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Silver Star Bar

It had been a month since Trout's ordeal with his secretary Jody. After that episode Matt wanted to find out everything about his employees at the Silver Star Bar, so he had asked Deke to run some background checks for him to make sure everyone in his employ were who they said they were.

"Well what do you have for me Deke?"

"Well baby, everyone checks out except for the new guy you hired from UCLA. His check came back and officially he does not exist. His ss# belongs to a dead serviceman killed in an explosion in Berlin. Also his previous employers never heard of him."

"Thanks Deke, I'll take things from here."


Matt spent the next couple of minutes thinking of what his next move would be, until he got a knock on his office door, "Come in."

In walked Karen Morgan, a brunette with very long hair and the person Matt had recently hired as bar manager. She formally worked for the Marriott Hotel in LA., for a few years in the same kind of work. She also had brains to match her good looks as a graduate of Babson College with an MBA in business administration. She could just about have any job she wanted. She decided long ago to go into the family business. Her family owned a small bar in Vermont.

"What can I do for you this morning?" Matt asked.

"Just need your signature on some papers for some new Micro brews, since you are the owner."

"When James comes in can you tell him I would like a word with him."


"Thank you Karen, you're doing a wonderful job by the way."

She then smiled and walked back to her own office.

1125 hrs.
The Silver Star Bar

There was a knock on Matt's office door.

"Come in James."

"You wanted to see me sir?"

"Yes, who the hell are you James and I want to know now. I had a friend run a background check on everyone who works here and I was told that you don't exist." Matt stated, very annoyed.

James was stunned to see that his cover was blown. He only had one course of action to take.

"Well Mr.. Shephard I have been working under cover for the US Marshal's Service. I was told to keep an eye on Mr. Delvecchio but I haven't seen him around in a few days. My credentials."

He handed Matt his badge and ID.

"Well Marshall McGovern, Nick is attending to some family business at the moment. Plus I don't like being lied to. Now get out."

The rest of the day was uneventful. Even his call to Trout to check out McGovern's story seemed uneventful. But this was to all change in time.

Margo Vincent's Apartment

For the first time in months Margo was actually getting a good night's sleep when her phone rang waking her up out of a sound sleep.


"Hello Libertine."

"Dieter is that you?"


"Margo, I need to talk to you but not over the phone. I will be in Los Angeles tomorrow around 1:00 PM. Do you know of a place where we can talk privately but in a public place? This is very important."

"Dieter take this address down, I go there quite often plus I have friends there to watch my back."

"All right, I trust you with my life one more time. See you then."

She tried getting back to sleep but she wondered what her old friend wanted to see her about after seven long years. She then realized it was very important or he never would have contacted her after all these years. She picked up the phone and called Matt to get everything set for her meet tomorrow with Dieter.

Silver Star Bar

Margo outlined the meeting in Matt's office. Everyone was in attendance, except for Nick who was at his grandmother's funeral back in NY City.

"So you have no idea what this guy wants?" Matt asked without hesitation.

"No not at all. I haven't seen him in seven years."

"Just who is this guy Margo, I mean what makes him so special?" Benny Ray asked in a relatively calm voice.

Margo looked at him annoyed "OK his name is Dieter Hoofs, he works as an undercover agent for GSG-9. For him to come here and want to talk to me, it has to be very important. The last time I saw him I had to kill a man so this must be extremely important."

Deke sat quietly listening in the corner, "Actually he's semi-retired. There was a big uproar over his not being able to bring in a Soviet assassin some years back, so I am told."

Margo stared at him abruptly, "Yeah I know all about it. It couldn't be helped."

Matt looked around the room and said, "OK we all know our stations, so lets get to them shall we."

1335 hrs
The Silver Star Bar

Dieter Hoofs entered the Silver Star and looked around, being very careful. The weight of the SIG P225 that he carried under his arm gave him much comfort because he did not know Margo's friends and she was the only one he trusted at the moment. He spotted her sitting at the table in the corner. He also noticed three men that all seemed to be armed. He did recognize the big black man as Deke Reynolds whom he had met a few times in Germany but did not like him personally. He walked over to the bar, ordered himself a beer and walked over to where Margo was seated.

"Nice to see you again and I hope things are going well for you."

"They are going fine Dieter, please sit down."

Dieter sat, still feeling very uncomfortable like he was being watched from all angles.

"Dieter what's this all about" Margo asked

"I was doing some work in the former East Germany and ran across some information you might find interesting. It seems that our friend whom we knew as the Scorpion had two children, a boy and a girl."

