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Modified 201 File Format
(This document has not been reviewed by subject and may be incomplete.)

Personal Data:
Delvecchio, Nicholas
Nickname: Nick
DoB: 1964
PoB: New York City, NY
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 170 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown
Marital Status: Single Dependents: None
Rank: GS-13
Clearance: Top Secret
Citizenship: United States


New York University Bachelor of Science


Basic Agent Training Course. 16 weeks. DEA Academy. Quantico, VA.
In Service Training, 1986. 1 week. Phoenix, AZ.
Clandestine Laboratory Investigations. 1 week. Phoenix, AZ.
Clandestine Laboratory Chemical Safety. 1 week. Phoenix, AZ.
Surreptitious Entry Course. 3 weeks. Camp Perry, VA.
In Service Training, 1989. 1 week. San Diego, CA.
Clandestine Communication Methods. Camp Perry, VA.
Basic Training Program. 16 weeks. US Marshals Service Training Academy, Glynco, GA.
SOG Tactical Operations Course. 6 weeks. US Marshals Tactical Operations Center,      Camp Beuregard, LA.

Aug '82 - Jan '85 Student, New York University, NY.
Mar '85 - Jun '85 Student DEA Academy, Quantico, VA.
Jul '85 - Jun '87 DEA Special Agent, Phoenix Division, Phoenix, AZ.
Jul '87 - Aug '90 DEA Special Agent, San Diego Division, San Diego CA.
Sep '90 - May '95 DEA Special Agent, Special Operations Division, Operations Division,      Washington, DC
May '95 - Jan '96 Unemployed, Bahamas.
Feb '96 - May '96 Student, US Marshals Academy, Glynco, GA.
May '96 - Sep '98 Federal Marshal, US Marshals Special Operations Group, Intelligence      Unit.

Clan Lab Chemical Safety Officer.

Languages: DLBT
Spanish                1/0+

Awards and Medals:
Letter of Commendation from Division Officer, Phoenix Division.
Letters (three) of Commendation from Division Officer, San Diego Division.
Letters (three) of Commendation from Division Officer, Special Operations Division.
Letter of Commendation from Director, Drug Enforcement Administration.
Letter of Commendation from Director, Federal Bureau of Investigation.
Medal of Valor, Metro Dade Police Department.

Subject was born and bred in New York City to a large extended Italian family with many aunts, uncles and cousins. He grew up on the streets but also excelled all through school earning a scholarship to NYU. He graduated from High School a year early and graduated from NYU in the beginning of 1985. Subject was recruited into the DEA and graduated their academy in that same year. His first operational assignment in Phoenix, Arizona showed he had a unique aptitude for undercover narcotics operations. Subject participated in numerous undercover operations in the southwest United States. After transfer to the San Diego, California Division subject conducted many unclassified and classified undercover operations including operations in Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica and Honduras, earning numerous commendations from his superiors. Subject was also arrested twice by local law enforcement agents unaware of his true background. He stayed in character the entire time and was released for lack of evidence the first time and skipped bail the second time. Subjects undercover alter ego is still listed in NCIC and has an outstanding warrant for Narcotics Trafficking.

Subject's undercover abilities became noticed by the administration in DC and he was transferred to the Special Operations Division in the Operations Division in Washington DC and there conducted deep cover assignments against high priority targeted organizations including operations directed by the National Security Council. He also received additional, related training at a CIA facility in Virginia. Subject also conducted classified extended, deep cover assignments including one in which he was undercover for just over two years with no face to face contact with his case officer. Some of these assignments included time overseas in Mexico, Belize, Costa Rica, Columbia, Peru, Ecuador and Thailand. Again subject was extremely successful in these operations and received numerous commendations from his superiors. Subject resigned from the DEA in May 1985 after a deep cover assignment ended particularly violently.

Subject spent a long vacation in the Bahamas where he was contacted numerous times by the US Marshals Service in order to provide intelligence on wanted men with whom he was familiar. His contact in the US Marshals recruited him as an agent and he attended the US Marshals Academy. Immediately after graduation, subject was recruited by the US Marshals SOG unit and with them he conducted numerous operations to capture wanted felons. Though trained in SOG special operations and high risk warrant service he was used to better effect as an undercover operative. Subject left the Marshals service in 1998 but conducted a few contract jobs for them that year. Subject was recruited by SOF in September of 1998.

Psychological Profile:
Subject gained a lot of support from his extended family and was well loved by his younger cousins and nieces and nephews. He would often entertain them with magic tricks and is actually quite skilled at them. Subject is very intelligent but hid much of that intelligence from his friends and peers in order to fit in better. Subject still is able to cover his intelligence with his New York attitude. This served him well in the numerous undercover operations he participated in. Subject often visited his home neighborhood between assignments but deftly fielded all inquiries to his job by claiming he was sales representative for a New York Publishing house. Many of his contemporaries still think this is his legitimate occupation.
Toward the end of his time with the DEA subject became engaged to a young woman from his neighborhood. To her and her only he confided that he was in fact a deep cover Federal agent. He didn't identify what agency. She kept his secret. Subject began to have doubts about getting married and bringing a wife into this dangerous life style. When his then current assignment called him back to Florida he used it as an opportunity to skip his wedding day. He tried to write or call but never finished either since he felt no excuse could justify what he did. Subject probably still regrets that decision to this day and it has bothered him ever since. The assignment in Florida turned ugly when the daughter of the man whose family he was trying to infiltrate was killed in a turf war between a rival trafficking family. Subject killed the two attackers but was too late to save the woman who he was using to get closer to the father. Though the subject did not love this woman she did care for him very much and he blamed himself for her death. This compounded by the fiancee he left at the altar introduced a tremendous amount of guilt he carried for a long time. The Father of the trafficking family welcomed him into the family and for a time subject gained some relief from his guilt. It was later, during the arrest of the members of this family and the takedown of their entire organization that an event occurred which precipitated subjects resignation from the DEA. Subject was assigned to stay close to the oldest son of this family and ensure he was unarmed and would be taken without a struggle. Subject asked for this part assignment because he had become good friends with this son and was afraid he might engage arresting Federal officers. While the house was being assaulted and members arrested, the son pulled a hidden gun and began to fire on the incoming Federal agents. Subject was forced to shoot and kill the son in order to protect other officers. Subject immediately resigned from the DEA and no amount of counselling could bring him around. His superiors at the DEA put him on paid administrative leave until after his testimony at the trials were completed but subject still requested resignation. It was accepted with regret.

Subject sought solace in isolation in the Bahamas. His previous trips back home had found fewer and fewer friends in his neighborhood. Now that he had left a bride at the altar he felt he had no home to go back to. His DEA friends sent an investigating US Marshal his way because of information he possessed about wanted felons and also hoped that it might reintroduce him to law enforcement. They were successful and he joined the US Marshals.
Subject has absolutely no military experience and this may be a disadvantage with SOF. His undercover abilities however may prove to be extremely valuable if used correctly. Subject has also worked extensively totally independent of support or team mates. His ability to successfully work in a small team remains to be seen. 

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