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The year is 2011 in 2002 Trout retired to his home in the Hamptons, He was replaced by Col. Benjamin Patterson. Who runs his Ops a bit differently using a team of non-military personnel each quite gifted in the art of war. Matt and Margo were married in 2005 and still own and run the Silver Star bar in Venice beach. Benny Ray opened a tactical shooting school and gunshop specializing in swat training and counter sniping. Nick went back to NYC and finally married his high school sweet heart Donna. Deke just up and vanished one day. Chance and CJ stayed in Hawaii living the good life. Rico opened a charter fishing business. At the request of his bride Betsy. Benny Ray's children grew up and young Billy is now a second lieutenant in the us. Marine corps. We are again at war with Iraq. Attempting to finish what we began many years earlier.


Lt. William Riddle had received his orders to take a four man patrol into the south eastern part of Iraq where they suspected a facility for the storing of chemical weapons his orders were to find it and to send back his co ordinance for an air strike on the place to destroy it. He picked four of his best men and they all left under the cover of darkness.


"Sir our target is just over the next rise" "Sergeant are you sure" "Positively Sir. We spotted trucks leaving there for the past half hour." "Good lets relay our Intel and get back to base." They radioed in what they had found and the co ordinance for the air strike. Their next part of the mission was to hold a laser to it so the bombs would fall right on target.

They moved to a high rise put the lasers on target. The bomber appeared very quickly and dropped its payload and the place blew like a Roman candle on the fourth of July. They then made there way back when they heard the sound of rifles being cocked two marines laid dead and Lt. Riddle gave the order for them to drop their weapons they were badly outnumbered and out gunned. The three remaining men were then thrown into a truck and hauled away.


As the marines were brought in two of them were placed in an empty cell. While Lt. Riddle was taken to be interrogated he was gone from the others for over two hours and he was then thrown into a cell that was occupied by a very tall black man with graying hair and a diamond earring in his ear.

When Lt. Riddle came too he noticed the tall blackman standing over him. "Well and everyone thinks your dead." "Nice to see you to. How's your dad?" "Good the last time we saw each other how long have you been in this hell hole?" "Oh about nine years now. Trout sent me here to find some things out. But the funny thing is no one never came to get me out." "Well then you should know that Mr. Trout retired back in 2002 and a Army Col. Named Patterson took his place." "Oh no not Patterson he thinks that civilians can get the job done better than ex-military personnel." "I've heard a few rumors about that but it hasn't been proved yet.


Col. Patterson's phone rang he took notes of his conversation and quickly hit the speed dial on his phone "Tom I have a rescue operation for you and your group am faxing the info you will need right know. I will also arrange a back up sniper for you.

DEERFIELD NH. 0755 hrs

The phone rang and was picked up on the third ring. "Kelly let me guess Patterson you need me as back up again." "This is not the arrangement I had with Trout." "You know glad you understand that. Yeah I'll be on the next plane to phoenix. Just have my equipment waiting for me all right.' He packed his bag and headed out the door. He was headed for the airport in Manchester.


Kelly got of the plane grabbed his bag and saw the familiar blonde waiting for him at the terminal. "Hey Ray nice to see you again." "Yeah nice to see you again also Sandy now lets go." He followed her out of the airport got into her car and drove off. Sandy do you know whats going on this time." "Nope only that it has to do with Iraq or something" "No wonder Tom wanted back-up for this." She parked in an alley between a gunshop and a camping store and they went in the back way down some stairs.


Inside there were four people present going over a map and giving different points of strategies there were three men and a women. "Bout time you got back Sandy now give us your opinion." Which the young lady did." Kelly make up your equipment list and then sit and wait." Kelly wrote down his shopping list for equipment and just could not believe what their plan was he knew something this dumb would get them all captured or killed at the very least. "Let me get this straight you all want to halo in first right just outside the gate that is just pure suicide if you ask me. You leave yourself no avenue of escape nor any helicopter evac out of this place they'll bring you all out in body bags." Tom Jenkins walked over to him got in his face and spoke "What the hell makes you such an expert and why does he give you to us as back up in the first place Kelly"

"Alright I'll tell you why boy because when you were chasing tail in high school I was humping the brush in South America. My duty posts include Grenada, Panama, the gulf, Somalia and Bosnia. So you see the Army prepared me well for this kind of work." "So what I'm in charge and you'll do as your told. You got me Kelly." "I got you but don't blame me if you die someday."

Jenkins and the others walked away and formulated their plan. Sandy came back told him which plane to be on and where to be in the next five day's.


Kelley dis embarked the plane grabbed his bag presented his orders to the MP who showed himto a tent where the others were gathered Jenkins made a comment but he let it pass. "Kelly how many days will it take you to get into position here." "I'd say it's a two day hike atleast." "Then get to it." "I'll be there." He then left went to change and get his gear and he disappeared under the cover of darkness.


Kelly was able to get to his vantagepoint in a day and a half due in part to the Army convoy he ran into who drove him half the distance. So he set up the big Barrett .50 semi auto sniper rifle with a day/night scope in a matter of minutes. His observation of the place was more like an ammo dump than anything else. He radioed in his position told them that he was in place and would be watching the place until they showed up. He took mental notes of everything he saw like what time the guards changed and who came and went. He also took notes on the times they had allowed the prisoners to exercise and he was a little surprised that there were four of them. He was told that it was only a recon team of five. He then zoomed in on the blackman and recognized him as Deacon Reynolds one of Shepherds team.


