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The team has been on R&R way too long, sunning themselves and other fun beach activities, when a black limo pulls up to the curb.

Matt walks over to see what's up. The window comes down and Trout says, "We need to talk." Matt gets in the car.

Trout explains, "There has been military hardware and other supplies stolen from a military convoy and finger prints on one of the trucks points to an extremist militia group. Matt, these people need to be dealt with before we have another bombing or another Waco or Ruby Ridge."

"I see, we'll get the job done as soon as possible." Matt exits the car.

Margo walks up to Matt and asks, "Vacation over?"

Matt replies, "Yes." and then tells Margo to rally the troops.


45 minutes after the meeting with Trout the team is assembled in the basement of the Silver Star Hotel.

Matt starts, "Okay people, here's the job. Last week a convoy was hit in Oklahoma on it's way to Fort Sill. The items taken were 3 cases of M4A1'S, 3 cases M60 machine guns, 4 SQUAD AUTOMATIC WEAPONS, 500 pounds of C4 plastic explosives, LAWS rockets and 19 STINGER MISSILES. So folks, it looks like a search and destroy mission in Northern Oklahoma by a militia group called the Thunderbird Brigade. Oh, by the way, plenty of ammo was taken for the gun also."

Margo adds the founders are three. John Clemons, former Col. U.S. Marines, distinguishing himself during the Korean War, Lawrence Palmer, former Navy Seal and one Charles Murphy, Army Rangers. Last missions in the army included Panama, Somalia and the Gulf War.

Benny Ray asks, "These the three targets major?"

Matt responds affirmative.

Benny Ray adds, "Plan X, you got to love it."

CJ breaks in, "Who are these guy's, the BLOODY IRA?"

Chance asks, "How about transport sir?"

Matt says, "That's your department. By the way, we'll be hitting their compound and destroying everything there."

Matt gives out assignments, "CJ, get whatever explosives you need."

CJ says, "Yes Major, will make some nice boom boom."

"Benny Ray you have weapons detail."

"Margo find us a base camp."


48 hrs after the meeting and briefing at the Silver Star, the team's in place at their safe house, a hunting cabin belonging to an old friend of Benny Ray's, about 20 miles from the THUNDERBIRD compound. No one will suspect the're not hunters here.

"Okay people, what we need to know is intel."

Margo grabs her laptop and downloads maps and satellite photos that trout had arranged for them to get. The maps were for general surveillance or for a possible recon of the area.

Margo says, "I have no idea what each building here is. We need to do a recon of this area." She pulls out a digital camera and hands it to Benny Ray.

"What's this for?" he asks.

Her answer is, "You usually do recon this way, no film to develop."

CJ starts one of his stories. They tell him to shut up at the same time.

Matt suggests that Benny Ray and Chance do the recon at 0500 in the morning so as not to blow their cover.

That evening Chance and Benny Ray spend their time making ghillie suits and giving their weapons a once over. Benny Ray is checking his SIG 229 and his Remington 700 to make sure everything's in order. Chance is checking his Glock 19 and his Dragonov carbine but the rifle is only ammo for prying eyes in the morning. His real weapon will be an M4-A1 carbine already in his pack.


That morning Chance and Benny Ray leave the cabin at 0430. They drive 15 miles then walk the rest. They unpack their gear and get within 300 yards of the compound . Benny Ray watches things through his sniper's scope and relays them to Chance, who writes them down and takes pictures of the place. They also notice the guard changes and times as well but something unexpected happens and they take note of it as well. A chopper lands in the compound and four gentlemen seem pleased. More pictures are taken. Benny Ray motions to Chance that it's time to leave. They head out, being careful not to be seen. They get back to their vehicle and find the Sheriff looking around the inside.

Benny Ray asks if he can help him.

"Yeah," the sheriff says, "what you guy's doing out here?"

Benny Ray tells him, "Hunting for deer sir."

He tells them they are on private property and to please leave.

"Sure," Benny Ray answers and also says to give his apologies to the owners and besides the land was not posted as to be closed.

The sheriff gives the two a warning and leaves.

Benny Ray and Chance stow their gear and they also leave, careful not to be followed.

As they head back to their cabin Chance asks, "Was that normal bull you gave him?"

"No amigo, no bu.s. at all, he was just testing me I guess."


While the team gets ready to hear the recon report, Margo takes the disk out of the camera and puts it into her lap top.

Chance gives the report while Benny Ray gets the weapons checked for the evening raid. "Okay it looks like this sir. These 2 buildings in back are the barracks for the compound. This one by the side is the mess hall. Large numbers of men go in at 0600, again at 1300 and one more time at 1900 hrs sir. This building here is probably the communications for the base itself to stay in touch with the sentries that are posted on 5 hour intervals all at the top of the hour sir.

