation he lead ended in disaster with only one other of his 8 man team surviving an entrapment and subsequent ambush. Subject took this loss very hard and prepared his resignation but it was refused by his superiors at the Department of Defense. Subject had never lost this many men in one incident and for a time he refused any operational assignments fearing his age had affected his judgment. From this point on subject has avoided operational assignments and has left combat operations to younger men.

Subject's first marriage ended in and amicable divorce (too many tours in Vietnam) and gave him one daughter. He still maintains contact with his ex-wife (who has remarried). Subject has a good relationship with his daughter. Subject remarried while obtaining his master's degree and is happily married. Subject lives with his wife in McLean, Virginia.

Modified 201 File Format.
(This document has not been reviewed by subject and may be incomplete.)

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