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The White Way

by: Winter

Matt was driving along a quiet road when a familiar van pulled alongside him. Matt sighed and turned down a side street and pulled over. The van pulled in behind him and Trout stepped out. He walked to the passenger side of the corvette and got in.

"Drive," he said.

"Hello to you too," Matt said sarcastically.

"Hello Matt," Trout smiled, "Please drive."

Matt pulled away from the curb and they drove around for about an hour, then they returned to where they had left the van.

"Good luck Matt," Trout said.

He got out of the car and headed for the van. Matt cursed and drove away.

Silver Star Hotel

Matt walked down the stairs to the basement. He went on alert when he heard a noise. He cautiously went down the rest of the stairs. When he got to the last step he peered around the corner.

"Hello Boss," said Benny Ray.

Matt relaxed and walked into the kitchen area and poured himself a cup of coffee.

"Don't you ever sleep?" asked Matt.

"No not much," Benny Ray said.

Benny Ray was at his usual passtime of cleaning his guns. He was cleaning his favorite, his Remington 700.

"You treat her better than a woman," Matt laughed.

"That's because she treats me just as well," said Benny Ray.

"You need a hobby," Matt smiled.

"Whatever," he said, "So what's this job?"

"Let's wait for the others," Matt said. Benny Ray went back to cleaning his guns.

Matt went to his computer and went to work.

Two hours later CJ, Margo and Chance walked in.

Benny Ray looked up from the MP5N and gave the others a nod and went back to cleaning.

Matt walked out of his office and joined the others.

"So Matt what's up?" Asked Margo.

"Well this time we get to stay in the States for this one," he said.

Matt turned on the projector and a picture of a distinguished looking man came on. He had dark hair that was going gray. His eyes were brown.

"This is Thomas Johnson," began Matt, "He is a well known businessman in San Francisco."

"Isn't he running for Senator?" asked Margo.

"Yes he is," said Matt, "He's also the behind the scenes leader of White Way."

"White Way!" exclaimed Chance, "That white supremacist group?"

"That's them," answered Matt, "They are suspected of bombing 2 black churches and 1 Hispanic but there's no proof and no one was charged. Trout's people have learned that they might be getting ready to kill this man."

Matt hit the button and a picture of a black man came on. He was wearing glasses and had a scholarly look.

"That's Malcolm Forbes," said Chance.

"The philanthropist that donated all that money to building the Children's Hospital in San Francisco?" asked CJ.

"That's him," answered Matt, "He also is a key speaker for peaceful coexistence between the races. He is a well-respected man. He is scheduled to speak at a peace rally. Trout has reason to believe that the White Way is planning to bomb the rally when he is speaking."

"If they kill him it will cause a riot," said Margo. "I take it our job is to stop them, but how?"

"One of us will try to infiltrate the organization. Only one of us fits their description of a true member. They like white males with a southern upbringing," said Matt.

They all turn to Benny Ray.

"Sorry boss, not me. I can't stand those people," he said, "I'd rather punch their lights out."

"We don't have a choice Benny Ray, your perfect," said Matt, "The FBI tried to infiltrate their group but the agent was discovered and badly beaten. Again there was no proof it was them. We have to get someone on the inside fast."

"Look Matt, if you want me to kill this guy no problem but I can't pretend to be something I'm not," argued Benny Ray.

"You were pretty convincing in Grande Camore when you were baiting Chance," Matt pointed out.

"That was different. Chance knew I didn't mean it and we had to escape," explained Benny Ray.

"All you have to do is act the same way and the White Way will be convinced," said Matt.

"Why can't you do it?" he asked.

"Because a few years ago I was arrested for starting a fight with a neo- nazi group that was antagonizing a Hispanic waitress. The charges were dropped when the owner of the store and everyone else there spoke in my behalf, but it is in the records if they want to look and believe me they will," said Matt.

"Alright," Benny Ray agreed, "If you think I can do it."

"Don't worry you'll be fine," said Matt, "CJ and Chance, you will have to stay out sight. You'll be used as surveillance. I'll be posing as Benny Ray's brother and Margo will be my wife. We'll get a house close to where the White Way's HQ is. We leave for San Francisco in 3 hours."

San Francisco
McLean's Gym
Headquarters of the White Way

"In a few days our message will be delivered," said Johnson, "The government will take us seriously from then on!"