CJ asks, "Who are these blokes here anyway?"

Margo says, "Three of them are the top three men and number 4 is a member of the government, an aid to Congressman Fitch."

As the team is changing and getting ready to leave the door is broken down. They are told to put their hands on their heads by an ATF entry team. They comply.

Matt asks to see the man in charge.

A short stocky man in a suit comes in from outside and says, "You are all under arrest for interfering with a government investigation and weapons violations, not withstanding automatic weapons and explosives crossing state lines."

Matt asks him for his name and he says, "Doyle Richard."

"Why?" the agent asks.

Matt asks to make a phone call. The agent lets him. A call is placed to Trout who is having dinner with the head man in the Justice Department. Matt explains his situation to Trout, then turns to the agent and says, "It's for you."

The agent takes the phone and asks, "Who is this?"

The man is shocked to hear his boss on the other end of the line, telling him to hand over all his info to Matt, and that he and his team were to return to Washington at once.

The agent flips a disk to Matt and tells the entry team their job is done and they are going back to D.C.

The team waits fifteen minutes and leaves for their objective. Benny Ray mentions the incident with the sheriff and Matt tells him it's probably the work of the ATF agent in the first place and to just forget about it.


The team arrives at the same point where Benny Ray and Chance parked earlier that morning but they are dressed differently than they were this morning. Everyone's in black fatigues and all their equipment's in black as well. They all check their gear and radios to make sure everything works. Matt takes lead, followed by Margo on his left flank, CJ on his right and Chance covering the rear. Benny Ray's watching their rear till he gets to 7000 yds of the objective and sets up his sniper's gear.

The rest of the team got to the fence of the compound without incident. Chance and CJ started cutting the fence with wire cutters. It takes them 5 minutes to get inside the compound. Once inside they had to deal with the two sentries.

Margo used herself to drag them in away from their posts, which they did. She started talking to them while Matt and Chance took them out using their knives.

They silently got to their destination. They then encountered three bogeys. CJ and Chance took them out with bursts from their MP-5's. Once inside Matt tells them to take inventory.

CJ starts, "Major there's only 100 lbs of C4 here."

Chance states that he's correct.

Matt tells CJ to start laying charges to destroy the place.

CJ does as instructed and lays explosives with the 100 lbs of C4.

CJ says, "Sir we must leave now. This place blows in 5 minutes."

The team leaves the armory.

Margo comes up with a prisoner. Margo introduces Congressional Aid Ron Abbott.

Abbott tells them they're too late to stop anything.

Matt hits his com and tells Benny Ray to take the hummer back to the cabin because they are taking the chopper on site back.


Benny Ray watches his team members leave by chopper through the 4-15x scope on top of his Barrett 82A1 semi auto sniper rifle. He's just waiting for his three targets to appear on this night. Then all of a sudden an explosion erupts into the night as the armory explods and he thinks, "good going guy's"..all the buildings then emptied. There are men running in disarray when he spots Col. Clemons in his sights and gently squeezes the trigger. The Col. falls silent. He then spots Murphy and repeats the measure with the same results. He then spots Palmer running for a vehicle. He takes careful aim and puts his third shot right in Palmer's chest and the man instantly falls to the ground. Benny Ray finds some other targets. He takes aim at the 100 lb propane cylinder for the mess hall. He places a round there and it explodes. He then finds a transformer for the electrical system and all search lights. He puts a 50 caliber round in it and the place goes dark. He then spots another propane tank, shoots and it explodes. He then sees the gas pumps and puts a round through them and they blow up.

Benny Ray makes it quietly back to his vehicle and starts driving back to the cabin. He radios and tells Matt that his part is done.

Matt tells Benny Ray to get back as soon as possible.

Benny Ray says, "I'm five minutes out."

Benny Ray returns and is shocked to see a prisoner. "You guys were busy huh."


They sit their prisoner in a chair, tie him up and start interrogating him for info. He says nothing. Matt tries persuading him. Margo tries everything... nothing. CJ tells him he will blow him up. Chance tries appealing to his being an educated person... still nothing.

Matt chimes in, "Look, he ain't gonna talk so let's leave him here and guess where they could have gone."

"Not a good idea," Margo adds.

Meanwhile Benny Ray is sitting silently sharpening his combat knife and adds, "Looks like no one is having any luck sir, give me 5 minutes alone with him and he'll talk."

Matt responds, "Are you sure?"

Benny Ray answers, "Yes sir, I think he'll talk. I would if I was him"

Benny Ray walks over to the man and says in a very low southern drawl, "Amigo, you will tell me everything right now."

