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Tethered Goat: Mission #201

Benny Ray's son, Billy, is snatched from right under his nose during a father-son afternoon. Released from jail after her drug conviction was  overturned on appeal, Katrina Herrera is using Billy as bait, because she blames S.O.F. for putting her and her father in prison. Fearing for his son's life, Benny Ray goes rogue to track the kidnappers against explicit orders. He walks blindly into an ambush, while his S.O.F. comrades rush into place to save one of their own - and his son.

Who's Who: Mission #202

Miguel Santiago, the second in command to a notorious arms runner, makes a deal to testify before the U.S. Attorney General in exchange for leniency, and the S.O.F. team is assigned to ensure that he appears in court. With a five million dollar bounty on his head, Santiago is a target that needs protecting. Working with the U.S. Marshal Service on babysitting detail, Matt, Benny Ray, Margo and Deke have a hard time keeping ahead of the bad and good guys.

A Walk in the Park: Mission #203

Margo is given a no-brainer assignment - as they say, "a walk in the park" - in Berlin, Germany. While attempting to exchange packages - hers contains $25,000 in Deutschemarks and her contact's contains a top-secret list of former East German spies - the trade-off is unexpectedly aborted. When Margo's contacts are then gunned down, she calls for S.O.F. back-up. But before Matt, Benny Ray and Nick can touch down in Berlin, Margo is arrested for the double-murder of her contacts. Being road-blocked by both the German police and American Embassy, Margo's undercover teammates must take matters into their own hands, if they're going to free her before she is killed for knowing about the list of traitors. Meanwhile, Deke becomes the surprising inspiration to a Berlin fashion designer, while in town delivering firearms to the team.

Hide and Seek: Mission #204

When the government suspects that a shadowy international criminal, known only as "Gabriel," has surfaced in Geneva, Switzerland, the S.O.F. team is called in to keep tabs on the terrorist, and to figure out why he has emerged from hiding. Set up across the street from Gabriel's apartment, Matt, Benny Ray, Margo, Nick and Deke stake out his every move, but Gabriel appears to be clean. After an unexpected face-to-face encounter with Gabriel, a dangerous game of cat and mouse ensues, and it's a race against the clock to stop Gabriel from using a Stinger missile to disrupt the high-level Indian-Pakistani peace talks taking place in Geneva.

Spyder Web: Mission #205

A Defense Minister is assassinated and his mistress kidnapped during an insurgent struggle to take political control of the nation of Rumansk. Since the mistress is also a CIA operative who could compromise the identity of Trout, it's up to the ultra-secret S.O.F. unit to infiltrate the tumultuous country and retrieve Roxanna Mitchell -- or kill her, if necessary. Sent in early to arrange a safe house and transportation, Deke sets up the S.O.F. headquarters, with typical panache, at the apartment of the beautiful Tayla (special guest star Carmen Electra), who is taken with the towering American. After Roxanna is located and rescued, the team is split up while fleeing the country. With Matt in danger, the rest of the team has to rely on the lessons Matt has taught them, if he's going to make it out of Rumansk alive.

Party Girl: Mission #206

Alex Vargas, the son of a notorious drug lord, picks up a "party girl" in a Washington, DC hot spot and wings her, in his personal jet, to his lavish spread in Colombia. The girl's father, U.S. Senator Stanford Parks (special guest star Ben Vereen), becomes worried when he doesn't hear from her and asks the S.O.F. team to get her back. Matt, Benny Ray and Nick parachute into Colombia, while Margo and Deke fly first class, posing as American coffee buyers. Using Margo as bait, the covert operatives snare the drug lord's lothario son and gain access to his fortress, while Deke busies himself facilitating return transportation from his sketchy sometime business associate Marvin (special guest star Karl Malone). With Senator Parks' daughter seeing something that makes her very expendable, S.O.F. must rescue her before it's too late.

Wild Card: Mission #207

An enigmatic rogue agent (Dennis Rodman) returns from the dead to haunt Team SOF.
When Colonel Earl "Swanee" Swanson is killed, after leaving Trout a cryptic message, Matt, Margo and Benny Ray are assigned the unofficial investigation of the possible homicide. While infiltrating the LAPD headquarters to retrieve some of Swanee's personal effects that could jeopardize the cover of Trout and his men, the S.O.F. team is put in danger by one of Trout's former operatives - Deacon "Deke" Reynolds. Suspecting that Deke has gone rogue, Matt doesn't want to have anything to do with
him. But when the wily former chopper pilot breaks into the team's inner sanctum, produces Swanee's missing effects and asks Matt for help, the S.O.F. unit reluctantly agrees to join forces with Trout's wild card.

Iraq and Roll: Mission #208

Saddam Hussein's nephew and Iraq's top operative in the States for the last decade, Hamzah Ali El-Amin, makes the risky decision to request political asylum in exchange for crucial information about Saddam and the Iraqi Intelligence Network. When Hamzah is kidnapped by Arab men and taken to the Iraqi Mission to the U.N. in New York, S.O.F. is called in to extract Hamzah and bring him to safety. After the dicey mission is somehow compromised, all arrows point to a high-level leak. S.O.F. must now accomplish the daunting task of exposing the dirty agent and rescuing Hamzah - again. Meanwhile, the mission marks Nick's first return in six years to his hometown, bringing him closer to something in his past that has haunted him since he left.