The group of twenty men cheered at the news. They patted each other on the back congratulating themselves.

"This must remain a secret," Johnson warned. "Everything we do and say here must not leave this room"

Everyone agreed, they didn't want their plans to be ruined. They all filed out of the room and they moved to different areas of the gym. John McLean went to the doors and unlocked them. Standing outside the door was a man in his late 20's early 30's. His eyes were a piercing blue and his buzz cut screamed 'Marine'.

"Can I help you?" asked McLean.

"Is this a private gym or can anyone join?" he asked in a thick southern accent.

"No it's not a private gym but we don't take certain kinds here." explained McLean.

"Oh," he commented, "And what kinds are those?"

"You know foreigners and such," McLean said.

"So this is a whites only gym?" he asked.

"Yes," answered McLean.

"Perfect!" he said. "My name's Benny Ray Riddle. I just moved here and I was looking for a place to work out."

"What made you pick this gym?" Asked McLean. "If you don't mind me asking."

"I'll be honest with you," said Benny Ray. "I don't like foreigners either. I wanted to find a place were my kind could work out without dealing with inferiors, if you know what I mean. I tried a few of the other gyms around but I didn't like them. I picked you randomly and I'm glad I did."

"And we're glad to have you," McLean said, "Let me show you around."

For a half-hour John showed Benny Ray the gym. He showed him the locker rooms and the different work out areas. Most of the action was happening around the boxing ring.

"I think I'm going to like it around here," said Benny Ray.

"Can I ask you something?" asked John.

"Sure," said Benny Ray, "but there's no guarantee I'll answer."

"I can tell you're military, I was wondering why you're here?" John asked.

"They kicked me out because I punched an officer, a black officer." snarled Benny Ray.

"Oh I see." commented John, "Well the gym is open Monday to Friday at 8am and on the weekends at 10am. You can come anytime."

"Thanks I'll be back later," said Benny Ray.

Benny Ray left the gym and got into his red pickup and drove away. CJ and Chance were watching him from the Suburban a few blocks away. When they were satisfied no one was going to follow Benny Ray they pulled into traffic. They followed Benny Ray with the transmitter they had placed in his truck. CJ picked up a cell phone and dialed.

"Matt, Benny Ray just left the gym," said CJ.

"Good" answered Matt, "Keep an eye on him but not too close."

They followed Benny Ray to the house that Matt and Margo had rented. Benny Ray pulled into the drive and CJ and Chance kept going.

Benny Ray got out of the truck and walked to the house. He opened the door and saw Margo at the window with a pair of binoculars.

"They didn't follow you," she said.

"Are you in?" asked Matt.

"Yeah," answered Benny Ray, "I'll go back this afternoon to work out."

"Did you meet Johnson?" Matt asked.

"No, just the owner of the gym," said Benny Ray, "They'll probably check my records."

"Don't worry," said Margo, "Everything's in place."

"I hope so," said Benny Ray.

McLean's Gym

Johnson typed instructions into the computer. He waited patiently until the screen revealed what he wanted to know. He read Benny Ray's military background and smiled. Benny Ray seemed to have a problem with taking orders. There were a few minor offenses and the major one that got him dismissed. Johnson read between the lines. From what John had told him Benny Ray didn't like taking orders from inferiors. The information that interested Johnson the most was Benny Ray's weapon's background. As a sniper he could be very useful. Johnson entered another command and it brought up his address. The owner of the house was listed as Matt and Margo Riddle, Benny Ray's brother and sister-in-law.

Back at the house Margo smiled as she monitored Johnson hacking into the fake information they had placed on the computer.

"See, I told you, nothing to worry about," said Margo with a smile.

"I should know better than to doubt you when it comes to computers," said Benny Ray with an answering smile.

"I'll take that as a compliment." said Margo.

McLean's Gym

CJ and Chance watched as Benny Ray parked in front of the gym. They were parked 3 blocks away in a nondescript rental car.

"Is that tracker still working?" asked Chance.

"Like a charm" said CJ.

He held up the monitor to show the green blip that was Benny Ray's truck. CJ picked up the cell phone and dialed.

"Major he's inside," said CJ.

"Good," Matt said, "Keep your eyes open and stay out of sight."

"Roger that," said CJ and hung up the phone.

