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'Rogue Warrior'
by Richard Marcinko

Richard Marcinko rose through Navy ranks to create and command one of this country's most elite and classified counterterrorist units, SEAL TEAM SIX. Now this thirty-year veteran recounts the secret missions and Special Warfare madness of his worldwide military career and the riveting truth about the top-secret Navy SEALs.


'Red Cell'
Rogue Warrior II
by Richard Marcinko

How much of this sequel to the legendary and unorthodox SEALs
leader's memoirs, Rogue Warrior (1992), is fiction and how much
novelized actual fact is likely to remain forever in dispute, at least partly for security reasons. This story of how Marcinko and a handful of picked SEALs defeated a high-level plot to smuggle nuclear weapons into the hands of Japanese rightists does, however, read just like an excellent thriller of the hard-boiled, action-loaded variety. Also remember that Marcinko, in spite of his maverick history and salty vocabulary, is an exceptionally proficient special warfare leader. Fans of the first Rogue Warrior will lap this one up.


'Green Team'
by Richard Marcinko

An American aircraft carrier has been sabotaged, killing one of Marcinko's friends. The work of a violent religious movement, it causes Marcinko to declare a holy war of his own and invoke his Tenth Commandment of Spec War: There Are No Rules, Thou Shalt Win at All Costs! The Green Team, a top-secret unit of the U.S. Navy, battles internal as well as external enemies in a dangerous test of their skills that involves a transnational terror network based in a violent religious organization.


'Task Force Blue'
by Richard Marcinko

Once more, "Rogue Warrior" Marcinko and Weisman parlay the
former's experiences into a technothriller starring the former special
operations soldier himself. This time, Marcinko's target is a billionaire with presidential ambitions who is planning a wave of terrorism to create demand for a dictator. Sent to investigate, Marcinko soon is on the run from both the billionaire and constituted authority and has to call on his old SEALs buddies to bring the enemy to ground. This is a gripping hard-boiled thriller bulked up with information on weapons, hardware and the psychology of the warrior, all of which takes on the authority conferred by Marcinko's personal experience.


'Designation Gold '
by Richard Marcinko

An explosive political/military assassination by the Russian Mafia launches the Rogue Warrior into war as he penetrates the heart of a Moscow based blackmarket network dealing in international terrorism and mass murder.


'Seal Force Alpha '
by Richard Marcinko

The authors of the #1 "New York Times" bestselling "Rogue Warrior" series detonate another explosive new adventure. When the Rogue Warrior discovers that the Chinese are preparing, with Washington's blessing, to turn the United States into a third-world country and a fifth-rate power, his patriotic fever heats up. Teaming up with SEAL Force Alpha, Marcinko is ready to neutralize a global maze of political deceit and he's out for blood!


'Option Delta'
by Richard Marcinko

This one begins with Marcinko and team "locking out" of an attack submarine to take out the yacht of an Arab prince, who bankrolls terrorists and has even provided them with nuclear weapons stolen from arms dumps the U.S. hid in Europe during the cold war. Marcinko, his team, and a West German general wind up on the trail of a rightwing German industrialist and a renegade German special-operations warrior. At trail's end, the good guys have the ADMs (Atomic Demolitions Munitions), and a lot of bad guys are dead or out of commission. This classic crowd-pleaser also offers yet more insight into the psychology of special and covert operations and yet more fight scenes choreographed by one who has actually done them, and it raises the disturbing question: Are nuclear weapons already in the hands of the perverse and peculiar?


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