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The RIAT is the world's largest civilian organised airshow held usually at RAF Fairford in the third weekend of July. However, for the 2000 display, it is being moved to RAF Cottesmore, Rutland as the runway at RAF Fairford is currently undergoing repairs. In 1999, they had so many participants at the display that it was the 4th largest air force in the world! The airshow is organised by the Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund Enterprises (RAFBFE) with all proceeds going to charities providing assistance to all members past and present and families of the RAF. The flying programme generally starts at about 10am and ends around 5.30pm although there are a vast array of other attractions for the whole family to enjoy (geee, I sound like one of their publicists!)

RAF Fairford was used extensively during the Kosovo crisis with B1 and B52 bombers stationed there.

The airshow also attracts a number of different activities, including competitions to find out who has the fastest team in changing the weapons load of a fighter! There is also a competition amongst the display pilots to find out who was the best performer. Special themes of the airshow for this year are the 60th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain, Airlift 2000 'From MASH in Korea to Kosovo', and the 75th Anniversary of the University Air Squadron. It was hopeful that the first UK appearance of the MV22 Osprey was going to be at RIAT 2000 but the Pentagon have since confirmed of its non-attendance. Most countries send participating aircraft including Russia, Czechoslavakia, South Africa, USA etc...

Airwolfhound/July 2000

agusta_helicopter .jpg

Agusta_Helicopter 1999


C130_Waterbomber 1999

Concorde 1999

Constellation 1999

Corsair 1999

Crusader 1999

F104 Starfighter 1999

F117_Fly-past 1999

F117_Landing 1999

Gazelle 1999

Lynx 1999
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