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The Silver Star
Monday 0900

It had been 3 months since Matt and Margo had said their vows to each other and Margo was wondering whether to tell Matt that she was pregnant. It had been almost a month since she went to the doctor and he gave her the wonderful news, but they hadn't spoken about children so early in their marriage. One thing for sure was that she was going to have this baby so she might as well tell Matt before he starts noticing that she was putting on some weight.

'Hello love, how ya doing?' Matt asked as he walked into the room.

'I'm fine but Matt I have something to tell you.'

'I'm all ears.' Matt said with a bit of a smile.

'Matt I'm pregnant.' Margo said in a whisper.

'What did you say? Did you just say I'm going to be a father?' Matt said with the most happiest face ever.

'Yes you are, so you are okay with this?' Margo asked.

'Man this is the best news of my life. How far long are you?' asked Matt.

'Just under a month.' replied Margo.

'Why didn't you tell me earlier?' asked Matt.

'I wasn't sure whether you were ready to have a child now, it has only been 3 months Matt.' Margo said.

'I've never been more ready in my life and I ain't getting any younger you know.' said a beaming Matt.

'We should tell everyone else cause they are also going to start asking questions sooner or later.' Margo said.

'Well not right now, I think we should celebrate. How about breakfast in bed?' Matt asked.

'But I'm dressed and it's almost 9: 15.' Margo replied.

'We have nothing to worry about, the bartender will come in at 10 and she'll open everything up. All I do is sit at my desk and take care of the bills and that takes an easy hour or so.' Answering Margo's reply.

'Okay but just for an hour of two cause I have to go shopping, clothes shopping that is.' Margo said.

Keane's hideout.
Somewhere in the forest.
Monday 1100

'I have had it up to here with these useless jobs, they don't pay well and nothing seems to work out right. Damn Matt Sheppard and his team, he stuffed it all up for me, I could be lounging on some island or somewhere beautiful, but no, blows my camp up and destroys my plans which were pretty good if I may say.'

'It seems to me that you have some serious issues with this guy and his team.' replied one of his members. 'Why don't you just kidnap the guy and whoever is close to him, let him watch that person suffer before he dies and oh ya ask for a ransom from his other team mates and maybe his boss and then take the money back from him.'

'Sounds like a good idea, by the way what's your name cause whoever you are you've just moved up from whatever your position is to my personal assistant.' Keane said.

'My name is James sir.'

'So lets get started James, now how did you say we should go about the kidnapping.' Keane said with a mischievious smirk on his face.

Silver Star
Monday 1300

'Ah excuse me guys we have something important to tell you.' Matt chirped in.

'Oh no sir, not another op. I am going out with the kids this weekend.' Benny Ray said.

'No absolutely not Benny Ray, it has nothing to do with any missions, it is something better.'

'Oh thank goodness, cause I have a date this weekend.' Nick said.

'What Dellveccio, have a date?' replied Benny Ray with a smile.

'Ha very funny, do you see me laughing?' Nick said.

'Yo people getting back to us, we would just like to announce that we well not we, Margo, is pregnant.' An enthusiastic Matt said.

'Hell yeh this is the greatest news I have heard in a long time. How far long are you?' asked Benny Ray.

'I am just under a month.' Replied Margo.

In the corner Nick was dancing and laughing. Deke had just walked in when they announced that she was pregnant and was already on his way to Matt and Margo.

'Well pretty lady I am extremely proud of you.' Deke said.

'I had some help Deke why don't you congratulate Matt as well.' Margo said.

'Matt congratulations now if you don't mind I'm taking your wife out for some pampering.'

'Go right ahead Deke cause I'm taking Matt for a drink.' Replied Benny Ray.

At the spa
Monday 1500

'Well how do you feel Margo?' asked Deke.

'I feel fine but I don't see what the fuss is all about.' Replied Margo.

'You are having a child and you guys deserve the best, you have stopped a lot of all the secret government wars and terrorist attempts.' Deke said.

'You know you are right but I need the bathroom so I'll be right back.'