Jenkins and his team Dropped out of a plane at the exact time and place they had specified but something went terribly wrong as soon as they were out of there chute's they were surrounded by republican guards ordering them to drop their guns immediately for them it was a no win situation. He ordered them to comply with their orders and they did.

Kelly saw what was going on and he quickly acted he took out 8 guards and put rounds into the fuel tanks of two truck's. He then ordered them to run while he caused more confusion. He quickly changed mags while three of the five made it to his side. The Iraqi's took the other two inside very quickly. Kelly radioed the base and used the word abort. Minutes later a helicopter landed and they all got in and left the scene.


The chopper landed at the base they had started from an intelligence officer asked the four returning individuals to follow him to be debriefed they followed him into a tent and Kelly was shocked to see whom he saw there. This is Miss Warren from the NSC she will debrief all of you in order of importance The officer told them.

Kelly went to the enlisted mans Mess to get something to eat when he was joined by Bill Rutherford the ex-cop asked him why he had walked away from the debrief. "Well Bill I have my reasons. But I guess there's no beating the inevitable now is there." I guess not." Kelly finished his meal got up and walked back to the tent where the debriefs were taking place he walked in and saw Miss Warren looking over her notes.

"Deb. you ready for me or do you want me to come back." The women walked over to him and wrapped her arms around his neck and said. "Oh how I've missed you." In a low voice. "You know you can come home when ever you want." "I know it's just that when I see that women who goes to the family plot I can't forget about your past." "Look Margo is just a friend and nothing more." "Not to change the subject but whats going to happen to the others." "They're going home on the first plane in the morning and so are you." "I see. Look Deb. I Need to make some calls is there a secure line around here yeah I got one in my tent." "Is that an invite you don't need one because you are my husband remember." "Then let's go then."


Kelly picked up the phone and dialed Paterson number he relayed the bad news. He also asked for a meeting at Hermosa Beach in three days time. He then dialed Trout's home phone, which was answered on the fourth ring. "Trout this is Kelly I thought you would like to know your man Reynolds is alive and well in an Iraqi prison I need to talk to you ASAP." He then wrote a few things on the pad next to the Phone. He then looked at his wife who had dis robed and he remembered why he had married her in the first place. "Ray whats going on?" "Do you trust me?" "Yeah I do then don't ask questions now." He then took his wife into his arms and brushed her hair away and neither of them got much sleep.


Kelly awoke at daybreak got up and got dressed the only personal weapon he had was his P229 and placed it in his holster on his belt with his spare mags. He then went to morning mess got something to eat. He saw the others getting their things together. They all paid him no attention as he brought two cups of coffee back with him. He sat next to his wife stroked the hairs out of her face and kissed her on the forehead. She slowly woke and asked for her coffee. "Ray we need to talk." "Ok what do you need to know?" "How far your involvement with Patterson goes?" "Sorry that's classified." "Ok fine but you did work for Xavier Trout that much is clear." "Yeah Trout recruited me as a trouble shooter right out of the army." "That far back." "Afraid so." "So you're coming back." "Yes I will be back very soon." "But Ray you're not in the army any more." "True but those people are not going to rot in that ammo dump." "How about your son." "Deb. that's not fair. That's part of my reason for going to California I need to see my boy. Plus he needs both of his parents with him." "Now that's not fair either." "You brought it up." " Look that plane leaves in twenty minutes I need you to keep your ears open for me." "Ok." She got dressed quickly downed the rest of her coffee and they walked to the airstrip together before boarding he kissed his wife good bye and promised her he would be back with in a couple of weeks. He then boarded the plane and took a seat. The others were to shocked and not knowing what to do next. But Kelly did.


Kelly drove up Trout's driveway and parked and knocked on the door Trout answered it on the first ring "Good to see you come on in the den and we can talk." "You saw Deke yeah as well as the others they look fine but Patterson has turned this whole thing into a nightmare by using non-professionals." "Just so you know I have been asked to come out of retirement by the man himself." "Your answer was?" "Look you don't say no to the president." " Well I have a meeting with him tomorrow at noon time in California so looks like I sleep on the plane again." "Are you sure you want to do that? Yeah Trout I do. I need to see my son." "Well then I'll see you tomorrow then." "Yeah I'm gonna have Shepherd put his team back together again plus I want to give Patterson the bad news in person." "Here's the address see you then. I can show my self out." He dove off into the night made his flight and intended on seeing his son when he awoke.

SAN Diego CA. 0735 HRS.

Kelly knocked on the door and it was answered by his father in law. "I'm here to see my son. Not to cause trouble. "Yeah Debbie called real late last night said you would be by to see Spencer." "Well he's still asleep that's what I thought." They both walked into the kitchen the older man poured two cups of coffee. "You know I never liked you Ray I saw a lot of guy's like you in nam always had to be in the action. But then I also knew people like my daughter. But Spencer is a good boy and seems to take after the both of you." "Then you'll won't mind if I take him to Hermosa Beach for a few days then. Nope not at all.' A little boy wondered into the kitchen already dressed and looked very much older than his four years of age. He took one look at Kelly and jumped into his arms. "Okay son eat your breakfast and I'll be in to help you pack ok." "Yes Sir." "Jack you turning the boy into a soldier already." "Never to early to start when did your father start with discipline?" "Well he never got the chance he died in Vietnam when I was still a baby." "Sorry no one never told me." "It's okay I've learned over the years to just let some things pass. I'll go and pack his things." "Thanks Jack." He came back. Kelly took the bag and his son and walked them out to the car he had rented at the airport. "Thanks for everything Jack." "Not a problem" They then drove off headed towards LA.


