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'Silver Star'
Book 1

'Purple Heart'
Book 2

'Bronze Star'
Book 3
Fiction, based on facts, by H. Jay Riker. A high-tech, high-impact trilogy that follows three generations of Navy SEALS from World War II to the present. The Navy's Underwater Demolition Team and their efforts in a war-stricken world, their battles on turbulent enemy seas, their heroism and the high price they paid for freedom. Their brave wartime achievements brings readers into a world where unscrupulous political games and indiscriminate death are daily realities. From the Mekong to the U-Minh forest, this is the world of the SEALs. Vietnam is a virulent new strain of jungle conflict where enemy and ally can be the same, where lives and lies are merely disposable pieces in unscrupulous political games. Yet the SEALs know that this is a war that can be won.....if they are allowed to fight it their way.

'Navy Cross'
Book 4
by H. Jay Riker

Methodically moving through the jungles of Vietnam is a very special group of SEALs led by Bill Tangretti. The SEALs patiently wait to ambush their designated target, a North Vietnamese Army patrol. Yet every second the SEALs wait brings the enemy closer to their annihilation and the Americans closer to disaster.

    'Medal of Honor'
Book 5
by H. Jay Riker

A new breed of warrior has answered the call of an idealistic young Commander-in-Chief, to go where no American has gone before, on missions no one else would dare. Deep inside enemy territory, one unit and one man, will write a glorious chapter in the proud SEALs' history through unparalleled fortitude and terrible sacrifice, while learning the most brutal lesson of the hell called Vietnam......that the deadliest enemies of all might be those on their own side.


     'Marks of Valor'
Book 6
by H. Jay Riker

The conflict in Vietnam has spread into Cambodia and Laos and the burden of fighting falls on the shoulders of the U.S. Navy SEALs. When a pilot with top secret information is shot down, the SEALs spring into action. But the Soviet military helps the Asian war effort and domestic willpower weakens. Even one glitch in their plan could prove fatal.




There are six books in this Seal Team Seven series featuring Lieutenant Blake Murdoch and his seven-man unit from Team Seven's Red Squad written by author Keith Douglass (aka H. Jay Riker).



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