'See ya in a few minutes.' screamed Deke as she walked off into the hall leading to the ladies room, but what they hadn't noticed was the car that had followed them and a strange man walking into the hall as well.

He walked into the ladies room thinking that it was the men's only to be confronted by Margo.

'Excuse me sir this is the ladies.' Margo said.

'Sorry ma'am but the men's is locked and I desperately need the bathroom.' Said the man.

'Go right ahead I'll be outta here in a minute.' Replied Margo.

'No you wont', just as Margo was going to leave the room, he had caught her and had held a knife on the edge of her skin.

'Don't even think of screaming or you know where the knife goes.' said the man.

'What is your name?' asked Margo.

'Just call me James.'

He led her out the back door to the car parked in the alley. Deke decided to get up and go and see what was taking Margo so long. He entered the ladies room and saw her bag on the floor, he immediately picked it up and stormed out of the spa.

Outside of Old Hanagans Bar
Monday 1503

'Hey Matt this is my treat from father to father - to - be, you deserve this.' Benny Ray said as he was pulling into the parking space.

'Thanks Benny Ray you are a really great friend, you know that I can trust you with anything including my life.' Said Matt.

'Yes sir and the same to you now lets go celebrate.' Benny Ray replied.

Just as they got out of the car Matt got captured and Benny Ray got hit over the head with something very hard.

'Hey mister wake up!' shouted a pedestrian.

'Stop screaming I'm okay but thanks I got to go.' Benny Ray said.

'No mister I called you an ambulance.' replied the man.

'Cancel it I'm okay' and off went Benny Ray in his red pickup.

Keane's hideout
Monday 16:30

'I see that everything has worked out. I salute you James but please now we must send the ransom note to the Silver Star A.S.A.P.'

'Yes sir' and off walked a very rugged person like he had lived on the street

Silver Star
Monday 1733

'Hey Benny Ray wanna see me dance?' asked Nick.

'Not right now Nick, Matt has been kidnapped and I have got to get hold of Margo and Deke.' an angry Benny Ray said.

'You kidding right?' asked Nick.

'Do I enjoy bleeding from the head Nick?' replied Benny Ray.

'Hold on I'll get the first aid.' and Nick ran off.

Just then Deke stormed through the door.

'Margo has been kidnapped.' Deke shouted as he walked in.

'Oh no not her as well.' said Benny Ray.

'What do you mean? Are you saying that Matt has been kidnapped as well?' asked Deke.

'Yes and I have no idea who did it.' said a frustrated Benny Ray.

'Ah guys there is a note on the desk I just found, it was left by some guy calling himself James.' Nick said.

'Man Nick why didn't you keep him, this is a ransom note, did you notice anything?'

'Yip he was driving a pretty nice vehicle for a guy who looks like he just came off the street.'

'What kind of car was he driving? Asked Deke.

'A very old Corvette.' replied Nick.

'That car and look sounds familiar to me.' Deke said.

'Well think harder while I figure out what to do cause I don't have 6 million dollars to give in the next 96 hours or they die and knowing Keane he ain't joking but what I know for sure is that we need more members to get them out of wherever they are and that would be C.J and Chance.' Said Benny Ray.

C.J and Chance's place

Beep, beep, beep…

'Man Chance answer the thing before I break it' C.J screamed.

'Hold on… C.J pack your bags we've got to get to the Silver Star very, very quickly.'

'What's wrong? Asked C.J

'Matt and Margo have been kidnapped and they have under 96 hours to live.' Replied Chance.

Within 30 minutes they were already in the sky off to America.

Keane's hideout
Monday 2200

'I have given a ransom note to your guys and if they really care about you they will pay out 6 million dollars which you took away from me when you blew up my equipment and camp. By the way they have only 96 hours and until then you better live your life to the fullist, by eating the food I give you, cause when it comes to the end of those 96 hours you are going to want to have tasted your last bit of earth.' Keane said.

Just as Keane walked out Margo burst into tears.

