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Raptor, Kitty, Celeste (Kitty's sister) and Jeff at the Pasta Pirate.
Huggy, Lambie, Raptor, boo, KILROY, Jeff, Kitty, and AEM at the cafe in the California Hotel- Day One of Tardfest2K.
Banshie, Huggy, Lambie and Maestro in the cafe of the California Hotel. Either Huggy inhaled a bug or something's dang funny!
Maestro, NRAYee, and Banshie at the Pasta Parrot.
Huggy, Lieb, AEM and Kitty in the parking garage waiting to locate JAM's and Lambie's car, using the ever-so-handy Talkabout.
Maestro, boo, Kitty, Raptor, Lambchop, KILROY, Huggybear, and Liebchen in the parking garage to Caesar's after Lambie almost backed into some poor lady!

The Mini Twins- Psyche and AEM.

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