The ride was long and UN eventful Kelly saw a Silver sedan out front he took his son by the hand and they both walked over to the bar. The bartender a pretty lady named Brandi saw her boss waving for Kelly to come over. "Sir my little brothers his age I can watch him for you if you would like?" "Thanks I appreciate it. Spencer you behave for the nice lady okay." "Yes Sir." He walked over and hugged Margo and shook Matt's hand. "You both know why I'm here." "Yeah Trout filled us in now what do you know about the marines well you know one of them his name is William Riddle." "Does Benny Ray now He's a captive." "Matt not to my knowledge but I would say he will know soon. When I left it look like they were about to contact the families of the missing the dead have already been notified." Margo looked at him and asked "Ray how do you know this my wife is there she's with the NSC. We are kind of separated." "How about Patterson's team are they a factor?" "Well not anymore this is there first failure and there not handling it very well. Matt how long for you to get a team together. "Trout give me a week." "Well I have another meeting to get to so if you'll excuse me." "Margo can you watch Spencer for me?" "Would love too." "Ok I'll introduce you and see you all later then.

Kelly and Margo walked up to his son and sat him at a table. "Spencer I want you to meet my friend Margo she's gonna take care of you for an hour or so ok." "Sure daddy." He kissed his son on the forehead and left. Margo was wondering what kind of women he had married. The boy looked at Margo and said. "I know you I've seen you at our cemetery." "Yeah that's right so how about you and me going for a walk on the beach." "Ok." They left which left Matt and Trout talking. Matt had his work cut out for him on this one.


Kelly walked in took the sheets of the furniture and walked downstairs. He punched in a code on the magnetic lock and walked inside. He took of his spare magazines placed them in a drawer along with his P229 and took a P245 off of the wall. For this meeting he wanted just a bit more power than the 357 SIG could provide so he chose the old reliable 45 ACP cartridge and the downsized P220 was the perfect choice. He walked upstairs went to the bar and poured himself a beer into a glass and waited for the guest of honor to arrive. The Doorbell rang exactly at noon. He went to answer it and he showed Patterson in.

They both stood in the living room then Kelly grabbed the man by his shirt and tie and yanked the man in close. "Alright Patterson suppose you tell me why my wife is in Kuwait to begin with." " Look she was assigned there by her department I had nothing to do with it." "If anything happens to her you are going to be held personally responsible." He let the man go and gave him a complete run down on what went wrong with his team leader and his second in command and how he was able to get most of them out alive. Then the doorbell rang again. "Patterson it's for you so answer it." The man did and got the shock of his life when he saw Trout standing there.

Trout walked in and told Patterson to go and clean out his desk because he was coming out of retirement. Plus he would deal with him back in DC.

Kelly got a nice laugh out of the whole thing and Trout turned to him and spoke. "Matt and I both agree you will be going on this mission since you've been there and have first hand knowledge what ever you need we can get for you." "Well as for equipment I'll need nothing but I want my wife sent home when this is all over." "That I can do. There will also be something put in your son's college fund when you return." "Thanks I appreciate that."


Kelly walked in expecting to see the place full. He asked the bartender he had talked to earlier for a beer. "So where is everyone?" "Well the place is usually slow in the day time but hops at night. Benny Ray came in a bout thirty minutes ago hoping mad something about his son. Margo is out with Spencer." "There in the office right" "Yeah they are."

Kelly walked into the office and noticed Matt behind his desk on the phone. Benny Ray was sitting on the coach banging his fist into his palm visibly very upset. Matt noticed him and hung up the phone. "Glad you came back our friend here just found out about Billy from his ex-wife and she isn't very happy. But he understands the situation." "Major what does he know about my boy." "Quite a bit Riddle if you need to now." "I do." "Okay I saw him and three others at a prison. Which looked more like an ammo dump in Basra." "He looked alright?" "Just some bruises." "Well this should get Mary Ellen of my case for awhile."
"Benny Ray how would you like some excitement back in your life?" "Well Major what ever you have in mind I'm in" "Good I need you to go to NY city find Nick and bring him back here pronto." " You got it sir. Just let me go and close up shop and I'm off to the airport." "Kelly I hope you don't have dinner plans we need all the Intel you got stored in your head." "Okay but can it wait till I put my boy to bed." "Sorry forgot about that." "You got a fax machine or a computer yeah downstairs." "Good give me the number and let me call my wife." Matt gave him the number and he picked up the phone and dialed her cell phone number

It was answered on the third ring "Deb. it's Ray I need something only you can provide." "Look its need to know basis and you don't have a need to know yet. What I need are those mission debriefs and anything else you may have." "Yeah it has to do with that just fax them to me at this number. By the way Spencer sends his love." "See you soon." "Alright Matt done. She's going to fax them within the hour." "Good I need you and Margo to go over them tonite and tell me what the best course of action might be." "You got no problem with that?" "Not since I married Margo six years ago." "Congratulations." "Let's say we go fishing." "Sounds good." The two men got up and left.


