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The fan's interview with Tim Abell / Benny Ray Riddle... 1998
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Real Andrews


as of June 1997

Rèal Andrews stars as Jason "Chance" Walker, an ex-Army helicopter specialist and a lethal weapon in hand-to-hand combat.

Graced with chiseled facial features and striking stature, Rèal Andrews (pronounced Ray-al) mesmerized millions of viewers when he first appeared on ABC's award winning "General Hospital" as the aggressive and relentless Detective Taggert.

Rèal is one to be respected and admired as well, especially in his native born country, Canada. Reared in North Vancouver, in a small town environment, Rèal was blessed with a family who instilled in him the affirmative belief that he could achieve anything in life through hard work and dedication. He displayed these values on the track.

Rèal became a champion runner at a very early age. Passion and the discipline of a true athlete had Rèal running on a competitive level by the age of 10, with the dream of the `84 Olympics on the horizon. Three years before this big event, Rèal was the 13th fastest runner in Canada in the 100 meter dash. But, a hamstring injury shattered the young boy's dreams, forcing him to redefine his goals and aspirations.

A natural born athlete, Rèal shifted his energy from the track and found himself in front of the television camera doing stunt work and portraying every bad guy that Canadian showbiz had to offer. Rèal's next hurdle was Los Angeles.

Leaving Canada at the height of his foreign career came as no easy stunt to Rèal. That stark realization motivated the winner to take acting classes, study with a private coach and embark into the world of martial arts. Once again Rèal's world boiled down to discipline and focus. Born from such drive were parts on such television shows as "Viper," "The Marshall," "The Sentinel," "Nash Bridges" and "Lonesome Dove" where he played the baddest gunslinger ever to come to town.

A typical day for Rèal has him in the gym by 5:30 AM where he lifts weights and trains with Billy Blanks (who he calls his mentor), perfecting the art of Tae Kwon Do. "He says life is about discipline and dedication -- void of phrases like `I can't.'" After a morning of intense exercise, Rèal is either on the set of "SOLDIER OF FORTUNE, INC." or training not for the Olympics, but for the big race he began running as an actor in L.A., with the finish line defined only by dreams and the passage of time.

Rèal lives in the Los Angeles area and, as any true athlete, successful professional, actor or individual Rèal realizes, even in a world defined by goals and achievements, there's always room for some fun. For Rèal, this often includes hitting an early morning swap meet, working on his growing car collection or hanging out with his menagerie of animals. And, for those times when Rèal needs some peace and tranquillity, he goes fishing.

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