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On the set of SOF with Winter....
Montreal 1998

The fan's interview with Tim Abell / Benny Ray Riddle... 1998


















OK, first off let me give credit where its due. Thanks Snow for starting this chat and the mail list!!! Without you I never would have met everyone! THANK YOU!!............Winter

On the Set of Special Ops Force
in Montreal
with Winter

Montreal........Day 1
August 17, 1998

8:00 am - Called Tim to find out where they were shooting. He answered the phone in a sleepy voice. OOPS! I woke him up! After I apologized he said that's all right I'm glad you made it. He told me where they were shooting for today and then asked if I would be in the room later if he had to call, I said sure I'll be back around 3. He said great I don't have to be to the set until 5pm, I'll call you later. So I hang up and head for the Metro.

I get on the metro and head for the hotel they are shooting at. Tim said they were behind the hotel on a side street. Well the hotel was huge so I wandered around until I saw some trailers. It pays to work in NY because I knew what to look for. I get to this park and I see the trailers lining the street. AH HA!!! There they are. Sure enough I wander over and one of the trailers says "Margo". Base Camp

Melinda Clarke
I wandered around the block and I see Melinda standing behind a NYC police car. Damn even in Montreal I can't get out of NY. So I took some pictures of her and watched as they shot the scene.
When it was over someone walked right in front of me and I thought he looked familiar. It was David Eigenberg. He called over to Melinda and he said something and she started to do a silly dance and he laughed. I snapped some pictures of him then went back to watching Melinda. They did the shot again and when it was finished she walked over to where the cameras were.

David Eigenberg

David and Brad
I looked up and there's Brad standing there! I watched them film for awhile. Brad and David were dressed as telephone repairmen. I wish my telephone repairmen looked like them!

I stayed and watched until around 11:30. I figured they would be there for awhile so I went sightseeing.

2:00 pm - I wandered back over to where they were shooting to see what was going on. I didn't see anyone around so I decided to head back to the University to wait for Tim's call; I didn't want to miss him. I waited around the dorm until about 5pm, still no call from Tim. So I called him and got his voicemail, I figured they must have called him in so I head back over to the set. 5:30pm - I couldn't have timed this better! As I was coming around the block I see Tim getting out of his blue Durango. So I walked over and called out his name.

"Hey Tim! Its Laura"

"Hey Laura, how are you? I see you found us. How was your trip?"

Or something to that effect. I was rather excited so I don't completely remember. I tell him the trip was fine and he asked if I had introduced myself to anyone. I told him no I hadn't and he took me over to where the others were shooting. He sees one of the crew and he introduced us.

"Jean Francois this is a friend of mine Laura. Are they shooting downstairs?"

"Yes they are inside"

"Can she go down? Or is it too small down there?"

Jean Francios says its too tight and I told Tim that's all right I didn't want to be in anyone's way. He said don't worry they would be shooting a scene outside shortly. He said he had to go get changed because he had just come from the gym, but before he can leave I get Jean Francois to take our picture. Tim goes and gets changed and I hang out for awhile.

Tim and Winter

7:45 pm - I had wandered around for a bit while I waited for Tim to come back when I see him across the street. They are getting ready to shoot his scene. I decided to walk over but to stay out of the way. Tim was on the phone but when he sees me he smiles, finishes his conversation and hangs up.

"Why don't you go stand over behind the monitors so you can get a better look?"

"Oh that's alright, I don't want to be a pest"

"No it's alright, come on"

Brad Johnson and Melinda Clarke
He takes me back behind the cameras to where the crew is. He introduces me to Bruno saying this is a friend, she's come to watch and can you take her behind the cameras. Bruno had seen me earlier and wanted to know why I hadn't told him I was a friend of Tim's. So Bruno takes me over and I try to stay out of the way but it's just too much fun!
Before Tim gets into the van to do the scene he comes over to see if I'm OK. I said yeah this is great! It takes them only a little while to do the scene and when it's over Tim waves me over to where he's standing with the others. He introduces me to Brad, Melinda and David and they think its great that I was a fan that had come to watch. Tim also introduced me to Sam Strangis, Reynaldo Villalobos and "Cat" Ballou.
Actually they grabbed Cat to take our picture. I'm standing between Brad and Tim. Brad comments that he likes my braids. Little did I know that Brad and Tim where using the ends of my braids as mustaches! Cat takes our picture and Brad says he has to go because he has to get his son Shane to bed. He asks if I'll be around tomorrow and I said yes. He said I'll see you then.

Brad, Winter, Tim, Melinda and David

Melinda had gone off to return her clothes. I stayed and talked with Tim and David. They asked me what I did and I told them I was a park Ranger for the National Parks. David was like, where is there a park in Manhattan. When I explained where I worked he said, "Isn't that the building with the statues of George Washington?" I was so surprised that he knew the building!!! We talk for a little while longer when Tim says lets walk over to the trailers, we have to give back the clothes. So I walked back with them and Tim tells me where they are shooting tomorrow and David asks can I get there all right. I said yeah the Metro goes there.

We also talked about the Internet and the chat room and Tim told him I go by the name of Winter on the net. David says he hasn't had time to do much with the net. He said he tried to watch the promo clip but it wouldn't work. I told him he needed Quicktime. He was like, damn how long will that take to download and I said awhile. He was like, forget it, because his computer was slow. David excuses himself because they are calling for his clothes.

Tim asks again if I would have a problem getting to the set tomorrow and I said no. He smiles and says "Well I'll see ya then, I have to give them back the clothes".

 Tim Abell

 Tim Abell... autographed picture for Laura

And so ends day 1.

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