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as of June 1997

Neil Russell is the executive producer of the Rysher Entertainment action series "SOLDIER OF FORTUNE, INC."

Neil Russell began his career in the entertainment business in 1972 with Paramount Pictures Corporation. From 1972 to 1978, except for one year spent at Columbia Pictures, he held a succession of positions with Paramount finally attaining the position of District Manager in the firm's motion picture distribution division. During his time at Paramount, Mr. Russell managed the theatrical distribution of features such as "The Godfather," "Lady Sings The Blues," "The Longest Yard" and "Death Wish."

In 1978, Mr. Russell was recruited out of motion picture distribution and into television distribution by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer becoming Division Manager, first in Chicago, then in Los Angeles. In 1981, he was named Vice President and moved to New York to head the company's domestic television sales business. Later that year, MGM acquired United Artists Corporation and Mr. Russell was named to head the combined television sales operations as Vice President, MGM/UA Television Distribution.

During his tenure at MGM/UA, Mr. Russell oversaw all television sales of the 4000-picture MGM/UA library which included 700 Warner Bros. pre-1948 pictures ("Casablanca", "African Queen," etc.), 750 RKO Pictures ("Citizen Kane," "King Kong," etc.), the MGM library ("Grand Hotel," "Gone With The Wind," "Ben Hur," "The Wizard Of Oz," etc.), the United Artists library (the Pink Panther pictures, the James Bond Pictures, "Apocalypse Now," etc.) and more than 100 television series.

In 1983, Mr. Russell became Executive Vice President of D.L. Taffner Ltd. There he oversaw the running of that company's businesses which included the production and distribution of the television series "Three's Company" and "Too Close For Comfort" and the distribution in the United States of programs produced by London's Thames Television.

In 1984, Mr. Russell, with a group of investors, formed his own company, Horizon Entertainment to produce for television. In 1985, he merged Horizon with Orbis Communications becoming a partner in the merged companies and returning to Los Angeles to head Orbis' west coast operations.

In 1987, Orbis Communications was acquired by Carolco Pictures Inc., producers of the "Rambo" movies, "Red Heat," "Total Recall" and "Terminator II." Upon joining Carolco, Mr. Russell was named Executive Vice President and formed and ran a television motion picture production company for them. That company, Carolco Television Productions, of which Mr. Russell was President, produced higher budget television movies which could be exploited as feature films internationally.

At Carolco, Mr. Russell was also responsible for the acquisition of motion pictures for distribution through Carolco's various international television and video sales operations. In this capacity, he bought more than 100 motion pictures, including "Terminator," "Platoon," "The Last Emperor" and "Salvador."

In 1991, Multimedia, Inc., a diversified media company which owned numerous newspapers, television stations and cable systems as well as the television programs "The Phil Donahue Show" and "Sally Jessy Raphael," acquired Carolco Television Productions, which had grown to include seven production companies, and renamed it Multimedia Motion Pictures (MMP). Mr. Russell also joined Multimedia as President of MMP and continued to produce television motion pictures for Multimedia.

Since Mr. Russell created the company in 1987, it has produced 31 pictures for television, including "Donato And Daughter," starring Charles Bronson, "Deadly Matrimony," starring Brian Dennehy, "Torch Song" starring Raquel Welch and "Dazzle" based on Judith Krantz's bestseller.

In 1995, Mr. Russell purchased MMP from Multimedia, Inc. and renamed it Neil Russell Productions (NRP). NRP continues to produce movies and miniseries for the networks, TNT and HBO as well as feature films and television series. In addition to co-producing "SOLDIER OF FORTUNE, INC." with Rysher Entertainment and Jerry Bruckheimer Films, NRP is handling merchandising and licensing for "SOLDIER OF FORTUNE, INC." NRP is also in development with Jerry Bruckheimer Films on a police-action feature entitled "C.R.U.S.H." for Disney and is developing a feature for Columbia Pictures entitled "Yes We Can" with Wendy Finerman Productions.

In 1996, NRP entered into a publishing arrangement with the Pocket Books division of Simon & Schuster to deliver hardcover books based on projects under development at the company. The first of those books, The Day After Roswell, will be released by Pocket in July with an initial hardcover printing of 100,000.

A graduate of Parsons College in Fairfield, Iowa, Mr. Russell, in addition to various trade memberships, sits on the board of directors of the Institute of Foreign Policy Analysis in Cambridge, Massachusetts and is a member of the Naval War College Foundation. He resides in Orange County, California with his wife and two sons, where he coaches Little League.

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