"You're kidding right."

"No I'm not, it seems his son is in the Russian army and is SPETZNAZ. As for the girl, we have no idea where she is. But this is interesting, they both work for a man named Koslenko. Last I heard he was here somewhere. We do presume that his children are as dangerous as their father was and they very well may be out for blood. I'm suggesting that you be very careful."

"I always am, especially now. So old Andre had two children, very interesting indeed."

"So now you know why I could not divulge this info over the phone. I learned my phone was tapped so I couldn't take the chance."

They started talking about other things. He then got up and left.

The team then converged into Matt's office.

1400 hrs
Outside the Silver Star

Dieter walked out of the bar and walked towards his rental car when he heard a commotion in the alley. He turned his attention to it and spotted the bar bartender having words with a young man. He walked up to them and asked if he could help in anyway at all.

The young man replied, "Of course you can Herr Hoofs, we have always wanted to meet the man who was responsible for our father's death."

Dieter was shocked. This young man he remembered from Berlin during the last couple of months. So he had been followed, he immediately went for his gun. He was too late as the young man's Glock put him away for good.

1415 hrs
The Silver Star Bar

Everyone was present, except for Nick, to find out what this guy had to say.

"I can't believe what he told me, I just can't believe it."

Benny Ray looked at her and asked her, "What did he say Margo, maybe we can help?"

"OK, seven years ago I had to help him bring in an assassin, code named the Scorpion. His full name was Andre Borlenski. But the whole thing went wrong, I had no choice but to kill him. Now I find out he had two children who may be out for blood. His son was Spetznaz and his daughter should be in her early twenties by now."

Matt looked horrified at this news. He had heard of the man whom she had killed. As a matter of fact he was sent to Germany seven years ago to help with his capture. This was how he met Margo but it was all over by the time he got there. But his team of men did destroy the terrorists he had trained in East Germany.

"Do we have their location?"

"No Matt, their handler is Koslenko though."

Now Matt was more agitated because this man they had broke out of prison awhile back and he was Jodie's handler as well.

1450 hrs
The Silver Star Bar

Debbie's cell phone rang. She picked it up and asked the person on the other end to hold on.

"Yes I know you wanted him alive, he left us with no choice but to kill him."

"Can you get Margo Vincent."

"That should be no problem.'

"Then bring her to the compound in the Rockies and I will see you both there. She has information we can use."

"Yes sir. We will see you in a couple of days."

1500 hrs
Matte's Office

Matt's phone rang. It was Trout telling him about Koslenko. Matt told him what they had found out and he wasn't surprised in the least. He said he would call back once he knew more. Matt was even more worried now than he had been. He hoped Nick would get back soon. He truly needed everyone on alert . Matt opened the top drawer of his desk, pulled out the Glock 19 he kept there for emergencies and placed the gun on his desk. He then picked up his cell phone and placed a message to Nick's beeper. About 5 minutes later the phone rang. It was Nick telling him he would be back tomorrow and that he had found out something interesting about Debbie from a friend of his who had connections in the Russian Mafia.

1700 hrs
LA Police Headquarters

A teenage boy had walked in and said he'd found a dead body down by the harbor. The police took the boy back to see and found the man's ID. It was discovered that it was Dieter Hoofs. They took the boy's name and statement and would launch a full investigation into the man's death.

1900 hrs
Margo Vincent's Apartment

While she prepared her dinner she heard the radio news flash about her friend's murder. She immediately called Matt and was waiting for him to come over so they could figure something out. When her doorbell ran she went to answer it and was surprised to see that it was Debbie. She invited her in.

"Margo you have to come with me now or something terrible will happen." Debbie produced a Glock 36 slim line and gestured towards the door.

Margo quickly knocked the gun out of her hand and had subdued her fairly quickly when the door was broken down and she was staring at a man at least 6'2" and 225lbs. Margo tried to reach her gun but all she saw was darkness once the big man grabbed her and checked her out.

2100 hrs
Margo Vincent's Apartment

Matt arrived to find the door wide open. He immediately removed the SIG P229 sport he carried out of it's holster and did a thorough search. The place was in a shambles. Her gun was still there so he knew something was wrong. He immediately called Benny Ray to get ahold of Deke and to get to his office pronto... something was going down. He then phoned Trout and told him Margo's place had been ransacked and she was gone.

Trout told Matt that there should be some satellite pictures and some other Intel coming to his office by 2300 hrs carried by special personnel.

