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Sofcon 2000 Las Vegas

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We Were Soldiers

On the set of SOF with Winter....
Montreal 1998

The fan's interview with Tim Abell / Benny Ray Riddle... 1998
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as of June 1997

Terry Spazek is the producer of the Rysher Entertainment action series "SOLDIER OF FORTUNE, INC."

With over 20 years of history in various capacities throughout the entertainment industry, Mr. Spazek's background includes producer and physical production work with many veteran television and film companies. His experience working on television programming, ranging from "The Brady Bunch" and "Happy Days," to the more recent "The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles," has provided him with the opportunity to work directly with major studios and independent producers, as well as interact with and directly oversee a multitude of production personnel.

While Senior Vice President of Production for Imagine Entertainment, Spazek's physical and creative tasks included the immediate supervision over feature film projects with budgets ranging from upwards of $60 million, including "Far And Away," "Backdraft," "The Dream Team," "The 'Burbs," "Cry Baby" and "Parenthood," to $1.2 million dollar films such as the critically acclaimed "Closet Land." Spazek was also responsible for the creation and implementation of a production department for Imagine Television, overseeing the creative and physical aspects of programming such as "Parenthood," and the syndicated strip, "My Talk Show."


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