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The Air Fete at RAF Mildenhall is considered to be one of the world's largest military organised airshows and is hosted by the resident US 3rd Air Force. RAF Mildenhall has the 352nd Special Operations Group stationed there along with the 100th Air Refuelling Wing. RAF Mildenhall also had the SR71 Blackbird stationed there until about 1988 (I think). This show is a personal favourite of mine, not only because of the quality flying programme (lasting for over 7 hours per day) but also because every 20 metres down the static line there are BBQ stands set up by the various squadrons trying to outsell each other ! The Air Fete is traditionally held in the last weekend of May......

Airwolfhound/July 2000


herc_mh53j_c.jpg herc_mh53j_4.jpg

 herc_mh53j 352nd SOG
 herc_mh53j 352nd SOG
herc_mh53j_a.jpg herc_mh53j_b.jpg

 C130 Combat Shadow & MH53J Pave Low 352nd SOG

 2 * C130 Combat Shadows & MH53J Pave Low 352nd SOG
herc_mh53j_d.jpg herc_mh53j_3.jpg

 herc_mh53j 352nd SOG

 herc_mh53j 352nd SOG
herc_mh53j_1.jpg herc_mh53j_2.jpg

 herc_mh53j 352nd SOG

 herc_mh53j 352nd SOG

C130 Combat Shadow from the 352nd SOG

 B52 Landing

 B2 Fly-past



 B2 Take-off
B1 .

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