It took them a half-hour to get to the harbor and to find the one-person operation, which only had one boat. The women behind the counter asked if she could help them. Matt stepped forward and said. "Yes I'm a friend of your husbands and we'd like to talk to him." "Your name please Matt Shepherd." " Oh no Rico told me about you. He is not risking his life for anyone do you hear me mister Shepherd." Meanwhile Rico walked in and spoke. "Betsy that's enough I make up my own mind. Major if you and your friend will come with me we can talk out on the water. Rico grabbed the cooler put it on the boat and headed out into the harbor. "Well Major whats up now I thought we all disbanded because of lack of work." "Yeah we did Rico but Trout is now back in charge and I need a medic for a rescue operation in Iraq one of the captives is Billy." "How's Benny Ray holding up very well. It's Mary Ellen who is giving him grief right now." "So who's in so far well Benny Ray is in, myself and Margo." "So who's this?" " My name is Kelly I was involved with the last attempt which was a FUBAR from the word go. I also work for Trout as a trouble shooter and I too am in." "Well sir count me in." They spent the rest of the afternoon in the harbor drinking the beer that Rico had brought.


Benny Ray first tried Nicks home but found no one home. He then called Nick's office and was told that Mr. Delvechio was out for the evening with his wife since it was their anniversary. Benny Ray had called just about every restaurant in town when he finally struck pay dirt. He hailed a cab and gave him the address.

Benny Ray stood outside the restaurant called Pelligrino's. He walked in and was asked by the mator de if he had a reservation. He answered him that he was supposed to meet a friend for drinks and he dropped Nick's name. He also slid the man a fifty-dollar bill to help out his memory. He was then showed to Nick's table.

Nick was shocked to see Benny Ray approach his table even more so when he sat down. "Benny Ray what are you doing here." "Look amigo Matt wants you in California pronto." "Look I don't do that work any more I got a good job testing LE equipment." "Besides I refuse to work for that piece of scum Patterson." "Well you won't be Trout came out of retirement and wants the team put back together for a mission into Iraq." Nicks wife came back from the ladies room she remembered Benny Ray from their wedding and asked Nick what was going on. "Matt needs me in California Donna I have to go. Plus I'm doing it as a favor to Trout." "I see and when are you coming home." "I don't now it's part of the job." "Then I'm going with you Nick." "You sure?" "Yes I am." They left the restaurant at the same time they made arrangements to meet at the airport in the morning.


Kelly and Margo went over the reports and satellite photos that his wife had supplied. They first went over the debriefs of Pattersons team. They both pretty much agreed that their plan of attack was doomed from the start. She then asked a question that was a bit personnel. "What kind of women leaves her child and does a dangerous job to boot. Plus what kind of women is she really." "Well Margo she's ambitious for one thing but she is a good mother. She is very kind and caring she somewhat reminded me of you when we first met. But the same can be said for me and the work that I do." "From what I've seen you are a wonderfull father who is adored by his son." "Thanks I needed to hear that. Matt came down stairs with Spencer. "You really should get him to bed." "Yeah I think we'll be going." "You mind if we stop over later so we can talk?" "Matt I would enjoy the company." Kelly took his son and brought him home.


Sandy Ferguson was waiting when Kelly got there. "Almost gave up on you." "You should have. Come in and we'll talk as soon as I put Spencer to bed. The young lady waited downstairs while Kelly put his son to bed. "Daddy when is mommy coming home?" "Soon son very soon. Now get some sleep." He got up turned off the light. And went downstairs to talk to his guest. "Look Ray I want in on what ever you are planning. You know I'm a capable pilot." "Yeah I do. But it's not my call." "Then I'll call Patterson and he will make you take me along." "Go ahead call him." She picked up the phone dialed it and was surprised to hear someone else's voice on the other end. "Sorry wrong extension. Who is Xavior Trout." "The man who took over for Patterson. Plus he was there before Patterson." "The man who retired nine years ago." "Yes." "Then who decides weather I go or not?" "That falls to Matt Shepherd because it's his team going in" She was then silent. Kelly went to the bar poured himself a Beer and waited.


By the time Matt and Margo made it to the beach house they noticed another car in the driveway and wondered what was going on. They rang the bell. Kelly answered it a few seconds later they walked in and noticed the young lady wearing jeans and a T-shirt. "Well I would like you both to meet "Sandy Ferguson she was part of Jenkins team. She wants to go on the next attempt I told her it was your call not mine she already knows that Patterson is out of the picture." "Miss Ferguson the answer is no" "But Mr. Shepherd you'll need an experienced pilot." "Sorry but I have one and an experienced demo man thrown in for the price of one."

The young lady was upset. She then left and was visibly quite angry over the turn of events. Kelly followed her out to make sure she would be all right. "Why didn't you tell me he was military he reeked of the smell of an officer." "Yeah and he was in his rights to refuse you. Remember the Berlin job last year it was a one-person op but you guys sent three and nothing dangerous happened. His men are all professionals and they are the best to get this job done." "What about you?" "I'm going because I was a professional soldier for most of my life besides someone has to get your friends home." "Yeah I guess your right." She then drove off after their talk.