The Silver Star Bar

An Army officer walked into the Silver Star, looked around and walked to the bar. Karen was talking to the bartender on duty at the time, asking him to pull another shift because his replacement had not shown up for work. She looked at the officer and asked. "May I help you Captain?"

"Yes ma'am you might be able to, I'm looking for a Matthew Shepherd"

"He's in the office in the back. First door on the right."

"Thank you."

The officer walked back and knocked on the door. To his surprise a very tall black man with blond hair answered, he then asked, "Major Matthew Shepherd?"

Deke looked at him and replied, "He's the one behind the desk. Come in Captain."

He walked over to Matt and handed him a manila envelope marked 'TOP SECRET' for your eyes only. The captain then handed him a piece of paper and asked, "Sign here sir."

Matt signed his name and replied. "Thank you Captain."

The young officer then turned on his heels and left.

2305 hrs
Matt's Office

Matt opened the manila envelope and thumbed through the papers and photos. There was also a copy of a bill of sale for an old WWII army facility that was closed down right after the war.

"OK gentlemen, here's what we have. Koslenko bought an old army facility about 6 month's ago. The place was closed back in 55. It also has it's own air strip. Basically what we have here is an old prison, the government forgot about, in the Rockies."

"Well boss let's go them." Benny Ray was in a hurry for some action.

"Benny Ray we can't, we're down one man. Nick will be back tomorrow. I want to hear what he found out about Debbie. When I talked to him today he said it was important. That's why he was cutting his trip short. So one of us needs to pick him up at the airport in the morning."

"Deke, find out all you can about this place and I want it ASAP."

"You got it."

"Benny Ray you get Nick at the airport in the morning. He's due in at 9:00 sharp."

"Will do boss."

The Silver Star Bar

There was a knock on Matt's door. Benny Ray got up to answer it. It was Karen, hopping mad.

"Matt did you give Debbie any time off? She never came into work tonight so I had to have Paul cover for her for the third time this week."

"As far as I know she hasn't any time off coming to her."

"Thanks Karen, I'll take care of this."

Benny Ray looked real concerned now.

"Major you don't think it's possible"

"Could be"

Benny Ray went downstairs to check on weapons for their assault. He picked MP5's and three shotguns and he grabbed a Steyr AUG assault rifle chambered in .308 and walked back upstairs.


Benny Ray waited for Nick at the terminal, unable to sit still. He had heard Nick had some vital Intel and was in a hurry to get this whole thing over with. When Nick arrived Benny Ray looked at him sternly and said. "Nice to see you amigo, let's get going. Matt's waiting."

"Yeah I know, just let me get my luggage, OK buddy?"

Nick grabbed his bag and quickly said, "I'm ready, lets roll."

When they got to Benny Ray's truck, he threw Nick's bag in the back. But Nick was not giving up his carryon at all.

On the ride to the Silver Star, Nick was all business. He slid off his coat and put on a shooting system's horizontal shoulder holster. He took his Beretta 92F and made sure it was loaded and put it back in the holster.

"How did you get that on the plane anyway?"

"Easy I still got my DEA credentials and a phony badge, works all the time."

Former Army Base in the Rockies

Margo woke up in a cell that she guessed was 12 X 12. She let the cobwebs free themselves from her mind as she took in her surroundings. When she noticed Debbie and the large gentleman who had checked her out talking with Koslenko, she then realized she was probably looking at the Borlenski children. She also knew that the team would crash this party eventually.

Koslenko moved in front of her cell and in a flat cold voice stated that he was pleased with the way she was taken and was flown in.

"Well then you must be a happy man." Margo stated.

"Yes now who do you work for these days because I know it is not the CIA?"

"That's none of your business."

"Karl take her to be persuaded."

Karl moved to her cell, let himself in and led Margo down the hall, followed by Debbie and Koslenko.

0935 hrs
Matt's Office at the Silver Star Bar

Benny Ray and Nick walked in while Deke brought up their gear from the basement. Matt was behind his desk checking his P-229S.

"Nick, nice to have you back with us now. What's this Intel you wouldn't give out over the phone?"

"Ok, an old friend came to see me at my sister's house. Remember that picture that Margo took of me, Benny Ray and Debbie?"

"Yeah, I remember, so what does that have to do with anything?"

"Well it turns out quite a bit. My buddy works for the Russian Mafia as a collector and other odd jobs and said I should talk to his boss, which I did. It seems that Debbie's real name is Marina Borlenski who was trained by our friend Koslenko. Also her brother was Spetznaz till they lost the war with Cheynia."

