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Location: Silver Star Bar

Benny Ray is sitting on the couch in the briefing room, watching television, when Margo and Nick walk in. Benny Ray quickly gets up and says, "Hey, I didn't see you guys sneak in, how was R&R?"

Margo says, "Eh, Geneva is the same as it always is, crowded. But the arm's
convention was excellent, I saw a few of my old contacts that I haven't seen in years."

Nick says, "I spent some time back in the old neighborhood, talked with my
ex-fiance, Donna."

Benny Ray says, "Sounds like you guys had fun, I spent time with my kids.
Mary Ellen allowed me time with them, so I took them to Disneyland and Sea World."

Margo looks at Benny Ray and says, "Hey, what were you watching when we came in?"

Benny Ray replies, "Umm, nothing special."

Nick walks over to the TV and turns it on, "CMT is nothing special? Look at the babe who's on the tube."

Benny Ray says to Nick, "Yeah, that's Martina McBride, they're playing her new video. She's no Shania Twain, but she's fine looking in her own right."

Nick starts to swing to the music and starts to sing. Both Benny Ray and Margo turn to Nick and say, "Nick, don't quit your day job."

Matt walks in with Trout. Matt looks at the team and says, "Hey, everyone. Looks like a little rest and relaxation did you all good."

"Well, I had a good time myself, I had a chance to visit with my father with the
rest of the family," continues Matt.

Trout says, "Okay, now that we are all together. Let's get down to work.
Remember that op in Ireland in April?"

Matt says, "Yeah, we worked with one of your local operatives, the ex-SEAL. I think Margo had a thing for him," as he says it with a smile.

Margo says to Matt, "Yeah right, and you were making eyes at his housekeeper."

Trout continues, "Well, we got a beat on those stolen Stinger missiles that his team was supposed to destroy a few years back. Supposedly an arms dealer in Louisiana bought these missiles on the black market and we think he's gonna resell them to the North Koreans for a possible invasion of the South. Your job is to destroy these missiles and use extreme force if any opposition is met."

Benny Ray says to Matt, "Boss, I know a contact in the area that might be able to help us with this hunt. Let me get her on the horn."

Trout says, "You will be flying, so no weapons are allowed on the plane, I couldn't pull strings to get your gear on the flight. Deke is already there and he will secure everything that you will need. Good luck."

Trout walks out of the bar and the team begins to prepare for the mission.

Nick thinks out loud to himself, "Benny Ray has a contact in Louisiana?"

Matt says to Nick, "Yes, he does, I've met her a few times. She's a really
nice girl and has gotten us some good intel in the past."

Benny Ray returns to the group and says, "Everything's good to go. She will
meet us at the airport and take us to to her place which we can use as our base of operations. She's already made conatct with Deke, so all that's left is to get going."

Nick turns to Benny Ray, "Don't mean to be a wise guy, but does this contact of yours have all her teeth?"

Benny Ray walks up to Nick and gives him an icy stare and says, "I'll pretend I
didn't hear that from you. And she ain't my girlfriend neither, just some girl I knew when I used to hang out in New Orleans. I think she used to be CIA, like Margo, but she never really told me much about her past."

Matt breaks in to try to diffuse the tense situation between Nick and Benny
Ray, "Guys, no time to argue amongst ourselves, save your energy for the mission at hand. Okay, here are the plane tickets."

Matt hands out the plane tickets and they head on out to the airport.

Location: Lakefront Airport. New Orleans, La.

The team gets off the plane and proceed to walk to the terminal after a few hours flight.

Nick turns to say, "Gee, that food was horrible. I've had better food in Chinatown."

Margo says to Nick, "Nick, what did ya expect? Lobster? This is airline food."

Nick says seriously, "Yes."

A few minutes after they are in the terminal, a blonde haired woman walks on over to the team. She takes a long look at them, and in a Southern drawl, "Benny Ray? It's been a while, come over and give E some sugah."

Benny walks up to her and gives her a big hug and a kiss on the cheek, "Yeah, it's been what? 2 years?"

"Seems like it's been 3 years since we last saw each other. Who are your friends?" replies the woman

Benny Ray introduces the lady to the team, "This is Evangeline Thibodaux.
Everyone calls her Eve. Eve, you remember the Major?"

Eve replies, "Yes I do. Pleasure to meet you again, Mr. Shepherd."