CJ took first watch while Chance caught up on some reading.

Johnson watched Benny Ray through the two-way mirror in his office. Benny Ray walked around looking at the equipment then headed for the locker room.

"He could be very useful John," Johnson said, "Bring him here so we can be introduced."

"Yes sir," said John.

John left the office and headed for the locker room. He entered to find Benny Ray stowing his things in a locker.

"Benny Ray," called John.

"Yes sir," Benny Ray answered as he looked around the locker door.

"When you are done there's someone I want you to meet," said John.

"Fine sir, I'm ready," he said closing the locker.

"You don't have to call me sir," laughed John.

"Old habits die hard," said Benny Ray. Benny Ray followed John to the office. Benny Ray noted the large two-way mirror that looked on the gym. They entered the office and sitting behind the desk was a distinguished looking older man. Benny Ray recognized him from the pictures Matt had showed the team. Benny Ray kept his face enigmatic, giving away nothing.

"Benny Ray, its nice to meet you," the man said, holding out his hand, "I'm Thomas Johnson."

"Pleased to meet you sir," said Benny Ray shaking his hand.

"Don't you know who I am?" he asked.

"No sir," said Benny Ray, "I spent the last five years overseas in the Marines. I just moved back in with my brother and his wife."

"Ah, I see," he said, "Well as you might have guessed this is more than just a gym. This is the HQ for the White Way."

"The White Way, sir?" Benny Ray asked.

"Yes we are a special group," said Johnson..

Benny Ray listened in revulsion as Johnson explained about the group. Johnson explained that the group's purpose was to put blacks back into slavery 'where they belonged'. Benny Ray watched as Johnson's eyes took on the look of a fanatic as he explained his plans for the future. As Benny Ray listened his skin began to crawl and it took all of his training to remain in his seat. When Johnson was finished Benny Ray pretended to have enjoyed every word.

"Why are you telling me this?" asked Benny Ray.

"Because I have decided you will make a perfect member of the group," he answered, "Unless I have read you wrong and you don't wish to join."

"No sir I'm honored," said Benny Ray, "I'm just surprised that's all. I'm not sure what I can offer to the group."

"Your skill in weapons of course," began Johnson, "Also, we sometimes have to eliminate some of the more troublesome members of the minority groups. Your skills as a sniper will come in handy."

"How did you know I was a sniper?" asked Benny Ray suspiciously.

"I looked up your military records," he said, "Most impressive."

"No sir, I'm impressed if you can hack into sealed military records," said Benny Ray, laying the flattery on thick.

"So you wouldn't be opposed to eliminating a few of our rivals?" asked Johnson.

"It's what I was trained to do sir," said Benny Ray with a smile.

"Excellent," Johnson gushed. "I know you came to work out, we'll talk again another time."

"Thank your sir," Benny Ray said.

Benny Ray left the office and headed for the bench press. He had to at least pretend he was happy to be there but all he wanted to do was punch someone. Some of the others asked him if he wanted to spar in the ring but he knew he wouldn't be able to hold his temper so he refused. It wouldn't look good to beat one of the 'members' to a pulp. Benny Ray adjusted the weights on the bench and started to work out his frustrations.

"So what do you think John, can we bring him in on the bombing?" asked Johnson.

"I think we can," he said "His background may not be demolition but I think he would enjoy it."

"Yes I think he would," said Johnson with a smile.


Chance was watching the gym as Benny Ray walked out and headed for his truck.

"Heads up he's leaving," said Chance.

CJ put down the Rolling Stone magazine and picked up the binoculars. They watched as Benny Ray squealed his wheels and pulled out into traffic without even looking. CJ whistled.

"Someone is not a happy camper," he commented.

They waited a few minutes to see if anyone would follow. Five minutes passed and a blue Camaro pulled out of the gym parking lot and followed Benny Ray. Chance waited a bit then followed the Camaro. CJ picked up the phone.

"Major he's headed home and he has a tail," said CJ.

"Roger that," said Matt.

"And just to warn you Major he wasn't happy when he came out of the gym, so you better clear a path for him when he comes in," said CJ.

"Roger," said Matt.

CJ hung up the phone and watched the Camaro. He took down the license plate. They could see Benny Ray turn down the street to the house. The Camaro followed and so did Chance and CJ. Benny Ray pulled into the driveway and the Camaro went to the corner, turned and stopped. Chance continued down the block.