Matt was more angry now that he had learned he had been infiltrated by Koslenko.

As Matt's hand moved towards the phone it rang and he picked it up. It was Trout telling him the base was being used to train assassins and terrorists and he wanted the place leveled and all equipment would be sent ASAP. Matt told him they were waiting for a plane and were already packed. He also passed along the information that he had been infiltrated and that little matter would be taken care of in due course. This I promise you among all else.

1100 hrs
Coronado Naval Air Station

They stood on the tarmac ready to board their plane to the Rockies but they hit a last minute snag. They were told they could only get as far as some Colorado National Guard Base in the Rockies. So they're waiting on available choppers. Of course Deke would fly them in. Then out of nowhere they heard a familiar voice.

"Hola Amigos. I certainly hope you got room for one more, Major."

"For you Rico, always. How did you find out about this little party?"

"Trout called and told me the whole story. He has also arranged for a chopper and a pilot to fly it."

Rico suggested that they get going. So they loaded up and headed out.

1115 hrs
Deserted Army Base in the Rockies.

Koslenko approached Karl as he exited the room where he had been interrogating Margo.

"Well has she said anything yet"

"No she is holding up very well for a woman, Marina is in with her now. I was wondering how much time we have before her friends show up."

"That I have no way of knowing, but they can be quite resourceful, which means they must get their information and orders from someone in Washington. That is what I want to know. Then you and Marina can do as you please with her."

"Well sir, I have one trick left that I learned from the Afghan's but it will be very painful for her. I knew a few men who cracked like little babies over this treatment."

"What will you need."

"A car battery and some leads."

Koslenko turned to one of his men and told him to get what Karl needed. Immediately the guard left without saying a word and was back in fifteen minutes with what Karl had asked for. Karl took the things and went back inside. Marina was trying a different tack with her, explaining they only wanted her boss's name and once they had it she would be allowed to leave. Margo was buying none of it at all and kept telling her to got to hell. Karl came back in. He tore her blouse off and then cut off her bra.

Margo looked at him and asked. "What are you going to do to me now big man?"

"Not what you think Miss Vincent, not at all."

He then attached the prongs to the battery then hooked the battery up to an old generator and told his sister to bring back one of the other men and some bottled water. Margo looked at him and knew what was coming because she had used the same trick a few times.

1300 hrs
National Guard Air Strip Northern Colo.

The team grabbed their gear and walked towards an army officer and asked about their slick. They were told it was at the end of the runway waiting for them. As they walked towards their slick they noticed two men who looked familiar to them. One was short, decked out in white and had combat gear on as well.

Matt and Benny Ray both said at the same time. "It can't be."

They noticed another man, who was bald and black, doing pre-flight checks on his weapons. A .50 caliber machine gun on one side and a rocket launcher on the other side.

Matt and Benny Ray walked up to them and asked, "What the hell are you two doing here."

"Well sir, Trout called and said he needed a good pilot and demo man. He also told us about Margo missing so we thought, what the hell, let's just do it."

CJ asked "Who's the blond beanstalk. Last I heard the jolly green giant was green."

Matt introduced everyone around and they all piled into the Huey with Chance flying and Deke in the second seat up front. He also detailed their plan of attack on this mission. Everyone knew this was more than another mission to get their friend out but it was personal for all of them who had gone through so much with her. It was going to be payback time soon enough.

1330 HRS
Deserted Army Base in the Rockies

The pain that Margo had endured over the past few hours made her pass out. Karl and Marina had tried everything they knew but the American women was far tougher than she appeared to be or they gave her credit for being. Karl grabbed a bucket of water he had been using as a conductor for the electrodes and threw the water in her face. Margo looked up and told him he would be a dead man when the others arrived to get her out of here and to get some payback of their own. Karl was now incensed and started striking the woman across the face a few dozen times before he came back to his senses. He then called in the guard and told him to bring her back to her cell. He also told him not to give her any food or water. As they left Koslenko entered. He was informed they had no luck in getting her to talk.

Koslenko was not pleased at all. Karl informed him that they would use drugs in the morning but for them to be effective, she needed to be awake and somewhat rested and in her condition would do no good at the present time. Koslenko nodded in agreement with his student's assessment of the present situation.

1500 hrs
10 Miles From the Old Army Base

Benny Ray took point followed by CJ, Nick and Matt and Rico took the rear guard spot while Chance and Deke stayed behind and waited for the word to come in and extract the team and then attack the place from the air.