The young man looks at him and says, "Not a chance in hell."

Benny Ray then puts his knife on the man's shoulder and says, "Amigo, let me tell you a little story. When I was a kid, who could barely hold a rifle at the age of 9 years old, my grand daddy taught me how to gut game and then how to skin an animal and you know I got pretty damn good at it. You see boy, that's what I'm going to do to you in a second unless you tell my compadres what they want to hear."

The man looks at him and says, "You can't, the police have rules."

Benny Ray looks at him and says, "We're not the police, so it does not apply to any of them."

Benny Ray tears the man's shirt off and puts his ka-bar to his breast bone and puts a little bit of pressure and suddenly the man starts spilling his guts.

Abbott tells them how two men named Tim Marsh and Dana O'Leary were ordered to take the stuff and make the Oklahoma City bombing look like a fire cracker. He even tells them where and when.

Matt tells Margo he wants background on these guys asap and gives the order to move out.

Matt then phones Trout and gives him the rundown. That they need transport waiting for them at the nearest air field and that the're leaving him a present at the cabin for pick up.

CJ chimes in, "Ready to go sir."

The team puts their stuff into the hummer and heads out towards the nearest airfield where a plane will be waiting for them.


When they reach the airfield they find a Lear jet waiting for them. When they board the plane, sitting in the rear of the plane is their medic, Rico.

Rico greets them and tells them he was called by Trout and since they were going to his hometown they could probably use his help getting information. People would be more comfortable talking to someone they know rather than a stranger.

Chance moves to the cockpit of the plane and does a pre-flight check. He tells everyone to buckle up which they do. Chance then asks the tower for permission to leave which he receives.

Benny Ray tells Matt that he needs to pick up some more weapons because they only have two MP5SD 6's on hand.

Rico tells Benny Ray that the weapons will be waiting for them when they land.

Matt asks him about a safe house for when they land.

Rico tells him he has the upper floor of his uncle's warehouse all set.

Margo is working hard on getting info on these guys and she says, "Oh great, we have a problem Matt. Marsh and O'Leary are both experts in demolition and electronics just like CJ is. They both served 100 Special Forces Group stationed till recently at Fort Deavins in Massachusetts. They were both discharged 6 month's ago. They served in Bosnia, Somalia and Panama. They were cross trained in weapons and tactics. I don't think we can take them alive."

CJ was getting some much needed rest.

After two hours had passed the plane landed at an airfield about 45 minutes from Denver at a closed air force base. They unloaded their gear and headed for the vehicles that were waiting for them. Matt and Margo took a red Dodge Neon. Benny Ray and Rico took the Ford pick up and Chance and CJ took a white panel truck filled with surveillance gear and the gear they had brought from Oklahoma. They had agreed on getting food and meeting at the warehouse earlier that evening.


The team arrived at their destination at different times, but everyone was on time to formulate a plan since there was going to be a meeting Margo would take her place. Since she was now in custody, Benny Ray, Matt and Rico would watch her back, while Chance and CJ would listen and keep watch in the panel truck and then tail them back to their motel. They would also detail anything that happened there.

Benny Ray did a quick arms survey and handed Chance a bag that contained two MP5 SD6'S along with ammo and extra clips. CJ handed out coms, most of them looked like articles of clothing except for Margo's, which was a charm on a necklace.

The team moved out separately for the meeting at 2200 hrs.


The team arrived at the Purple Heart Bar and Grill. Chance and CJ arrived first and parked in the lot next door and set up the surveillance gear.

Benny Ray and Rico arrived next and walked in Benny Ray sat at one end of the bar and Rico at the other. They both ordered beers. They both noticed Marsh and O'Leary sitting in the corner by the door.

Matt arrived next, ordered a drink at the bar and then walked to the table behind Marsh and O'Leary who paid him no mind at all.

Margo walked in ordered herself a glass of wine. She then looked around and walked over to where Marsh and O'Leary were sitting and introduced herself as Helen Chambers, their contact in Denver.

She asked what kind of hardware they would need.

Marsh replied, "None, we brought are own."

She then started a polite conversation with O'Leary and asked how her friend the colonel was.

He replied, "We have no idea. When we checked in at the camp this morning we got no answer from anyone at all."

Marsh then pulled a Berretta 92F and asked, "How do we know you are who you say you are?"

Margo replied, "Do you think I came here alone with out back up of any kind?"

Meanwhile Matt unholstered his HK SOUCOMB and thumbed the safety off while Benny Ray's hand moved towards the SIG on his belt and Rico put his hand on his Glock.

Margo then told Marsh to look behind him where he saw a gun leveled at him .

He put the Beretta away and asked how many guns she had with her.

She replied, "Three plus myself."