He walked back in they talked about the best course of action and they appeared to be one man short. Kelly then remembered the man he had met at Jim's funeral. "I may know someone we could get I met him at a funeral last year." "What's his name Drummer." "He's still alive." "You know this guy all to well." "I'll call him in the morning Matt. It had gotten quite late and Matt and Margo said there good byes and left and Kelly finished his beer and went upstairs. He first checked on his son and then turned in.


Kelly's phone rang very early this morning waking him from a sound sleep. He rolled over and
Answered the phone. "Drummer what on earth are you doing calling this early. He did. Okay when will you be here noon alright see you then." He had received good news he was not going to call Matt at this hour. He turned over and went back to sleep.

LAX 1200 HRS.

Kelly and Matt ran into each other at the airport. "Well Kelly looks like things are coming together Benny Ray and Nick are due in at 1:00 and Chance and CJ are due in about 15 minutes." "Yeah Drummer called me early this morning it appears he got a call from Trout and should be on one of these planes very soon. Will talk to you later then." They both went off in different directions. Kelly waited fifteen minutes at the terminal for the flight from Houston, which was on time he noticed Drummer right off. He walked up to him and spoke. "Nice to see you again." "Yeah same hear. But what I really need is a beer and a gun I feel a little uncomfortable unarmed." "Yeah that I can help you out with let's go.


They both walked inside Spencer were still outside playing with Brandi. "That's a good looking boy you got their where's his mom." Kelly handed him a beer with a bourbon chaser. "Well she's in Kuwait right now" "What's she doing there?" "She's an NSC operative. She has to follow orders like soldiers have too. But Spencer does miss his mom." "Lets see if I got a firearm you might like." They went down stairs and Kelly opened his armory up. The two men walked in and he showed Drummer to the handguns. "My oh my old Jim taught you well a gun for every situation." "Yeah he kind of pointed that one out to me along time ago." Drummer looked over each piece carefully and picked an old colt 1911. "This should work" "Glad to hear it. Kelly's cell phone rang. He quickly answered it. "Yeah, you got it we will be there." That was Matt there's a meeting set for 3:00 this afternoon. The two men went upstairs and Brandi and Spencer were inside. "Glad your back because I need to get to work." "No problem will see you later then." She then left and Spencer started watching t.v.


Drummer and Kelly arrived right on time. But Kelly was cussed out by Donna for bringing his son into a bar something she said was just not acceptable. Kelly asked her to take him out for an ice cream then, which she did. They joined the others down in the basement introductions were made and Matt went over his plan. The only objection came from Chance who stated "Well Sir it sounds simple enough but I will need an extra set of hands to help with the weapons system on the new Blackhawks." "Kelly how good was that pilot we met last night." "Real good and she might be interested." Chance interrupted. "Just what kind of qualifications does she have?" "Well you have a right to know I guess shewas a naval pilot who got kicked out for insubordination. But she can fly anything from jets to choppers."

Meanwhile upstairs two men walked into the Silver Star and found there way downstairs and the bigger of the two spoke. "So your going back would have guessed as much." "Well Bill you guys were in no shape to plan a mission to get them out." "Yeah we have succeeded in all our missions. Unlike this motley group who couldn't fight its way out of a paper bag." Benny Ray got up and went over to the man and stood right in his face. "Mr. I don't know who you think you are but you and your friend should leave while your able because everyone in this room is a combat vet." "Yeah and add fifty cents and it will by you a cup of coffee at the local VFW." Most of the team could not believe what they were hearing come out of this guy's mouth. Matt asked Kelly who they were. "Folks meet Rutherford who's an ex-cop and the resident pedophile who make my skin crawl Mike Davis. By this time Benny Ray had sat back down but was still very angry. "Kelly the only reason your going back is for that sweet little lady you had there." "You know Bill you should shut up. Oh by the way that was my wife." Davis spoke for the first time "I want in on this thing." Matt looked at him and said "forget it." "Kelly you better tell him we are going or I pay your son a little visit." Drummer got up but Kelly sat him back down "Drummer this is my fight not yours." Kelly walked over to Davis and hit the man with a palm thrust to his jaw and spoke. "Davis you go near my son and there will be no place you can hide. Do you understand." Davis looked at him and understood the man meant business. The two arrivals then turned and left. "Matt I'll go talk to that pilot." "OK no problem." Matt gave out the assignments and everyone got busy.


Kelly walked into this bar. He had been in many like it during his lifetime there seemed to be one in every major city in the world. He walked up to the bar ordered himself a beer and asked the bartender a few questions trying to figure out if the person he sought was here. The bartender pointed to a booth in the back and Kelly left the man a twenty and the bartender quickly pocketed it. Kelly walked to the back of the bar and sat down. Sandy looked at him and spoke "What do you want?" "Well you still interested in going or where you just blowing smoke." The women made a smile. "What changed his mind?" "Not what whom. He was told that he needed an extra pair of hands by his pilot and you will only be helping with the chopper weapons system. So do you still want in." "You bet." "Good then let's go. "Oh by the way everyone is ex-military so watch your mouth." "I understand and will behave." The two got up and walked out of the bar they got into Kelly's car and left.