Margo watched from the house as the Camaro went by followed by Chance and CJ. She heard Benny Ray slam the door of the pickup and head for the house.

"Where did they go?" asked Matt.

"They turned the corner and stopped," said Margo, "I guess they are spying on us."

Matt smiled and turned as Benny Ray walked in. Matt could see that he was mad and walked to him.

"So how's it going?" he asked in a calm voice.

"Stay away from me Major before I do something we'll both regret!" snarled Benny Ray.

He stormed passed Matt and into his room slamming the door. They could hear him throwing his boots against the wall and the door to his bathroom slam. A few minutes later they could hear the shower running.

"Maybe this was a mistake," said Margo.

"Maybe but what choice did we have," said Matt.

Margo watched as Matt walked down the hall to Benny Ray's room. He stopped at the door as if he was going to enter then he changed his mind and headed for the kitchen. Margo couldn't decide which one it was hurting more. She just hoped they both could handle it for a little longer. She turned back to the window and the Camaro was still there. She sighed and turned on the TV.

An hour later Benny Ray emerged from his room and entered the living room. He flopped himself down on the couch and covered his eyes with his arm. Margo sat in the chair and watched him with concern.

"Matt's fixing hamburgers," said Margo " Shall I tell him two rare." "No thanks," said Benny Ray, "I couldn't eat anything right now."

Margo waited patiently for Benny Ray to continue. She wasn't disappointed.

"God they make me sick!" cried Benny Ray.

Margo didn't say anything just waited.

"They want to return the blacks to slavery 'where they belong' and to force the Jews and Arabs and everyone else to go back to their own countries," said Benny Ray, "The look he got in his eyes as he talked about this, it made my skin crawl."

"So is that why you used up all the hot water?" said Margo, "I don't appreciate having to take a cold shower."

Benny Ray smiled, exactly what Margo had hoped for.

"Should I tell Matt to put on two for you?" asked Margo.

"Yeah," said Benny Ray, "And Margo, thanks."

"No problem," she said.

Matt finished cooking the food and brought it inside. Benny Ray apologized to Matt and they sat and watched TV. Margo looked out the window every once in awhile. The Camaro stayed until about 2200 then drove away.

"They're gone," she said.

"I guess they figured if he hadn't come out by now he was spending the night," said Matt.

"Benny Ray have you learned anything about the bomb yet?" Asked Matt.

Matt turned to Benny Ray and noticed that he had fallen asleep on the couch. Matt got a blanket and covered the sleeping sniper. Matt thought to himself, "He doesn't look so dangerous like this."

McLean's Gym

Benny Ray pulled up to the gym and exited his pick up. He casually looked around and smiled when he saw the familiar Suburban. He entered the gym and walked to the meeting room in the back. Johnson had called earlier in the day to let him know there was a meeting. Benny Ray opened the door and entered.

Benny Ray, you're here," said Johnson, "Now we can get started. All of this will be new to you. If you have any questions just ask."

"Yes sir, " said Benny Ray.

Johnson began to explain the plan for the bombing tomorrow. He outlined everyone's duties and how they were going to sneak the bomb into the area. Benny Ray learned that a few of the men were part of the security for the rally so they would have no trouble. For the next two hours the plan took shape and everyone knew what was expected of him. Benny Ray tried committing everything to memory so he could tell the others later.

"Excuse me sir," said Benny Ray.

"Yes," said Johnson.

"Everyone has a job to do but me," he said, "What do you want me to do?"

"Ah, you are the back up plan in case the bomb is found," Johnson said. "You will be on this building across the street and you will kill him if necessary."

"I don't have a sniper rifle," pointed out Benny Ray.

"Don't worry we have everything ready," said McLean, "That's the next part of the meeting. We will check all the equipment. This way gentlemen."

McLean took them to the basement and unlocked the door. When they got downstairs Benny Ray was impressed. There was a whole arsenal down there. Benny Ray moved to the guns and checked them out. Most of them were handguns and a few were AK47s but no sniper rifle.

"So what do you think?" asked Johnson.

"Very impressive," said Benny Ray, "but I can't use any of these".

"No," said Mclean, "This is for you."