'Margo ignore Keane, we'll be outta here before he can touch us. I have so much confidence in Benny Ray, I know he will do it.' Matt said.

'I have confidence in Benny Ray too but life is going so well for us right now until this had to happen. I mean look at it we're married, having a child if we get out of here and well it is just great. I've never been so happy in my life.' Margo said in absolute sadness.

'Right now I bet you Benny Ray has a team ready, they have Deke for intel and he is quite good at that and I even bet you they have Chance and C.J with them as well.' Matt said trying to cheer Margo up.

There was silence for a second or two and Matt decided to start a new conversation. 'I bet it is a boy' Matt said.

'No way it's a girl, I have that feeling.' Margo replied.

'Yes but I am hardly ever wrong.' Matt said.

'But this time you might be.' Margo said with a bit of a smile.

'How about Matt Junior?'

'Oh no we are not starting that now.'

'It will keep our minds off other things.' Matt said.

And so the arguing went on.

Silver Star

'I don't think we should tell Trout, does everyone agree with me?' asked Benny Ray.

'Yip.' from Nick.

And a yes from C.J, Chance and Deke.

'I realised who the guy was and well his name is James and from the word off the street he is working somewhere in the forest at these co - ordinates.' Deke said.

'How did you find this out?' asked Nick.

'He had told his friend one night after he had come out of the bar absolutely drunk.' replied Deke.

They stacked all their toys into the bag always carrying C.J's favourite: explosives and Benny Ray's Remington. Chance had all his knifes.

'What exactly did you do to this guy to get him so angry?' Asked C.J

'We blew up his camp and expensive equipment went with it.' answered Benny Ray.

'What about the 6 million dollars?' asked Nick.

'Well we will take a large suitcase and $1000 and put them on top of the blank notes.' said Chance.

'That sounds good to me.' replied Nick.

'Oh ya guys do you know Margo is pregnant?' Nick asked.

'What?' C.J asked.

'When did this all happen?' Chance asked with a smile on his face.

'They got married 3 months ago and she is just under a month pregnant.' Nick said.

'Bloody hell Chance we've missed a fortune of stuff, when were you guys planning on telling us?' asked C.J

'Actually we left a couple of messages with some guy by the name of Mano or something like that.' Deke said looking puzzled.

'Bad idea guys he is always drunk in a good way, so that is maybe why we didn't get the messages.' said Chance.

'Lets get back to business, we have to rescue our friends and we have just over 48 hours.' Benny Ray said in a serious tone.

'We're good to go.' said Chance and C.J

'I'm ready as ever to blow the guys…
'Now Deke leave some anger for later' Chance says.

'Yip I'm ready to party.' Nick said looking a bit worried.

'Okay we're gonna get a chopper into the camp, hide it and get them out and blow up the camp and we are going to do this all in a few hours.' said a very serious Benny Ray.

'That sounds like a "walk in the park".'

'Now Nick remember what Trout said last time and we had to go in and rescue a wounded Margo.' Said Benny Ray.

'Oh yes I remember.'

'Then lets get some sleep and then we can get going tomorrow morning.' shouted C.J

Keane's hideout
Tuesday 12:30

'I like the name Sarah.' Margo said.

'No I like Chad.' Matt said managing a half smile.

'I'm telling you it is a girl.'

'Fine but I still think that it is a boy.'

'Well think that but when "push comes to shove" it's going to be a beautiful baby girl with your looks and my intelligence.' Margo said in a whisper.

'Ah ah what if it's a boy, it will be your looks and my intelligence.' Matt said.

Keane walked in on Matt finishing his sentence.

'What? Do I sense that a certain person in this room is pregnant and if I am correct men cannot have babies and that'll make you Margo Vincent or should I say, Mrs. Sheppard, pregnant.' Said a very alerted Keane.

'Why yes but we'll be outta here before you can get to kill us.' Margo said.

'I doubt that none of your friends have any brains. Nick is a brainless idiot, but maybe Benny Ray and Deke, no I have no problems. They'll probably give the money I'll give you to them and then I will kill you cause that's the way it is.' Keane said with a smirk on his face.