Benny Ray continues with the introductions, "This is Miss Margo Vincent and Mr. Nick Delvecchio. And I'm sure you've met Deacon Reynolds. Eve here is the contact that I was telling y'all about."

They all walk to baggage claim to pick up their luggage and then proceed to head to Eve's car. While they are walking Nick is walking behind Eve and Benny Ray. Nick thinks out loud to himself, but not loud enough that anyone will hear it, " Man, Eve is a beautiful looking woman."

Matt, who is beside Nick turns to him and says to him quietly, "Hey, get your tongue up off the floor. We are here to complete a mission, not drool over women. You can drool all you want back home."

They all get to Eve's car and pile in. On the drive, Benny Ray says to Eve, "So,
what have you been up to these days?"

Eve replies, "Well, last year, my daddy passed away and since then, I've been
running his boat and tackle shop. A change of pace considering what I used to do for a living."

Matt says to Eve, "So, what do you know about these Stinger missiles, Eve?"

Eve replies, "I know enough, but not right here and now, ok?"

Eve's car pulls up to a decent looking house and waiting in the driveway is a tall, black man wearing sunglasses. Eve pulls the car into the driveway and turns off the ignition, "Well, here we are. This place used to be daddy's, but I live here now. It's not much, but it's home."

The team get out and get their bags. Deke walks up to them and says, "Hey, people. Welcome to the Big Easy."

Matt shakes Deke's hand, "Hey, brother Deke. Seems like New Orleans has been nice to you."

Deke replies, "It always has, man."

Deke helps Matt and the team bring their bags into the house. Eve gives them the tour of the place and shows them to their rooms, so that they can get unpacked and settled in.

Eve knocks on Matt's door, "Matt, can we go over some things?"

Matt says, "Sure Eve, what's on your mind?"

Eve continues, "What exactly is your mission here in New Orleans?"

"I really can't say, sorry Eve," Matt says

" Funny, I should be used to those words right now. Oh well. Dinner will be ready in about an hour. That will give you guys enough time to shower and change. See ya," Eve says, as she walks out of Matt's room.

With the team all showered and changed, they join Eve for a nice home cooked meal.

Nick says "This food is better than that food they served us on the airline."

Matt and the others all laugh. After dinner they go into the living room to talk
and allow Eve and Benny Ray to catch up on what's been going on since they last saw each other.

"So, what have you been up to, Benny?" Asks Eve.

"Well, 2 years ago, I got divorced. My ex-wife got the children, but I still get to
see them, though not as often as I would like to," says Benny Ray

Benny Ray continues, "Now, I work with these guys. Matt owns a bar that we all help to run."

Eve replies, "Oh, I remember you and her were having problems, but I didn't know that the two of you would split up. Is the bar any good? I would like to stop by if I'm ever in the area, if I can. All you guys do this kinda work for fun?"

Matt jumps in, "Well, Eve. I really wouldn't call it fun. As far as the bar is
concerned, yeah, it's really good and if you are ever in the area, stop on by. The door is always open. These guys have been a tremendous help in getting the bar up and running."

Nick chimes in, "Yeah, and the bartender he has working there is a real hottie."

Eve says, "I hate to do this, but I am really tired so I'm gonna head on off to bed. You guys make yourselves at home and I'll see you in the morning."

Matt says, "Okay, but I think we will head on off ourselves as well. We are
really beat from the flight."

So Matt and the team head on off to their rooms and settle in for the night.

Part 2

Location: Evangeline's House

Matt and the team wake up after a good night's sleep. They all shower and change and head on downstairs where Eve is already up and is cooking breakfast. "Good morning, everyone. Hope y'all are hungry," She says with a smile.

Matt and the team take a whiff of the aroma that is breakfast, wafting in the air.
Nick says, "Smells good, Eve. Whatcha got cooking?"

Eve steps away from the table, "We got eggs, bacon, ham, biscuits and gravy, and grits. A Southern breakfast."

Nick replies, "Sounds good to me, let's eat."

Eve and her guests have a seat at the table and start to put the food on their
plates. Eve asks the team if they had a good night's sleep, they all tell her yes.

Matt turns to Eve and says, "So, Eve. About our mission, what have you got for us?"

Eve takes a bite out of her food and says, "Well, I know of one person who might know who has your missiles. His name is Rusty LaRue, he owns a pub down in the French Quarter. If anyone knows anything about the black market in weapons, it's Rusty. After breakfast we can take a trip to see Rusty and see what he knows."