He pulled out a gun case and set it on the table. Benny Ray opened it and smiled. Inside was a Remington 700. He took it out of the case and held it up to his shoulder and looked through the sight. He put the gun back in it's case and closed it.

"Do you like it?" asked Johnson with a smile.

"Oh yeah," said Benny Ray with a smile of his own.

"Excellent," he said, "Your job right now is to check all the weapons and make sure they are in working order. Michael and Phillip will help you. The rest of us will check on everything else."

"Yes sir," said Benny Ray.

For the next hour Benny Ray, Michael and Phillip checked the guns, when they heard a commotion upstairs. When they went upstairs to investigate Benny Ray saw a black teenager being held by two of the men.

"What's going on?" asked Benny Ray.

"We found this garbage sneaking around back with some spray paint," said McLean.

"So what happens now?" asked Benny Ray.

"We teach him a lesson," said one of the men.

Before Benny Ray could say anything they began to beat the teenager. For the next half-hour Benny Ray watched in horror but could do nothing. He wanted to kill everyone but reined in his temper. Finally the beating stopped and Benny Ray watched to see what would happen next. Johnson hadn't participated in the beatings but Benny Ray knew he had enjoyed it. Now he walked to the teen and put a gun to the teen's head. Benny Ray reacted without thinking.

"No don't!" he yelled.

"And why not?" asked Johnson amused, "Or was I mistaken and you like these people?"

"I didn't mean not to do it," Benny Ray thought fast, "I meant not here. This is your HQ. If you kill him here and someone finds out, your secret is revealed."

"You have a better idea?" purred Johnson. "I know a place outside of town where I can take him," said Benny Ray.

"And why would you take the risk of killing him?" asked McLean.

"What risk?" began Benny Ray, "I don't plan on being caught."

"Hmm, maybe you're right, we shouldn't kill him here," Johnson sounded disappointed, "It would have been very gratifying though."

"Yes sir, but it's better this way," said Benny Ray, "I'll just leave his body out there for the cops to find and let them figure it out."


CJ yawned and checked his watch. It read 2100. He was getting bored watching the gym. He picked up the night vision binoculars and checked Benny Ray's pickup. He wasn't disappointed. He saw Benny Ray and some others load a box into the pickup.

"Chance wake up, we've got movement," said CJ,

"I'm not asleep, I'm meditating," said Chance.

"Whatever," said CJ.

Chance picked up another pair of binoculars and watched as Benny Ray closed the tail of the pickup. The others went inside and Benny Ray got in and drove away. Just then the cellphone rang and CJ answered it.

"Follow me!" snarled Benny Ray.

"The major will have our hide if your cover is blown," said CJ.

"Damn it, just do it!" yelled Benny Ray and hung up the phone.

"What's up?" asked Chance.

"I have no idea," said CJ, "He wants us to follow him."

Chance pulled the Suburban into traffic and followed Benny Ray. Chance started to get worried when he saw that Benny Ray was taking them out of the city.

"Where's he going?" asked Chance.

"Your guess is as good as mine mate," said CJ.

"You better call the Major and let him know what's going on," said Chance.

"Good idea," agreed CJ.

CJ dialed the number and a voice came on saying they had moved out of the service area.

"Damned phone!" cursed CJ, "It's a no go, I guess we're on our own."

Benny Ray took them into the hills and pulled off at a secluded area and stopped. Chance pulled in behind him and got out of the truck. Benny Ray jumped into the bed of the pickup and pulled opened the crate.

"Give me a hand," he called to Chance.

Chance jumped up as CJ let down the tailgate. When Chance looked in the crate he cursed.

"What the hell happened?" he asked.

"The White Way's idea of entertainment," replied Benny Ray sarcastically "They were going to shoot him at the gym but I convinced them to let me bring him out here to do it. That's why I had you follow so you could take him to the hospital."

They got the badly beaten teenager out of the crate and into the Suburban. CJ got in the driver's seat and waited for Chance.

"Watch your back, that's one nasty bunch," said Chance.

"Don't I know it compadre," said Benny Ray.

They got into their trucks and drove away. They didn't notice a black mustang that had been watching them the whole time. The mustang waited until they were completely out of sight before it pulled onto the road and headed back to the city.

Benny Ray arrived back at the house at 2230. Matt heard him pull up and met him at the door.

"Where have you been?" Matt demanded, "Chance and CJ missed their last call in."