They arrived at the Silver Star and went downstairs and she saw first hand a buzz of preparation and people not noticing them Kelly called Chance over and introduced her. He then took the young women aside and explained her role. She understood and was willing to go along with it. Kelly told matt that he was going home to get his gear ready until Delvechio spoke. "Hey Kelly got a little problem I need a place for my wife to stay?" "Nick no problem as long as she does not mind watching my son while we are gone." "She loves kids." Kelly wrote down the address of his families beach house and gave it to Nick. Kelly then headed home to get his own gear ready.


Kelly started getting his gear to geather by throwing a couple of deseart camo uniforms and a night uniform all were bdu's along with other essentials in to an olive drab rucksack and closing it tight. And leaving it in the living room. He then went downstairs and started getting his weapons in order. He first took out a black ballistic nylon bag. The first thing he took down was an M4 carbine that was still issued to elite units over the G36 weapon system he then attached an M203 under the barrel this gave him a little bit more flexibility with this weapon. He then took a HK mk23 45 caliber pistol and placed it in his tactical thigh rig. He then pulled out his combat vest and attached magazines a knife plus grenades all of the Flash bang variety plus a bunch of 40mm grenades ranging from HE and anti personnel grenades. He then packed some C 4 plastic explosives and some military timers and placed everything into the bag. He then walked upstairs where he ran into Donna and Spencer.

"Your one of them and your going." "You must be Donna Nicks wife." The women answered yes. "Then you don't mind watching my son when I'm gone. " "No I don't mind will keep my mind off of Nick." "Good take any room you'd like and I'll bring in your bags." Kelly went out grabbed the bags and came back to see his son crying. "He just started when you left and he saw the bags." "Yeah I know his mom is out of the country now I have too leave again." "Spencer me and you need to talk ok." The little boy followed his father over to the couch. In the meantime Donna took her bags upstairs.

" Spencer you know I have to go." "Daddy but I don't want you too. I'm scared." He then hung onto his father with all his might. "Easy there champ. Let me finish. The little boy loosened his grip. "Someday you will understand why I go and do what I do. But I always bring you and your mom with me let me show you. He dug out his wallet and showed his son the family photo he carried with him at all times. "When I come back I'm bringing someone else home who loves you very much." The little boy stopped crying and went outside to play.

Donna came back down and spoke. "Your job is to hard on him." "It is not the job it's being deprived of his parents that bothers him. And I will fix that on this trip." "If you come back." "I'll be back Donna everyone comes home." "The company motto." "Nick never mentioned it." "Well you should ask him about it some time." He then picked up his stuff and left.


Kelly walked in and went downstairs "Well it looks like our timeline has been moved up. Because some embassy people staying on base were taken by some radical group." "You got a list of names." Matt produced a list given to him by Trout and his wives name was on it. "How do you feel about going after them. "I'm game how big of a team we gonna need?" "Four we jump in." "Sounds good." Matt told him the plan they would use but they would have to leave immediately. He also told the others to be at the border in two days time and they left.


They arrived at Coronado in no time they grabbed their gear and walked on to the tarmac where a middle aged pilot stood. He gave them the once over and could tell these were the people he was waiting for. He walked up to them and introduced himself. "I'm Captain Wood and they already loaded your gear on the plane." Everyone looked confused. And Matt was the first to speak. "Captain what gear we brought our own?" "Well the way I heard it someone from the pentagon called in a wish list for you guys. Guns uniforms, Web gear, and some other goodies. Your other gear will be delivered to Kuwait. So if you would follow." Me, whom they did to the C-130 that was waiting, they got in and the plane took off.


They found what they needed and all the equipment was first rate. Every one changed into Bdu's and basically got ready for there mission and went over a plan that would work. Benny Ray was all suited up and ready for the jump so was Matt and Margo Kelly made a final weapons check then put on his jumping gear. They were then approached by the Jumpmaster and were told at which altitude they would be jumping from. He also advised them to get some sleep because it would be a long trip. They munched on MRE's then they all got some sleep.


They Got there chutes hooked and walked to the door and awaited the green light to go on. When the light came on The Jumpmaster checked their chutes and hit each one on the back as they jumped. The jump went with out incident and everyone was safely on the ground. Their Gps reading was two miles from the hard site. They buried their chutes and started walking. They came upon their objective in forty minutes and then split up. They did a radio check Before Kelly and Benny Ray took the long way around. They were notified when they got into position.


They were armed with MP5 sd3's and Berretta M9 pistols and they had flash bangs for grenades. What they first needed to find out was whom they were dealing with. Kelly and Benny Ray both had the experience to get in that close unseen. They each took out a sentry with their knives and got to one of the windows in back and Kelly pried it open with his knife a few inches. Benny Ray got a good earful as well and whispered "That's Iranian I think." "Your right it is." Kelly then got in contact with Matt and Margo. "Well it looks like we got some Iranians probably from Hamas." "Roger that go to phase two and will see you both inside." "Roger that." Benny Ray took on of his flash bangs out and dropped it through the window They then kicked in the back door and gunned down anyone holding a gun in there hands. Matt and Margo came in and swept the room. "You were supposed to leave us some work." "Sorry but had no time." One more gunmen came out of the adjoining room holding a gun to the head of Kelly's wife. He spoke in Arabic but was facing certain death by subguns Kelly's brain went into automatic as he thumbed the selector switch to semi auto. Margo began talking to him in his native tongue It was clear that he wanted to die for his cause there was no other way Kelly stroked the trigger and the man's gun fell from his hand. They got the dazed hostages out and got through to the base on a military frequency and asked for transport.