Matt says, "Sounds great. What can you tell me about this Rusty character."

Eve says, "He's not a person you would want to mess with, like I said he's the owner of some seedy bar in the French Quarter. He's slippery as a snake, the police can't even get him on charges that he beat a bar patron to death. I wouldn't suggest going there unarmed."

Matt replies, "We don't plan on it, Eve."

With breakfast over the team helps Eve clear the table and they head on to their rooms to get their handguns and head on over to the French Quarter to meet with Rusty.

Location: French Quarter

Matt and the team arrive at the French Quarter.

Eve shows them the direction of the bar and proceeds to walk in that direction.
Matt turns to Eve and says, "How come you never married. Last time I heard from you, you were engaged."

Eve replies, "Yeah, I was supposed to get married, but when my ex-fiance heard what I used to do for a living, I guess he couldn't handle being with me anymore so he left. What about yourself, Matt?"

Matt says, "Well, you know the whole routine. Couldn't be in any relationships because of the military. Being in SpecOps, you get called to go anywhere, do anything at a moments notice. It was always hard on relationships, because women never knew whether or not you were gonna come back alive."

Matt and the team approach Rusty's place and stop at the front door.

"Benny Ray and Nick, watch our backs. Who knows what this guy is gonna be up to." says Matt Matt and the team enter the bar with their guns drawn and find the place empty. "All clear" says Matt as he surveys the bar.

They proceed to put their weapons away when they hear footsteps coming from the back of the bar.

Matt quickly redraws his weapon and heads towards the back with the other members of the team following.

"Whoever is there, come out with your hands where I can see them," orders Matt to the unknown person.

The unknown person comes out from the back with his hands up. "Don't shoot, I didn't know anyone was here. I'm Rusty LaRue, owner of the place. How may I help you?"

Benny Ray goes behind Rusty and pats him down for weapons. In his search he finds a .357 and hands it to Matt.

"What's this for, Mr. LaRue, rat problem?" says Matt and he shows the weapon to Rusty.

"No, I just don't like to be unarmed in this part of the French Quarter, and I
see neither do you." says Rusty.

Eve jumps in, "Rusty, we need some information out of you. I figure since you know what's going down here you may be able to help us."

"I have no information that would interest you, so why would you want to come here and bother me? Besides, what's in it for me," says Rusty

Eve pulls a Glock 17, hidden in her back and points it at Rusty's head. " I just might let you live, lowlife. Now, will you help us or do we have do this the hard way, mon ami?"

Rusty, who obviously knows he's messing with the wrong people says, "Okay, I'll help. What do ya want?"

Matt walks over to Rusty. "Tell us where the Stinger missiles are."

Rusty laughs out loud, "Whatcha talkin about. I know nothing about no Stingers."

Eve, who is a little ticked at Rusty's uncooperativeness, whispers in Rusty's ear, "Hmm, I don't think they are buying it, Rusty. We can extract the info from you or you can help yourself and give us the info we need and we will be on our way."

Rusty says, "Honestly, I know nothing about no Stinger missiles."

Matt turns to Rusty, "This is getting us nowhere. Benny Ray, looks like Rusty needs a little help with giving us the info we need."

"With pleasure, boss," Benny Ray says as he grabs Rusty's head and bangs it hard against the bar.

"Now will you help?" says Matt

Rusty says, "Okay..Okay, the man you are looking for is Fred Devareaux. He came in a few nights ago bragging how he masterminded the theft of the missiles and how he was gonna sell them to the highest bidder."

Matt turns to Margo, "Hmm, the highest bidders must be the North Koreans. We'll have to see about that."

Matt turns back to Rusty, "Do you have his telephone number?"

"Yes, here it is," Rusty hands Matt a piece of paper with a number scribbled on it.

Matt turns to his team, "Well, we got what we came for. Let's get on out of here. Thanks for your cooperation, Mr. LaRue."

Eve puts her weapon back and walks out of the bar with the team. The team return to Eve's house and proceed to make arrangements to meet with Fred.

Location: Back at Evangeline's House

Matt makes a phone call to make a meeting arrangement with Devaraux. After the phone call Matt says, "Okay, the meeting is set for tomorrow afternoon at his place. One problem, he only wants to meet with me and one other person. I'll take Eve with me and meet with him. The rest of you will drive around and gather as much intel on the grounds as you can. I suspect the missiles are being hidden somewhere on his property. Eve and myself will try to get a look at
the missiles, but it's up to you to get intel on the grounds."