"We had a slight problem," explained Benny Ray.

Benny Ray told Matt and Margo what happened with the teenager. Matt was furious by the time Benny Ray finished the story.

"What were you thinking!" yelled Matt, "You could have blown your cover!"

"What the hell was I supposed to do!" answered Benny Ray getting in Matt's face, "Let them shoot him!"

"You should have called!" Matt yelled just as angry.

"Hold it the both of you," said Margo, stepping between them. "He's right Matt, he couldn't let them kill that boy"

"No of course not," Matt sighed "Damn! You're sure you weren't followed?"

"We didn't see anybody," said Benny Ray.

"Alright we'll just have to take the chance," Matt said, "Did Johnson tell you their plans?"

Benny Ray laid out the plan to Matt and Margo. Matt was disappointed that Johnson hadn't told him where they were putting the bomb. It would have made their job easier. Just then the phone rang and Margo answered it. Matt continued to ask Benny Ray questions.

"Will Johnson be at the rally?" asked Matt.

"No, he'll stay behind at the gym," said Benny Ray, "This way he will have an alibi."

"Damn!" said Matt, "We still don't have proof he's the head of the White Way."

"We'll just have to take the others and get them to talk," said Benny Ray.

"That was Chance," said Margo, as she hung up the phone.

"Yeah," asked Benny Ray.

"The kids going to be OK," she said, "A broken arm, some broken ribs, punctured lung and a cracked jaw."

"I can't wait for tomorrow so I can pay them back for that," snarled Benny Ray.

"You'll have to get in line behind Chance," said Margo.

"OK last few things before we call it a night," said Matt, "What time were they going to have everything in place?"

"By 0990, everything was to be set," said Benny Ray.

"OK, Chance and CJ will follow you to the gym as usual," said Matt, "Margo and I will be at the park waiting for you. Now let's get some sleep, we have a big day tomorrow."

Mclean's Gym

Benny Ray walked into the gym and looked around. Some of the men were going over last minute plans with John McLean. Johnson came out of the office and approached Benny Ray. John and some others moved behind Benny Ray. Benny Ray watched them and he went on guard.

"So did your friends get the black scum to the hospital?" asked Johnson.

"Yeah," said Benny Ray.

Benny Ray swung around and punched one of them and headed for the door. He never made it but he put up a good fight. They dragged him back over to Johnson.

"Now you will find out what happens to those who betray us," sneered Johnson.

One of the men approached Benny Ray with a pipe and slammed it into his ribs twice. The others took turns beating him and Benny Ray soon lost consciousness.

"Don't kill him," said Johnson, "I have something special for him."

They tied Benny Ray securely, placed a gag in his mouth and covered it with duct tape. One of the men tried to remove Benny Ray's skull ring but his hand was swollen from the few lucky punches he had inflicted.

"Leave it!" yelled Johnson, "We don't have time for that we have to get moving."


They put Benny Ray into a crate and carried him out to the truck. Once he was loaded the truck pulled out and headed to the park.

Chance and CJ waited patiently outside. CJ looked at his watch and cursed. It read 0830.

"Something's wrong," said CJ, "He should have left by now."

Just as he said that the phone rang.

"What's going on?" demanded Margo.

"His trucks still sitting out front," said Chance.

"Something's wrong," she said, "Tell CJ to activate the transmitter."

"Margo said to activate the other transmitter," said Chance.

"Way ahead of you mate," said CJ.

As a backup Margo had put another transmitter in Benny Ray's ring. CJ frantically typed commands into the computer when finally a second blip appeared on the screen.

"Damn!" cried CJ, "He's at the park!"

"How the hell!" said Chance, "Margo, he's at the park?"

"Damn! His cover must be blow," cried Margo, "Get here ASAP!"

"On our way," yelled Chance.

He started the Suburban and pulled into traffic. A few horns blasted as Chance cut them off.

Community Park

Matt and Margo searched the area with the help of the FBI. Trout had informed them of the team's operation and they were there to help. The area for the rally was the size of a football field and they just didn't have enough men to search the whole area.

"Where the hell are Chance and CJ?" demanded Matt.

Just then Margo saw them running in their direction. Someone else noticed them also. It was John McLean and he realized the plan was discovered and he left the rally. Margo saw that CJ had the computer showing the location of the transmitter.