'You don't know who you are messing with Keane.' Matt said with anger in his voice.

'It wouldn't matter to me who I mess with as long as I get my way.' Keane replied.

'Just wait Keane you'll get what is coming to you.' said a very emotional Margo.

And minutes later Keane disappeared and Margo burst into tears again.

'Come on Margo do you really believe this guy?' Matt asked.

'He means what he says Matt and you know him he'll do it.'

'We'll be outta here before he gets to pull the trigger and you said it yourself Margo.'

'Okay whatever you say but I want my rest before we do any running to get outta here.'

Somewhere nearby Keane's hideout
Tuesday 18:45

'Okay guys we have one chance to get them and we must not make any mistakes, they could be fatal.' Benny Ray said.

They landed near the camp and starting walking the rest on foot.As they neared the camp site they dropped their unwanted gear and got ready for any suprises.

'We'll go get Matt and Margo, C.J and Chance cover us and Nick look out for Keane.' Ordered Benny Ray.

'Hey look there is that James guy and I think he is standing outside the dungeon.' Nick said. 'Should I take him out?'

'No I'll do it with pleasure', one shot and he fell like a puppet with no strings.

C.J and Chance started shooting anyone who carried a gun and wasn't on their side.

'Hello Major.' said Benny Ray.

'Hey pretty lady you didn't come finish your facial.' Deke said with a smile.

'It's never been so good to see you guys.' Matt said.

'I agree' added Margo.

Just as they walked out of the dungeon Chance and C.J walked up to them and said a quick congratulations.

'Where is Keane? Asked Matt.

'Everyone duck', and as he came out of the house Nick took a shot and he also fell to the floor like a puppet.

Margo took another shot in case and said 'You lost Keane and by the way Nick is not a brainless idiot he just killed you. Oh ya watch who you mess with.'

'You know Sarah is starting to grow on me if it's a girl.' Matt said as he was pulling her away from Keane's body.

'You also know what could be too wrong with two Matts in the house. But I know it's a girl, I've said it before and I'll say it again.'

'Yes I know you have "the feeling".' Matt said with a huge smile.

Silver Star
8 months later

'Oh Matt I think your wife is about to have your child.' Nick screamed from downstairs.

'That's not funny Nick she isn't due for a week or so.' Matt said

'Ah sir I don't think he is joking, well not this time sir.' Benny Ray said hesitantly.

'Matt get yourself down here now or I am not having your child.' screamed Margo at the top of her lungs.

'I think the whole of California just heard her, Matt hurry up.' Nick screaming again.

Matt got up so fast he actually left his vintage car unlocked with the keys in the ignition.

'Benny Ray please get my keys out of my car and close it.' Matt asked.

'Done sir.'

'Nick get my other keys.'

'No need to Matt she's already in the car and she is serious about not having your baby if you don't get there quick, she nearly broke my arm trying to get her up into the car.' Nick said with absolute pain.

'Thanks.' Matt said and ran to the car.

Friday 20:38

'Ah look it's a girl.' Nick said. 'Margo was right again.'

'The Major looks, well he looks…'

'Hold on Nick there's another one, it's a boy. 'Hell yeh it's a boy and a girl.' Benny Ray screamed.

'Well aint the Major the energetic one.' replied Nick.

'Man Nick can't you keep those comments to yourself.' Benny Ray said with a disturbed look.

'Get hold of C.J and Chance.'

'Okay.' and Nick was off to the phone where he demanded that Mano must tell them now and from the screaming in the background he was sure they got the message.

Matt looked at Margo and smiled so wildly she thought his smile was never going to leave him.

'Well as Keane said, "that's the way it is and I am absolutely loving this way.' Matt finally said.

As Nick arrived back, he, Benny Ray and Deke entered the room.

'Guys I'd like for you to meet Sarah Sheppard.' Margo said.

'And oh ya guys I'd like for you to meet my son Matt junior.' the ecstatic father said.

The end

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