A rescue party of British SAS troops showed up and put the civilians into an APC and left the team was told to stay put. Kelly's wife refused to leave and choose to stand by her husband. They were approached shortly there after. By a British major who spoke with plenty of attitude. " Well this we do not need is more American civilians with automatic weapons and pistols." Matt stepped forward to reason with the man. "Look Major we don't need this trouble and we are only here to do a job. Besides three of us are ex-military." "Your name sir." Matt Shepherd I was a major in the US. Army a few years back." Benny Ray walked over and looked the Brit. in the eye. "Sir this guy doesn't care what we were he is a by the book officer who ran me out of the corps. Major." "Sergeant Major place these people under arrest all except for Miss Warren place her under protective custody for now." His soldiers moved in and took their weapons and put them in the backs of Humvee's and they were transported to the base brig in Kuwait.


Debbie Warren was released and she went to be debriefed. Matt, Margo, Benny Ray and Kelly were put into a large holding cell. Matt was not happy about this latest turn of events. "Benny Ray who was that major." "Well sir I had a run in with him in Bosnia and he personally made my life a living hell." Kelly jumped into the conversation. "Matt his name is Harrison he is a fifth generation officer in the British army. When we get out of here he is going to regret doing this big time." "How's that?" Benny Ray asked. "Well Riddle like you I have had my run in.'s with the man but no more. This is the last straw." "Well I heard that." Said Benny Ray.

In the outer office Debbie Warren returned but this time with a very high ranking American officer whom Major John Harrison had met before and he knew exactly who this man was. Everyone stood at attention immediately as they walked in. The high-ranking officer made everyone leave the room except for Major Harrison. "Sir it is nice to see you again." "Major I don't think for you this will be a very good day by the time I am finished with you. So take a seat now major and just listen to what I have to say." "Yes Sir." "Major Harrison you have a very special group locked up in this brig I know all about the history between you and Mr. Riddle you are the one who ran him out of the service in the first place." "Well sir he would not follow a basic order." "I have gone over his record he was not a UN soldier but was there under the orders of NATO. Another thing the other two men you have locked up their records are full of commendations and medals. As for Mrs. Shepherd she is a former CIA operative and has contacts within Israel."

"Major Harrison you also proud yourself on being fifth generation army. Mr. Kelly is third generation his grandfather fought in the First World War, his father fought in the Korean War and Vietnam and the man who raised him was a UDT diver during World War II. So you see he is cut from the same cloth as yourself. And before you ask I am the one who sent his father to his death I was his squad leader in Vietnam. These men take there orders from the pentagon and no where else do you understand me Major." "Yes sir" "Good then what are you going to do next." "Release them sir." "Very good Major and maybe I won't report this to your superiors." "Yes sir." The Major called in one of the guards and told him to release the prisoners he had brought in.


The guard opened the cell and told them to follow him, which they did. They were very shocked by who they saw besides Harrison. There was a four star US. Army officer in the room also. He told them that quarters were arranged for them and the rest of the team as well. Everyone said thank you sir. They were told where to find their equipment. Everyone left but Kelly was asked to stay. "General Caldwell nice to see you again sir." "Yes it is your wife told me what happened and I am very sorry." "I will talk to Major Harrison's superiors and inform them of his conduct." "That won't be necessary sir. I prefer to fight my own battles." "As you wish." Kelly walked over to Harrison and before the man could say anything he was hit right into his windpipe he then stepped back and hit the officer with a snap kick to his gut followed up by a open palm thrust to his jaw. Harrison was looking up at him from the floor the blood spewing from his mouth. "Kelly I'll have you court marshaled for this." "Harrison try it they can't court marshal a civilian remember." He then walked back to the General and said "Thank you sir." "You know you remind me a lot of your father." "Thank you sir." "I understand that you have a son." Yes sir a fine boy he is." "Well you know I never had children of my own so I am putting your son in for a spot at West Point." "Thank you sir.
He then walked out of the brig with his wife. "That was nice of him." "Yeah it was." They then caught up with the others.


They joined the others who were getting their equipment. "Kelly how come you never mentioned that you personally knew the top military officer over here." "Matt never thought about it actually. Besides he was my dads commanding officer in Vietnam." "Now that's interesting." "You got that right." Benny Ray looked at the both of them and said. "But I want to know what happened to Harrison that no good sob." "Well Riddle lets just say that the last time I saw him he was covered in his own blood and picking himself off the floor." "Oh sorry I missed that one." Debbie Warren looked at Margo and spoke "Are they always's this bad." "Well you just caught them in a rare moment they can get a lot worse." They found their equipment and their tenting assignments but there was one missing Matt walked up to Kelly and asked "where are you gonna be?" "Looks like I'll be forced to stay with my wife." Matt looked at the women and spoke. "Like it's a big sacrifice." Margo was sternly watching her husband when Kelly spoke again. "You know it's a dirty job but someone has to do it." Now both their wives were getting visibly upset over the conversation. They agreed to meet up later and go over their wish list.