It took them no time in covering the 10 miles. They stopped about 500 yards from the place. This was the spot they had picked to separate. Benny Ray and CJ would go and cause a diversion while the others did a house to house search for Margo.

1510 hrs
Inside the Compound

Margo laid on her bunk resting for her attempted escape in the morning. She knew they would try drugs in the morning, but she still wondered if the team was on it's way or whether they were already here. She had no way of knowing for sure. She thought escaping or trying was her best course of action and if she got a chance she would take Debbie out herself. The little liar had infiltrated them and God knows how much she actually knew. She'd had ample accesses to Matt's computer before he hired Karen. So she promised herself the little bitch would die first.

1540 hrs
Inside the Compound

It took Benny Ray and CJ no time in getting to their part of the compound. CJ was armed only with his Glock 19 and an MP5 SD6 but Benny Ray was armed with a Glock 19 holstered in his vest, a SIG P229 on his right thigh. Slung over one shoulder was a Franchi Spas 12 semi auto shotgun and in his hand was a Galil sniper's rifle that could also be fired in automatic bursts.

"OK amigo, let's get this diversion set."

"Okay mate, let's do it."

CJ took a brick of plastic explosives out of his backpack and some claymore mines. He handed Benny Ray the clamores and told him to place them on radio control and to set them near the buildings while he placed charges on the airplane and on the gas pumps and the filling truck. This took about 15 minutes. They met up at a pre-determined site where Benny Ray set up the Galil sniper rifle and radioed the others.

"Sir, we're all set here to take out as many as we can."

"Benny Ray give us five minutes."

" You got it boss."

1555 hrs
The First Building on the Compound

"Alright, we start upstairs and work our way down. Rico, take the rooms on the right, I will take them on the left and Nick you watch the stairs."

It took them 5 minutes to go through the two story building and all they found was what appeared to be a communication's center that was empty except for the radio room. Both Matt and Rico walked in and took out everyone in the room with their shotguns. Both were semi auto 12 gauges. Rico then placed a grenade under the console, rigged it to a watch set to blow at sixteen hundred hours.

"Alright, lets go"

The three of them left the building and started on the next building.

"Benny Ray, whenever you guys are ready, go for it."

1600 hrs
The Other Side of the Compound

Benny Ray gave CJ the sign to blow all his charges, which the man did. They also heard an explosion on the other side and knew it was Rico taking out their communications. Benny Ray started taking out his targets at an alarming rate. Benny Ray then spotted the generator and quickly told CJ to lob a few grenades at it, which he did and the generators went dark, as a matter of fact the whole compound did, which suited Benny Ray just fine because he was using a night vision scope anyway.

"Ok amigo, lets get going and hook up with the others."

" You got it mate, lets go."

1620 hrs
Margo's Cell

When she heard the commotion she knew what was happening and she knew it was either the 82nd airborne or it was the team. She then realized it was the team come to get her. But they were also taking down Koslenko's operation here. She also saw the look in Koslenko's eyes when he and her abducters entered the room, all three very angry.

"Margo how long have your friends been here?" Koslenko demanded to know.

"You know I have no idea. I've been out of the loop for awhile so I couldn't tell you."

Karl looked at her and told her she was going nowhere because his men were all superior to any American and if he had to he would personally kill each one of them himself.

Marina shook her head and told her brother that they were all very dangerous men, especially the one's called Benny Ray and Rico.

The two men left and Marina stayed with Margo to keep an eye on her till the others returned. Margo began telling Marina that she would not see her brother alive again.

"Margo why don't you shut up."

"Okay it's your funeral."

1630 hrs
Inside the Compound.

The team regrouped at the second building. Benny Ray had now switched to his Spas-12 and they continued to look through the buildings. So far they had found a mess hall that was empty along with some makeshift barracks. There was one building left and that was the brig. According to their Intel it had not been used in years. There was also an armory.

"Benny Ray, CJ check out the armory and blow it sky high while the three of us check out the brig."

"Alright boss, let us know if you find anything."

"Will do."

The team once again split up and headed their separate ways.

1640 hrs
The Armory

Benny Ray and CJ found the armory with no problem but they did notice a big man barking orders and carrying an AK-74 assault rifle.

Benny Ray turned to CJ and said. "That guy is definitely Spetznaz. I could tell from the way he carried that rifle."

"Probably the brother, mate."

"He already has a bullseye on his forehead but that can wait, let's get this done first."