"Well, what do you guys want to do now?" asks Eve.

"How about we go out and sightsee. The day is still young. Just let us put our guns away and we will be right back down." says Matt.

Matt and the team go up to their rooms and put ther weapons back in their bags.

Eve knocks on Matt's door and enters the room. "Matt, mind if I ask you a question?"

Matt says, "Sure, what's on your mind, Eve."

Eve says, "Remember that little incident in Lafayette several years ago?"

Matt says, " Wow, I had thought you had forgotten. Yes, I remember. Me and a few of my friends were in a bar and I noticed a few of the guys there were giving you a hard time."

Eve says with a smile in her face, "Yes, they were a bit drunk and were trying to get me to sleep with them. Then you came along and stood up for me. I can still see the look on the guy's face when you drew your gun."

Matt laughs, "Yeah, he never messed with you again for the rest of the night."

Eve kisses Matt on the cheek, "What was that for?" asks Matt.

Eve says, "I never got a chance to thank you for that. So."

Matt says "No reason, just doing what I thought was right."

Eve says, "You were always the gentleman, Matt Shepherd. Even when we dated."

"Well, I was brought up to be one," says Matt.

Eve gets a bit closer and kisses Matt on the lips. Matt returns the kiss then breaks the kiss as he sees Benny Ray in the doorway. "Time to go, Eve. Time to have fun."

Benny Rays asks Matt, "What was that all about, sir?"

Matt tells Benny Ray, "Well, Eve and I kinda were involved with each other. It was after the relationship between Margo and I fell apart. I still kinda like her, but if you are interested, I'll back off."

Benny Ray says, "Nope, I'm not interested in her. She's like a sister to me, so I
don't want to see her hurt."

Matt and Benny Ray meet the others and head out for a day of fun. Then at night, they have dinner and head on off to bed.

Part 3

Location: Evangeline's House

Matt and the team get up and go through the usual morning rituals. When they get downstairs they meet Eve in the dining room for breakfast. After breakfast, the phone rings and Matt picks it up. When he returns to the team he mentions, "That was Fred, he gave us the location of the meeting. He said that he will meet, if only two people are present. I figure that myself and Eve will meet with him while the rest of you gather intel."

Benny Ray says, "Good call, boss. Nick, Deke, and myself will drive around the grounds to gather as much intel as we can."

Margo says, "Benny Ray will drop me off and I will walk around on foot to
gather more specfic info, like patrol routes and ground layout."

Matt turns to Eve and says, "Well, let's get ready."

Both Matt and Eve go upstairs to their rooms to change. Several minutes later, Matt comes down, dressed casual. Matt looks around, "Where's Eve? I thought she'd be ready by now."

Nick comments, "Well, you know how women are."

Margo turns to Nick and says, "Be quiet, wiseguy."

A few seconds later, Eve walks down wearing a skirt, and a white blouse that is tied in a knot around her waist. Matt, Nick, and Benny Ray turn to Eve and stare at her, "What are you guys staring at, haven't you seen a girl in a skirt before?" says Eve.

Matt says, "Well, not one quite that short. Are we ready?"

Eve laughs, "Yes, I'm ready. Let's go."

Location: Fred Deveaureax's Place

Matt and Eve are dropped off at the front gate. "Gee, how can a man afford such a place?" says Eve.

Matt replies, "Probably from selling weapons on the black market."

Eve says, "Yeah, your probably right."

Both Matt and Eve walk to the door and ring the bell. The door opens and a man dressed in a black suit answers, "Yes, how may I help you?"

Eve says, "We are here to see Fred Deveareaux. Is he home?"

The man looks at both Matt and Eve and says, "He's expecting you, right this

The man leads Matt and Eve into the study and they are introduced to Deveareaux, "Ahhh, so glad you could make it. I hope you didn't get lost."

Matt says, "We found the place just fine."

Fred says, "Very good. Now let's get down to business, shall we? What do
you want from me?"

Matt says, "I've got word that you have come into possession of some Stinger
missiles. We would like to buy them from you."

Fred says, "Ahh, yes..The Stingers. You know I've had alot of people
interested in those."

Eve cuts in, "Like the North Koreans?"

Fred replies, "Yes, among others. What are you offering?"

Matt says. "One million dollars. For each of them, but first we would like to check the merchandise to see if it's worth that much money."

