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Nick Delveccio yawned and stretched as he walked into the Silver Star Bar.
Nobody was upstairs so he headed to the basement. The rest of the team was
already assembled, with various weapons being checked.

"About time, Delveccio," Benny Ray Riddle said, looking up from his rifle.

"Well, look who managed to roll out of bed this morning," Margo Vincent

"Roll out or get kicked out by the latest girlfriend?" Rico asked. The medic had heard the stories about Nick's failed love interests.


"No bruises or cuts. Still must be seeing her...what's her name?" Margo asked.
"Angela." Nick was getting annoyed at the teasing.

"Aaaannnnngela," Rico grinned as he drew out the word. "Is that the country line dancer?"

"No, she owns the coffee shop."

Matt Shepherd walked down the stairs. "Good morning, Nick. Maybe you
should stop at her store more often."

"Ha ha. Are we done now?" Nick scowled.

"Maybe," Deke Reynolds couldn't resist putting his two cents in.

They headed off to the shooting range. Nick fell asleep in the car almost
immediately. Deke gave Matt directions to Angela's shop. "How bout
something with an extra shot of espresso for Sleeping Beauty here?"

"Do it," Matt said.

Nick took the cup of black coffee from Deke. "Wow, this is strong."

Hal, Benny Ray's friend and the owner of the range, was waiting for them. He let them use the building before it opened for business so they could practice with some of the more unusual weapons. "Benny Ray, I got a new rifle in. You'll want to see this."

"Why, so I can be jealous?"

"That's the idea."

Matt looked at Nick, who was pacing back and forth, the empty cup clutched
in his trembling hand. "You ready?"

"What? Oh, yeah." Granted, Nick wasn't in Benny Ray's league when it came
to shooting, but this morning was below standards, even for him.

"Well, your target's not going to have to worry about-" Rico started, but
stopped when Margo punched him on the arm.

All of Nick's shots had gone below the waistline. Two hadn't even hit the target. "Wow, check it out. My hand's doing this weird shaking thing. And
I gotta go to the bathroom again." He started pacing again, not able to keep still.

Benny Ray came in and saw the target. He raised an eyebrow, but didn't say

"Nick, come on. You're making me nervous," Deke grumbled. "Hold still."

"Yeah, um, okay. Ilovethisstuff. Got any more of that coffee? It's good."

"Check the car," Matt ordered. He just wanted the pacing to stop. The rest of the hour went uneventfully. It was a great stress reliever for the team after their last mission. When they got back to the hotel, Matt dismissed everyone until the next morning. "PT tomorrow on the beach, people. Be there, on time." Nick grinned and bounced out the door.

"He's wired," Benny Ray sighed, putting his head on his arms at the bar.

"Angela," Rico reminded the sniper. "We still going to the gun show?"

"Yep. Anyone else?"

"No thanks, health inspection." Matt checked the clock.

"Date." Deke headed out the door.


"Health inspection with Matt," she said, not quite getting why Benny Ray and Rico thought that was hilarious. They were still laughing when they walked out the door.

Matt grinned at her. "They are so dead," she growled, heading up to the office.
The next morning, Nick showed up early. Benny Ray was waiting outside for
the others. "Let's go!"

"Since when do you like running?"

"Since I met Angela and the coffee shop. And caffiene is good. It's good and I can't live without it. I love Angela. I love coffee. Caffiene is a great thing." Nick chattered on, jumping from one foot to the other until Benny Ray told him that if he didn't shut up, he'd go for a swim.

Nick stopped talking and took a swig from the thermos he held. The strong
odor of coffee made Benny Ray's stomach turn. He liked it as much as anyone
else, but Nick was bordering on obsession.

They ran past Angela's place. She waved and handed Nick a fresh thermos of
coffee. Nick grinned and took drinks as he ran. He couldn't remember ever
being this hyper during PT. It felt like he was flying.

Thirty minutes later: "I don't feel so good." Nick collapsed onto the sand. "See ya later."

"That's what he gets, drinking coffee before running," Benny Ray observed,
looking back at Nick.

They caught up with the ex-DEA man on the way back. He and Angela were on one of the coffe shop's outside tables, talking over cups of latte. Nick
couldn't keep still.

"Caffiene addict!" Margo called as they jogged past.

"This stuff's great! You don't know what you're missing!"

Apparently, Angela missed being single. Nick came back into the Silver Star
with that familiar expression on his face.

"She dumped you, didn't she, amigo?" Benny Ray tried to look sympathetic.

"Yeah. I'm never drinking coffee again. It's too painful."

"Wait till caffiene withdrawl starts," Margo said, a wicked grin on her face. "Headaches, tremors, and insomnia."

"You're kidding."

"No way. You're in for one heck of a ride."

"Ah, maybe I'll reconsider." Nick ran out the door. "ANGELA!"

The End

Author's Note: This was written at midnight after not getting enough sleep
(or coffee) over the past couple of days. The author takes no responsibility for this story. As usual, all SOF characters and places are copyrighted. This is just for fun.

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