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On the set of SOF with Winter....
Montreal 1998

The fan's interview with Tim Abell / Benny Ray Riddle... 1998























 On the Set of Special Ops Force
in Montreal
with Winter

Montreal........Day 3
August 19, 1998


6:30 am - I meet Molly at her apartment to drop off my stuff. We go to the corner and wait for Bruno to come pick us up. We get over to base camp around 6:45. Molly starts to get things going; checking to make sure breakfast is ready for the stars and to see who's here. I wander out to sit in the sun because it's cold and I had on shorts.

8:15  am - Tim shows up and he sees me sitting by Molly's office and comes over to say good morning. I hold out my hand for him to shake and he pulls me in to give me a kiss on the cheek! WOOHOO! I wasn't expecting that. Molly hands him his breakfast and he goes to his trailer to get changed. After he's changed he comes back out and sits with me to finish his breakfast. He offers me some watermelon and we just sit enjoying it. When we're finished he goes in to make-up. When he's done we head over to his manhole cover scene. He's talking with the driver trying to figure out where this scene is being shot. The driver explains where it is and Tim says, "Isn't that where we shot Margo?" I say, "Ah, so you shot Margo in an episode." Tim says, "Yeah but you don't know which one." Tim is quiet for a few minutes then he goes to the driver, "Isn't that where we made Matt a double amputee?" They laugh and I said, "Ha, ha very funny".
9:00  am - The director is showing Tim what to do for this scene. It's pretty simple, he just has to remove the cover and then go down, stay down for a few minutes, then come up. Not too bad, so he gives it a try. While he's waiting for the camera guys to get ready he's standing playing with the crowbar. I get some really good pictures!!! So they do the shot a couple of times with a fake cover, then for the last shot they use the real cover so that it's more realistic. All he has to do is push it back over the manhole. Once that's done we wait while the f/x team rigs the manhole cover to "Explode". Not much of an explosion so I can't wait to see how they fix it up in editing. Tim has one smaller scene to do. He just has to stand in the shadows and press the detonator that explodes the manhole cover. It doesn't take very long and he's finished.

Tim Abell

I'm not sure where to go when Tim waves me over with a smile and says, "Well come on". He's heading back for base camp. We get back to the trailers and Tim asks what I had planned. I tell him I'm just going to wander around. He says to meet him back here at 1:00pm so we can go to lunch, he's going over to the gym.

10:30 am - I wander around Montreal looking for gifts to get everyone. I had already decided what to get, now I just had to find the right ones. I had seen some pretty Inuit carvings earlier and I had decided to get each of them something to do with their characters. Tim I got an eagle carved from a piece of driftwood because he needs an eagle eye to be the sniper. Brad I got a bear carved from driftwood because he is the papa bear of the group. David I got a seal carved from a buffalo horn because he always wants to have fun and that's what seals do all the time. Melinda I got an owl carved from hematite because she is the brains of the operation. I also got some Christmas gift for friends and a sweatshirt for myself.

Tim Abell Earlier I had dropped off some film to get developed so I picked that up also and headed back to camp. I was early so I looked at the pictures with Molly. I'm sitting on the hill waiting for Tim when I see someone in these cool sunglasses and a very distinctive walk. He sees me and waves then goes over to talk with Walker Strangis. When he's finished he says he'll be right back, he just has to drop some stuff in his trailer.
1:00 pm - We head over to lunch. I have Tims' and Davids' gifts with me. Their lunches are catered and he let me go first in line. We get our food, then get a table. David comes over and he looks terrible. He's half asleep because he had stayed out late. He looks over at my plate and says, "Is that all your eating?" I said yeah, I don't eat much. After we're finished I pull out their gifts. They are both surprised and David asks if he can open it now. I say yup. The 2 of them were like kids at Christmas. David finishes first and I explain why I got him the seal and he laughs and says he likes it. Tim gets his open and I explain why I got the eagle. They were both really surprised and they thank me. Cat Ballou comes over to the table and David shows him the seal. He looks at me and says "What, you couldn't find a weasel?" Poor David they love to tease him!! We sit and talk for a little while and then we get ready to leave. We go outside and I tell Tim I have to drop off some film. He says OK, I'll see you tomorrow because he's finished for the day. He gives me a kiss on the cheek and says thanks for the eagle, he really liked it!
3:00  pm - I go wandering some more and around 4:30 I go over to pick up my film. On the way back I see someone bouncing a baby carriage down the steps. I realize it's Brad as I get closer. I smile and say "Couldn't you find an easier way down?" When he realizes it's me he laughs and says "Hey how are you doing?" His son Shane says hello to me and we head over to the trailers. I give Brad his gift and he goes to his trailer. Brad Johnson

5:00 pm - The rest of the day is spent filming inside a building. It's just Brad and David and the bad guys. They are pretending to be telephone repairmen. Brad sees me between takes and comes over. He says that he loved the bear and that it was going in his office. He jokes around with the crew then heads back over to do his scene. The shooting here takes awhile because they were upstairs first to do a scene then they have to take everything downstairs to shoot the scene of them running out the front door.

We are finally done around 8:30pm. I head back over to camp to get Molly and we head for her apartment.

 Brad Johnson

Brad Johnson... autographed picture for Laura

 And so ends day 3.

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