They noticed that there were about 50 men with rifles out in front of the armory. Benny Ray moved the selector switch to full auto and CJ checked his own subgun to make sure it was full and also on full auto. They both stood up and started strafing fire back and forth. When they were empty, Benny Ray took a frag grenade from his vest and lobbed it into the crowd of dead bodies. He turned to CJ. "Well Amigo if they aren't dead now they should be after this."

As he finished, the grenade made a large explosion. As the two men walked towards the armory, CJ walked in front of Benny Ray as the sniper covered his rear. Once inside they planted 4 bricks of C4 on all sides of the building and quickly left because the timers were set for 3 minutes. They got as far away as they could before the explosion went off.

1643 hrs
Inside the Base Brig

Koslenko decided that it was time for him to leave. They had no more power and no communications except for hand held radios. Koslenko radioed his pilot and told him to get the plane ready because they were leaving but his pilot told him they were stuck because all fuel for the plane had been blown up with the refueling truck and the plane and there was nothing he could do. Koslenko then took out his Makarov and made sure it was loaded because it now looked like he would have to fight.

He ran into Karl and asked him what was going on.

"Well sir I believe her friends are here and so far we have lost a lot of our men due to the explosions and automatic weapons. If I may suggest that we leave."

"Karl we can't, they blew up the plane"

"Then I guess it's time to fight. They are probably going house to house, which means they will be here soon. Our men on duty here know what to do, I trained them myself. Plus before I left I gave them orders to kill anyone they did not know."

"Very good Karl, you remind me a lot of your father. What about Marina?"

"She knows what to do to the woman."

1650 hrs
Outside the Brig

Matt and the others waited for Benny Ray and CJ to join them. They made it sooner than Matt thought they would.

"OK folks, any tango's inside just shoot them."

"What about Debbie and her friends boss."

"Try and take them alive if they let you."

They entered the building without any resistance. Benny Ray and Nick took the top floor where they ran into resistance. Benny Ray and Nick were using their shotguns and the enemy was only using pistols and subguns. The fight didn't last long on the top floor.

"All clear up here boss."

As they made it to the first floor there seemed to be a fight on every floor and the building was almost clear except for the basement.

They noticed the basement was locked. CJ took some C4 from his pack, put it around the lock and set the timer for 30 seconds. Everyone backed up and took cover. The door opened. Rico was in first. There were guards in the hallway, all with subguns out. Rico triggered off a burst and dove as Benny Ray and Matt filled the air with 000 buckshot and fire from CJ's subgun. The guards were down and out when the smoke cleared. As they checked each room they had little fights but nothing major. Then a large man appeared aiming an AK-74. Nick took the man out with two pulls of the trigger on his Mossberg 9200 A1 and the man went down. They continued checking rooms when Matt came face to face with Koslenko who was aiming his pistol at him. Matt triggered his subgun at him and took him out.

When the team gathered in the hall they were faced with a difficult situation. They saw Debbie holding her Glico to Margo's head.

She ordered them all to drop their guns immediately or she would put a big hole in their friend's head.

"OK people put them down." Matt ordered.

"By the way, lose the pistols also." She ordered.

Everyone complied but Benny Ray. "Debbie you ain't going anywhere."

"Benny Ray do as I said, lose the weapons now."

Matt looked at Benny Ray and they both nodded.

Benny Ray threw his shotgun on the floor, then his Galil. He also threw his SIG with the others, then the Glock.

"Well Debbie there you go, oh, do you want my backup too."

"Yes I do."

Benny Ray's hand went around his back and he came up with a S&W model 36 snubby. Suddenly Margo went limp and he put three rounds in Debbie's brain. Then she fell to the floor.

Rico ran over to Margo to check her out.

"Sir, she's a little weak but should be just fine."

Matt radioed Chance and Deke and told him they would meet them at the airstrip in 5 minutes.

The Base Airstrip

The team took two jeeps that were parked outside. Chance and Deke were already waiting. They put Margo in first then everyone piled in. Matt gave the order to level the place by air.

On the first pass Chance opened up with the .50 caliber machine gun. A few more explosions took place afterward. On the second pass Deke let the Rockets fly on the tarmac and into the buildings and nothing was left standing. Everything was ablaze.

1200 hrs.
2 Days Later at the Silver Star

Trout walked in and found everyone but Margo sitting at a table. He handed Matt a briefcase and told them that they did a wonderful job. He then asked about Margo. Matt told him she would be fine and was spending a few days alone up in Oregon.

Chance and CJ excused themselves and left.

Karen's Office

Trout walked in and asked, "Do they suspect anything?"

"No sir"

"Good you are my eyes and ears here."

"Do they know that?"


Trout then left.

The end.

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