Trade Off: Mission #209

Flying over the eastern seaboard en route to Iceland for a hostage exchange, three Libyan terrorists force the American plane to land, which threatens to put an abrupt end to the already tense American-Libyan hostage negotiation. Trout orders the S.O.F. team to lead the manhunt, while he travels to Iceland to stall the Libyan negotiator and calm the nerves of the innocent American hostage, whose life hangs in the balance.

Charade: Mission #210

Matt and Margo pose as  husband-and-wife assassins, recently killed in a car crash, to determine their link to three seemingly unrelated criminal  investigations. As Bill and Kari Jenson, Matt and Margo travel  to San Francisco, where they are expected to terminate Max  Beasley, a shady businessman who has been selling crypto-technology to foreign interests. The Jensons have been hired by one of Beasley's most ruthless competitors, Madison, who wants to put Beasley out of business - forever. When Trout orders Matt and Margo to snare Madison at any cost, they call upon S.O.F. for back-up. Meanwhile, Margo's personal life hits a snag when her lover suspects there is more to her relationship with Matt than just business.

Figure Eight: Mission #211

Margo is thrown into a mission that forces her to face a demon from her past. S.O.F. must find the terrorists using a very rare explosive, and Margo suspects that John Harkin, a former lover who she set-up to be arrested years ago, is responsible. To bring him out into the open, Margo must become her former alter ego, Julie, and seduce him without giving in to her emotions - and without endangering her teammates.

The Lord is My Shepherd: Mission #212

Margo prepares to meet her long-lost brother for the first time since escaping war-torn Romania years before. She's nervous about telling him what she does for a living - he's a recently anointed Monsignor who believes his sister is a second grade teacher. Bringing Matt along for moral support, Margo heads to the site of a worldwide Ecumenical Council. Taking over the convention center, a group of terrorists demand wheat for hunger-stricken third world countries, and Matt and Margo are caught in the middle. Once they discover that the "altruistic" terrorists are murderers, Margo is forced to show, not tell, her brother of her unusual career.

White Dragon: Mission #213

A covert agent known only as "White Dragon" has broken into a high-security French research facility, stealing an experimental serum, which causes a lethal, but undetectable, heart attack when injected. Fingerprints of Matt's father, Colonel Quentin Shepherd, a former U.S. Navy pilot missing in action since 1969, are found at the break-in. Matt embarks on a personal mission, with the S.O.F. team in tow, to uncover the truth about his long-lost father. The team discovers that the deadly serum is to be used to kill the Chinese Deputy Premier -- and that Matt's father is the hired assassin. Matt and the S.O.F. team jump into action to protect the politician, but what's more important to Matt is figuring out how his patriotic dad has turned into a murderous traitor.

Critical List: Mission #214

On a top secret mission to spy on a classified government contractor suspected of manufacturing chemical weapons, two of the S.O.F. unit are captured and taken into FBI custody at a local hospital. While the FBI and National Security Council (NSC) try to determine Margo's and Benny Ray's identities, Matt and Nick work to free the wounded soldiers. If the Feds find out about Trout's orders and his arrangement with the ops on this particular assignment, they could all be branded as traitors. As if rescuing Margo and Benny Ray under watchful Federal eyes weren't enough, Matt and Nick must also figure out why the second in command at the NSC is taking such an interest in the situation.

Welcome to Bent Cooper: Mission #215

On the way to Eagle City, Colorado for a whitewater rafting vacation, the S.O.F. team is delayed in the practically deserted town of Bent Cooper, while their Suburban is repaired. With a sheriff who seems to have eyes in the back of his head, townsfolk who are unnaturally friendly and an absence of children or people over 35, there's just something not quite right about Bent Cooper. Stuck in the town for the night, Margo distracts men assigned to watching the group, as Matt, Benny Ray and Nick snoop around. The strange clues begin to fall into place, as the S.O.F. team realizes that Bent Cooper is a terrorist finishing school. With Nick in terrorist custody, the other operatives must rescue their friend and escape from Bent Cooper to deliver the frightening intel to the outside world.

The Vestige: Mission #216

When orbital satellites keep malfunctioning just as they cross over the Equator, a team of NASA scientists is sent to investigate. And when the NASA delegation fails to check in, the S.O.F. unit is dispatched to the Amazonian jungle to rescue them. After finding three of the four scientists murdered, Matt, Benny Ray, Nick and Margo delve deep into the hot zone, where they fight off hostile natives who've received some surprisingly sophisticated military training. Walking into the Valadares village, the S.O.F. team finds a band of international mercenaries led by Keene, one of Matt's former comrades, who seems to be going through his own personal "Apocalypse Now." It's up to Matt and his ops to free the NASA scientist taken prisoner, escape the jungle and put an end to Keene's brand of techno-terrorism.

Reasonable Doubt: Mission #217

Accused of being a mole, Trout's on the run and comes to the only one he can trust - Matt Sheperd. Matt and the team try to help their leader, but begin to have doubts when a government agent reveals that Trout has been using the SOF team for his own purposes.

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