Marsh added , "I was told you never went anywhere with out back up and you are also a cold bitch."

"So this was a test."

He answered, "Yes."

Margo asked, "Can we get down to business then?"

They replied, "Yes."

O'Leary explained everything... how they needed electronic detonators preferably the military type .

She asked, "When."

They said, "Tomorrow morning at 1000 hrs."

"Okay, no problem. All I need is an address."

Marsh gave her the name and room number of their motel.

Margo told them she would see them in the morning and she left, followed by Rico and Benny Ray, last to leave was Matt.


CJ and Chance followed Marsh and O'Leary to their hotel on a quick recon of the area. With this done they returned back to the safe house with their report. When they arrived Benny Ray was getting their weapons ready and loading magazines that would be used during the next day.

CJ stated, "Major the area is out of the way at the edge of town, so there should be no problem getting them at their motel in the morning as they laid it out at the meeting."

Chance agreed that everything should run pretty smooth with an out of the way motel that was pretty empty.

The team went about their business and listened to Matt's plan of attack, then getting the rest of their gear together. Then everyone burned off some nervous energy and they even caught a few hours sleep.

Early the next morning the team headed out to the motel.

Benny Ray takes his gear to the top of an old church where he sets up his sniper's nest and where he will also have a clear field of vision of the entire area.

Chance and CJ set themselves up across the street in the van, waiting for everything to go down.

Rico is in the pick up truck on the other side of the motel.

Matt and Margo are around the corner waiting for 10:00 o'clock, not wanting to be early for their meet with Marsh and O'Leary. They did a radio check while waiting and everyones radios seemed to be working.


Matt and Margo got to the hotel right on time at 10:00 am.. Margo knocks on the door of their motel room.

Marsh answers the door and asks to see the detonators before handing over the money.

Margo tells him, there in the trunk if he would care to take a look.

All three walk outside to her car when they see Matt standing there. They ask, "What's this guy doing here, we don't like it?"

Margo tells them to relax because he works for her as muscle.

O'Leary walks over to Matt and says in a yankee accent, "You're the guy from the bar yesterday. I didn't like you yesterday and I don't like you now. You look too military for my tastes."

Matt tells him, "Well you don't have too like it, you just have to deal with it and keep your damn mouth shut while we get this done."

As money exchanged hands and detonators were handed over a green van pulled up and some fifteen men jumped out the back all ready for a war.

Benny Ray realized what was going on and alerted the rest of the team. "Major I have a shot, just give me the word."

Rico left the truck and got closer to take action.

Chance and CJ did the same thing.

As the team was getting into position, Matt tried to talk their way out. "Who are these guys and what's going on?"

Marsh told him these were their men and not to make a move. "Now please move towards your vehicle please."

Matt and Margo did as they were instructed to.

One of the men pulled out a pistol and put it to Matt's head.

This guy is no arm's dealer and God knows what she is.

Marsh asked, "How do you know this?"

He replied, "Meet Major Matt Shepherd. My former CO when I was in Bosnia. How have things been major?"

"Pretty good Rawlins. Too bad you have to die now."

Benny Ray had Rawlins in his scope. He lightly caressed the trigger on his Remington 700 and Rawlins fell without firing his weapon. The sniper also took out 4 others before they knew what was happening.

The rest of the team moved in to face drawn pistols but they all dropped in a hail of automatic fire from their MP-5's.

"Everyone all right?'

They all said, "Yeah."

CJ found their stash of explosives and made an anonymous call to the Denver bomb squad.


The next day at the Silver Star the team was putting their gear away when a news flash came on and the ATF was claiming victory against terrorism inside the U.S. by a group of right wing extremists.

Benny Ray chimes in, "They could not find an outhouse in the woods by themselves."

"Agreed," said the new comer. It was Trout carrying a suitcase full of cash. "Good work Matt, you all earned this three times over. So if you will excuse me I need to attend to some business in D.C."


That evening congressman Fitch heard the news of what happened in Oklahoma and Denver. Knowing things would catch up to him he started to pack his briefcase when he got a knock on the door of his office. It was Trout.

"Xavier,I thought our meeting was not until tomorrow afternoon?"

"That's right, but I thought we should talk now considering it looks like your going to be arrested for helping with that terrorist attack."

"That can't be proved. From what I understand there was no one left alive."

"But there is a witness connected to you."


"Not able to say... on a need to know basis... so you don't have a need too know."

Marines then came in and promptly placed the congressman under arrest for treason.

"Xavier you can't do this."

"It's already done congressman, have a nice evening."

As they led him out Trout made a phone call, "I want to know everything you can dig up on congressman Fitch and send it to the AG's office with everything else.


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