"It looks like he's by the stage," said CJ.

"Damn!" cried Matt, "They must have put him with the bomb!"

They raced for the stage. Agent Brooks called the bomb squad to meet them at the stage. Matt and the team got there first and moved to go underneath. Matt was the first one under and he saw a body. He started to go to it.

"Careful Major," cautioned CJ, "You don't know what they have rigged up."

"Right," he said.

Matt moved closer and saw that they had Benny Ray tied up. CJ moved around to the other side and cursed. They had beaten Benny Ray severely, and they had strapped the bomb to him. Matt came around to look and he cursed also. Blood covered most of Benny Ray's face from a cut over his left eye and from his bloody nose. CJ moved in for a closer look, when Benny Ray's eyes flew open.

"Damn!" cried CJ, startled, "Don't move!"

CJ checked for motion detectors and found none. He pulled out a pair of scissors and began to cut the duct tape so he could remove the bomb. When he was done he gingerly took it off Benny Ray and handed it to the FBI bomb squad that had shown up. As soon as that was done Matt moved in to take the tape off Benny Ray's mouth. Margo took the scissors from CJ and began to cut the ropes binding his arms and legs. Matt had the tape off and the gag out when Margo moved Benny Ray's left arm and he cried out. "Sorry," she said.

She moved to cut the ropes on his feet. Once that was done they helped him into a sitting position. Benny Ray gritted his teeth at the pain.

"What happened?" asked Matt.

"We were followed last night," said Benny Ray.

Matt could see that Benny Ray was having trouble breathing.

"Let's get you to the hospital," said Matt.

"Hell no Major," snarled Benny Ray, "I owe that bastard!"

"You're in no shape to go after him," protested Margo.

"While we sit here and argue," wheezed Benny Ray, "They are packing up all the evidence at the gym. Now get me up or I'll do it myself."

They knew there was no arguing with him when he was like this so they gave in and helped him up. Matt put his good arm around his shoulder and they moved out. They got him to the Suburban and they all got in. Matt drove to the gym. Once there Benny Ray demanded a gun and CJ handed him one. They got out of the truck and headed for the back of the building. Chance kept an eye on Benny Ray and offered him a shoulder to lean on. He took it. Matt and Margo entered first. No one was in the back room. The others followed. They could hear noise coming from the front room. Matt moved cautiously to the door and looked around. He could see someone loading files into a box. Matt came out of the room followed by Margo.

"Step away from the box and put your hands where I can see them," said Matt.

Margo covered Matt but the two of them had made the mistake of putting their backs to the mirror. Benny Ray came into the room and knew what was going to happen.

"Major, Margo get down!" he yelled.

Matt and Margo both dropped to the floor as Benny Ray fired into the mirror. The mirror shattered and Johnson's body fell through, shot in the chest. He was holding a gun. Benny Ray also collapsed using the last of his strength firing the gun.

"Don't shoot me!" yelled McLean "I give up."

Matt could hear the sirens and decided to leave everything for the FBI. He tied up McLean and they left him and took Benny Ray to the hospital.

Hermosa Beach
1 week later

Matt and Chance helped Benny Ray down the stairs to the recroom. He was bandaged from abdomen to armpit and his left arm was strapped down to his chest. His right leg was also in a brace making walking difficult. Margo carried his bag from the hospital. CJ was the last to enter. They had just gotten Benny Ray settled on the couch when Trout walked in.

"The White Way is no more," he said, "Well done." "What about the others?" asked Benny Ray, taking shallow breaths.

"Hey, the doctor told you to take it easy," said Matt.

"As soon as he answers my question," he said breathlessly.

"We rounded up most of them, they will be tried for aggravated assault on the young man," said Trout.

Trout noticed that Benny Ray hadn't heard his answer, he was already asleep. He looked up at Matt in concern.

"The doctors slipped him a Mickey before we left the hospital," said Matt, "They said it should take effect by the time we got here."

"How is he?" asked Trout.

"How do you expect him to be with 7 broken ribs, a punctured lung, a broken arm and a sprained knee?" asked Margo sarcastically.

"I know this mission was hard for him Ms. Vincent," Trout said, "However, he did his duty and many innocent lives were saved. Perhaps this will help."

Trout lifted a silver brief case and left it on the table and walked out.

The End

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