Everyone was on time and they let Debbie Warren know what they needed for equipment. "Well the Hummers I can get along with the blackhawk but the SAW and the 57 recoilless rifle that's going to be hard I don't even think anyone use's the 57 anymore." "Deb. the Brits still use them." "Then why did you beat that major up in the first place?" "Well he was a pompous you know what. Besides he deserved it." "But how are you going to get those weapons you need?" "By using the contacts I already have." Benny Ray excused himself and went for a walk. Debbie Warren looked concerned and she asked Margo if he would be all right. "Benny Ray he'll be fine. He's just a little worried about his son because he's one of the Force recon marines that were captured." "You know he really should not be involved in this then." Matt looked at her and spoke. "He's the best man I know for this kind of operation besides Ray." 'Well lets go and get those weapons and get busy." The two men excused themselves and left.


A sentry approached them and brought to a sergeant majors office they explained what they needed and they were told where to find what they were looking for. "That was easy." "Yeah a little to easy for my tastes." They then found out why. They were surrounded by British SAS and were asked which one of them turned their Co into a bloody mess. Kelly walked forward and with plenty of attitude started talking. "Well I guess I'm who you want so who's first." "That would be me yank," said a wiry man from the back of the crowd." "Well then son come on up and get you're beating." The soldiers formed a circle with the two men in the center. Just before they were about to start another group of men wearing deasert camo and all wearing the unit patch of the 75th Rangers pushed their way to the front of the crowd a man stepped forward and spoke with a slow Texas drawl. "Hey Sarge the col. wants to see you ASAP." "Tyler you made Sergeant good for you. But this will just take a second." "Yeah your probably right. The Rangers moved back and gave them room.

The fight itself lasted a few minutes as the Brit. rocked Kelly pretty hard. Kelly had rocked him just as hard he then side stepped a punch caught his arm and caught the man in a sleeper hold and left him there. Matt told one of the Rangers what he they needed the Rangers found it and also two crates of shells and brought everything back to there HQ on the American side.


They walked into the makeshift office and noticed a col. sitting behind a desk going over some field reports the man said thank you sergeant. He then got up and looked at the two men standing in front of him. "Well Shepherd couldn't you find any better company than this." "Well Sir he's a good man tohave by your side in a fight." "Could not agree with you more." Kelly looked a bit confused here. "Well Sir it is nice to see you again I guess." "Yeah it is Kelly." "May I introduce Mr. Morgan who's with the NSC." Kelly looked the man over and was not impressed with what he saw but something about the man bothered him. "Well Sir I don't think he's NSC. But he smells more like CIA and that's probably where I know him from." "Well gentlemen I don't care what you think." Was morgan's reply. "Sir why were we brought here in the first place." "Well Kelly glad you asked. I knew one of you would. We found a women roaming around in the Deassert by herself and all she has done is mention your name and some one from the pentagon."

"Well Sir where can I find this women." "Right now she is being debriefed by Miss warren so you could probably talk to her first thing in the morning." "Thank you sir." Matt asked the Col. If they had a Saw they could borrow. He was told that he would have their weapons for him in the morning. They both turned on their heels and left.


Benny Ray looked out into the dessert and wondered how his son was doing. Kelly came up behind him unnoticed. "Riddle thinking about your son." Benny Ray turned and answered. "Yeah I am." "Well I know the feeling got one of my own." "Yeah but he's only a child and Billy's a man now." "Well it doesn't matter how old they are. They are still are flesh and blood and that's for keeps." "Yeah amigo you got that right. When can I get a look at this place." "Riddle is tomorrow good enough I also want to make sure everything is still intact." "Yeah that's fine with me." Kelly walked away and left him to his thinking. He also wondered if he would find himself in the same shoes someday.


Kelly was supposed to meet Benny Ray around eight in the morning he was dressed in dessert camo and was carrying an M4 carbine with a beta c mag and more on his assault vest along with the HK hung on his thigh in a tactical holster. But he needed to talk to the women they brought in last night. She might know some Intel that would give them a better understanding of the situation. He walked into the tent and saw his wife and Margo both sipping coffees. "Morning ladies did you find anything out?" "Not a thing I think she's in shock or something." A Doctor joined them and did inform them that she was in shock and that she had also been raped and was severely dehydrated. "I'm sorry Miss Warren but there will be no more interviews for a while." This bit of news did not surprise her. The Doctor looked at Kelly and he could tell that he was an ex-Ranger by the way he carried himself and by the weapons he carried. "Doctor may I see her please?" "Why." "Because she may have some Intel I could use. Besides I was part of the operation that put her in this mess to begin with." "Alright but please be brief and don't upset her." "No problem." "By the way what is her name?" "It's Kathleen Murray." "Thank you."

A nurse showed in Kelly. She was sitting on a makeshift bed just looking at the wall in front of her she didn't even notice that someone else was in the room. Kelly put his rifle in the corner and got down to where she could see him. "Kathy what did you want to tell me." He waited and got no answer he turned picked up his rifle and was about to leave when she spoke. "Kelly are you here to get them out." He turned and said. "Yes I am." "Good also kill that bastard Bruno please and you also must complete our mission which was to kill Deacon Reynolds." Kelly looked at her and could not believe this was an assignation mission on one of their own. He then walked out.

He stopped and told Margo that he needed to see Matt right away. She then left to get Matt. Kelly then approached his wife and handed her a little Colt officers ACP and told her to be careful for now on. He then headed towards the motor pool. Debbie Warren knew her husband to well and knew something was bothering him and she was going to find out what it was. She then walked out to find some answers to her questions.

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