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On the set of SOF with Winter....
Montreal 1998

The fan's interview with Tim Abell / Benny Ray Riddle... 1998























 On the Set of Special Ops Force
in Montreal
with Winter

Montreal........Day 5
August 21, 1998

6:00 am - Up early and on the way to the set with Molly. She has to be in early to meet the actress who is playing David's girlfriend in the episode. So we grab a taxi and give him directions but he tries to take us for a ride since we aren't paying attention. We finally get him turned around and luckily we get to base camp before Chay Lentin.

I hang out with Molly until around 7:30 when I head over to where they are shooting. It's a deli called Dagwood's. Yeah I know there is no such thing in NYC but oh well. They are trying to get the extras all straightened out and Jean Francois shows me what to do. I was supposed to walk into the deli as David is looking in the window then walk back out. The first Assistant Director changes his mind and decides to have me sit at one of the tables in the deli. David is supposed to be sneaking a peak at his ex-girlfriend. When they do the close ups I'm behind David sitting in the deli reading a book. Apparently I was facing the camera and David, the AD, calls and tells me to turn my chair. So look for me guys! What happens in the scene is that David looks in the window to see if he can see his ex. When she looks up he hides behind the wall. The shots in the deli took forever. First they shot outside then they went inside. Each time they had to move all the equipment either in or out and it took forever!!!  David Eigenberg
4:00 pm - We are finally done at the deli!!!! I get a ride over to the sound stage where they will be filming the inside shots of Trout's office. The gang also has to come in to shoot the infamous "van" scene that still hasn't been finished. Everything has to be done tonight because they start shooting a different episode on Monday and the director is finished. Tempers are running a little high because everyone is being pushed to get finished. I stay out of the way in Molly's office reading some scripts.
Brad Johnson 5:00 pm - Brad shows up at the trailers. Shane is with him and he has all sorts of things to keep him amused. First he was roping a fake steer then I notice him walk by with half a bear. He goes back to the trailer and comes out with the other half. I'm curious trying to figure out what he's up to. When I look out the door I see that it's a target and he is shooting his bow. His grandfather is watching him and Shane is staying out of the way. Some of the crew go over and give it a try. They are still waiting for Tim to show up so Brad pulls out his bow and starts shooting also.
Meanwhile Melinda has shown up with her husband, Ernie. Melinda goes over to get changed and Ernie walks over to me and says, "Are you still here?" I say "Yup, Molly put me in as background." He laughs and says that's cool. We sit and talk for awhile then he goes back to Melinda's trailer.
7:00 pm - Tim drives up and heads for his trailer to get changed. Brad has gone into make-up and when he comes out I thank him for letting me watch. I tell him I'm leaving tomorrow and he gives me a hug and says thanks for coming. Tim has changed and they all head over to the van to do their scene. It takes them a few shots to get it right. Then they all have to get changed to do the next scene by the van. Tim isn't in the scene so he gets changed into his street clothes. Tim Abell

David comes out of his trailer and over to where I'm sitting and I comment that he looks great in that outfit. He smiles and says, "Do you really like it?" I said "Definitely, green is your color" He's all happy and then I tell him that I'm leaving tomorrow and thanks for letting me tag along. I give him a hug and a kiss on the cheek and he says it was great having you.

Brad and Melinda are changed and they head over to the van. Tim comes out and I walk over with him to the van. He turns to me and says "So what do you think?" and he smiles. I almost die laughing!!! He has in these god-awful teeth that make him look like some mutant extra from Deliverance. He put them in as a joke to one of the make-up artists. He walks over to her and says, "Come baby give me a little kiss" and then runs his tongue along the teeth. When she sees him she bursts out laughing and everyone looks. Now everyone has noticed the teeth and they're all laughing. Sam Strangis sees this and says "That's an improvement".

Tim and Laura
Melinda has noticed what's going on and so has Brad. Brad walks over and says "Oh brother". Melinda goes "Oh man, not those again". She goes on to tell everyone that Brad has a pair also and that the two of them wore the teeth when they went out one night. The fun's over when the director calls them for the shot. I go back with Tim to get my camera because I just have to get a shot of these teeth. He smiles and says sure. When we're done Tim goes back to his trailer to wait for the others.

8:30 pm - The scenes are finally done for the van and they are all getting ready to leave. Tim rides by me in his Durango and stops the truck. He asks if I had enjoyed myself and of course I tell him I had. He says it was nice having me come and watch. He says "Come on and give me a kiss good-bye." I was standing talking with him through the passenger window so I open the door and climb in and give him a kiss and he hugs me. "I'm glad you had a good time and I hope I get to see you again." I get back out and he drives away giving me a wave.

9:00 pm - Everything has gotten quiet and I follow Molly over to the sound stage. They are still shooting Trout's office scenes. Molly showed me where the Silver Star Bar sound stage is and I wander around taking a look. It's really neat looking. It will be interesting to see it on the show. I also go wandering around 'Matt's' office.

9:30 pm - They are finally finished!!!! David had bought champagne for the crew to celebrate the final wrap of the episode. So we break out the glasses and everyone has a drink.

Bruno is going to drive us home because Molly isn't sure where to go. They had just gotten her a rental car but she didn't know her way around over by the studio so Bruno said he would drive us to the apartment. After we drop off Bruno, we drive back to the apartment and have some dinner. We discuss some of the episodes from last year and she is surprised how much I know about each episode. When I would say a title to an episode she get saying which one is that. She said after awhile they all blended together.

After dinner we go to the apartment and she gives me copies of each of the scripts for the first 10 episodes. She goes in to take a shower and I start reading one. I can't believe it!!!! They have Benny Ray's wife down as Lu Anne. I tell Molly I hope someone caught this before it airs, and she asks what. I tell her BR's wife was Mary Ellen and she goes it was? Which episode did they say it in and I tell her Broken Play. She says I don't know I wasn't here when they shot that episode it should be interesting to see. She then says well that will be something everyone will catch on the Internet then. It's late so she wishes me a good night.

And so ends day 5 and my trip to Montreal.


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