Fred thinks for a minute and says, "Okay, please follow me."

Fred takes Matt and Eve to a warehouse that is stocked with weapons.

"Wow, looks like a whole armory in here. No wonder you can afford to live in a place like this," says Eve

Fred laughs, "Hehehe, I don't live here, my dear. I live on a houseboat out on the lake. This is just a place where I do business. Though I do stay here sometimes and have thought about moving here. Ahh, yes..here we are..the Stingers."

Fred reaches up and takes one of the boxes down from the shelf. Matt and
Eve take down the other two. All three boxes are opened and inspected.

"Looks like quality merchandise, Fred...The offer still stands, one million a piece," says Matt

Fred says, "I'll think about it. I'll call you in a few days if I take your offer. You know the way out."

Matt shakes Fred's hand, "It will be a pleasure doing business with you."

Matt and Eve leave the grounds and walk to the next block to wait for Benny Ray to pick them up and go get Margo so they can get back to Eve's house.

Location: Evangeline's House

As soon as Matt enters the door he calls up Trout. When he returns he gives
the team a sit rep, "Well, I told Trout we made contact with the dealer and saw the missiles. For what he told me, the North Koreans will be in town the day after tomorrow, possibly to bid on or buy the missiles. So, looks like our window of oppurtunity has shrunk a little bit. This means we have to make our move tomorrow night. Deke, did ya get the weapons and the gear?"

Deke says, "Yeah, the weapons and the gear are in the closet. Will you need me for anything?"

Matt says, "Good, Deke. We will do a full inventory on everything in the
morning. Yeah, we could use you on the op."

Eve interrupts, "I want in on this mission."

Matt turns to Eve, "No, you are not going on this mission with us. You've already done your part and besides we don't have enough gear for you."

Eve says, "Don't worry about it, I have my own gear. Am I in or not?"

Matt says, "Yes, you're in. We will get our gear together and brief in the morning and then we are good to go. Get some rest, tomorrow's a long day for us."

Matt and everyone head on off to bed for a good night's rest.

Part 4

Location: Evangeline's House

Matt and the team wake up and have breakfast. After the team is done eating, Matt turns to Deke and says, "Hey Deke, Did you get what we asked for?"

Deke answers, "Of course, Trout told me what you guys wanted and I got it for you."

Eve turns to the team and says, "While you guys are going through your inventory, I'll go upstairs and get my gear ready."

Matt replies, "Okay, Eve. When you get back we will go over the mission briefing."

Eve walks upstairs while Matt and the rest of the team head over to the closet.

Deke opens the closet and 3 big, black duffle bags sit on the closet floor.

Matt removes the bags and places them on the table and unzips them. Matt and Benny Ray start unloading the gear. Then Matt starts doing the inventory on the gear.

After that's done, Eve comes down to where the team is, with her gear in her hands. "Where can I put this stuff?" asks Eve.

Margo replies, "Over here, next to ours Eve."

Eve places her gear on the couch next to to the table.

Matt looks around the table and says, "Okay, looks like everyone is here. Let's get started."

Matt takes out a picture, which is a satellite photograph of Deveareaux's compound and continues, "The missiles are being stored in this building. Margo and I will infil the storage building and blow up the missiles. Now the place is very well guarded which is where you guys will come into play. Eve, you will be with me and Margo to provide cover for us. Deke, Benny Ray, and Nick, you will be sweepers. Your job is to take out any reinforcements from getting to us in case we are spotted. Remember, we are to take out any resistance and blow up the missile. Deveareaux isn't our target, unless he decides to stop us, personally. Alright, people.. .Let's relax a bit and then let's get moving.

Later that night

Matt and the team get dressed. Matt goes through the usual things. He hands out their primary weapons, H&K MP5SD, mags, and clips for their sidearms.

Eve heads on over to another closet and pulls out her weapons. They put on their commo and check to see that it is in working condition. Matt says, "Looks like we are ready to go, let's get moving people."

Matt and the team pile into the black Suburban and head on over to the compound

Location: Deveareaux's Compound

The black Suburban pulls up close to the compound and Matt and the team exit the vehicle. Matt turns to Benny Ray, Nick, and Deke and says, "Okay, guys. Find a spot close to the storage building where you can monitor the situation."

Benny Ray says, "You got it boss, Let's go guys."

Nick replies, "Right behind ya, Benny Ray."

Deke says, "Let's do it."

Benny Ray, Deke, and Nick proceed into the grounds of the compound first, leaving Matt, Eve and Margo still at the truck.

Matt turns to Eve and Margo, "Margo, got the explosives?"

Margo replies, "Right here in my bag, Matt."

Matt says, "Alright, let's get moving. I'm on point. Eve, you're on six."

Matt, Margo, and Eve quietly slip into the grounds of the compound headed for the storage building. "Benny Ray, how's it look?" Matt says through his microphone.

Benny Ray answers, "It's all clear, boss. Not a soul in sight."

Matt and his three teammates continue on their way to the storage building when they hear noises coming towards them. Matt signals Margo and Eve to stop and to hit the ground. All three hit the ground and wait till the guards pass by them, then when it is safe for them to get up, they get up off the ground and continue moving until they reach the storage building. Matt tries the door and says, "It's locked, we can't blow it open, that will make too much noise. Eve, got a lockpick set on you?"

"Sure Matt, here it is" says Eve as she hands Matt a lockpick set.

Matt takes one of the lockpicks and puts it into the keyhole of the door and jimmies it around until he hears the click of the door unlocking. Matt gives Eve back the picks and opens the door. Matt, Margo and Eve enter the building and Matt closes the door behind him. Matt radios the other three waiting outside, "We are in, keep an eye out for anything."

Benny Ray, Nick, and Deke radio back, "Okay, we will."

Margo looks at the shelves, "Damn, this guy has alot of firepower in this room."

Eve replies, "Yes, he does. Unfortunately, all these weapons were stolen."

Matt walks over to the shelf where the missiles are. "Ahhhh, here we are. Margo, looks like we have 5 boxes of Stinger missiles. Give me the explosives."

Margo hands Matt the C4 and he puts it on top of the opened boxes. Matt also sticks a remote fuse onto the C4 and climbs down off the shelf. "Okay, when we get out of here, we will head to where the others are and then blow the charges." Matt radios the others, "Charges are set, we are coming out."

Matt, Margo, and Eve exit the building and head on over to where the others are. Matt turns to everyone and says, "You guys ready? Once this blows we have to hit the ground running and expect people shooting at us."

They all nod their heads yes and Matt takes out the remote control, raises the little antenna, flips it on and presses the button to detonate the charges. The building explodes in a brilliant ball of fire and smoke and Matt and his team quickly exit the area. As Matt and the team are running towards the truck, they are spotted by one of the guards, "Hey, who are you? Stop them!!"

Matt says as he is running, "Looks like we are gonna have to shoot our way out."

The guards are running after Matt and his team, shooting at them. Matt and his team are shooting back at the guards on the run. As they reach the front gate they see two armed men standing guard. Matt says, "Benny Ray, Eve....Take them out, we'll get the guys behind us off your backs"

Benny Ray and Eve train their sights on each of the guards while Matt and the rest continue to shoot at the rear. Both Benny Ray and Eve squeeze their triggers at the same time and watch as the two guards fall dead. "Matt, tangos down. Let's get the hell outta here."

Matt and the team head out of the compound and into the truck and speed away and head on over to Eve's place to get out of their gear and stow it away. Matt says, "That was a good mission, guys. I think we put Deveareaux out of the weapon's business for awhile."

The next morning Matt and the team head on to the airport for their plane back. They all say goodbye to Eve. Matt kisses Eve before he leaves.

Location: Silver Star Bar

Matt is cleaning up after a very big night when Trout walks in. "Can I get you anything?" asks Matt.

"Just a glass of water would be fine, Matt." answers Trout. Trout continues, "I was reading your mission debrief, seems like you guys pulled it off without a hitch."

Matt says, "Yeah, everyone came home. I'm sure your guy in Ireland will be pleased that we took care of the missiles."

Trout replies, "Yes, he was. I called him after I got your report. He told me to tell you guys you did a good job."

"Well, Matt. I gotta run. I have a meeting with the Deputy Director of the CIA today." says Trout.

Matt says, "Okay, don't want to make you late for that. Thanks for stopping by."

Trout says as he walks to the door and out of the bar, "You know, I need to come into the place a new way, your bartender is always asking me questions."

Matt smiles and says, "You can always tell her that it's classified and if you told her, you'd have to kill her."

"Have a good day, Matt." say Trout as he leaves.

Matt goes back to cleaning up the bar and then turns off the lights and heads home for some rest.

The End

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