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Location: Silver Star Bar

Matt is getting ready for opening night at his bar, when Benny Ray and Margo walk in.

Benny Ray takes a quick look around and says, "Looks like you have things ready for this evening, sir."

Matt says, "Yes, after our last op, I had time to really get things in order. Looks like we will be opening tonight."

Margo says to Matt, "Any word from CJ or Chance?"

Matt says, "As a matter of fact yes, I just got off the phone with them a few minutes ago. CJ's place is doing really well and so is Chance's tour business."

Benny Ray turns to Margo and says, "Maybe the next time Trout gives us some R&R, we take a trip to Hawaii to see those two, what do you say, sir?"

Matt says, "Hey, I'm all for a trip like that."

With that the front door opens and in walks Xavier Trout, dressed like he always is, in a business suit. The team turns towards him and Matt says, "Gee, Trout. Have you ever heard of the phone?"

Trout says, "Well, I called you earlier Matt, but the line was busy, so I figured I'd come by in person."

Matt laughs, "I was on the phone with CJ and Chance, Trout. But now that you're here, what have you got for us this time?"

Trout says, "I didn't come here to give you a mission."

Matt, with a quizzical look on his face says to Trout, "Then why are you here?"

Trout says as he tosses two files on the bar, "I came to give you these."

Margo says, "Excuse me, Trout, but what are those?"

Trout replies, "Miss Vincent, these are your new teammates. Everything about these two are in these files."

Trout adds, "Now if you will excuse me, I have a golf appointment with the Deputy Director of the FBI."

As Trout walks towards the door he stops and says to Matt, "Oh, by the way. Thanks for the invite, I'll be here."

Trout walks out of the Silver Star and leaves. Matt stares at the files on the bar and takes them to his office. Benny Ray and Margo follow him. In Matt's office he opens up one of the files and reads it out loud to Benny Ray and Margo, "Nick Delvechio, former undercover agent for the DEA. Born in New York. Mr.Delvechio has been doing freelance work for the Dept of Justice's Special Operations Group. He has no specialties. He has an attitude that's matched by his mouth. He will be an asset to the team."

Matt goes on listing Nick's accomplishments and commendations. "Hmmm, sounds like we have a good one here, hope he doesn't get on anyone's nerves." says Matt.

Matt opens up the second file and reads it aloud, "Deacon Reynolds. Known aliases: Deke. Born in San Francisco, California. Former chopper pilot in Desert Storm. Deke is know for doing things his own way. He can get anything anywhere through his network of contacts. Recieved a Purple Heart in Desert Storm. He is a bit of a loose cannon, but he always come through when you need him to. Another good addition to the team."

Matt goes on and reads, "I will be bringing these two to meet you at the bar opening tonight."

Benny Rays says, "Sounds like we got two new additions to the team."

Matt says to Benny Ray, "Yeah, I requested replacements for CJ and Chance about a month ago. A three person team can't get alot done, but a five-person team can get results."

Margo says, "And what about Rico, he's still part of this team isn't he?."

Matt says to Margo, "Yes, he is. I talked with Rico a few days ago. He said he will be here for us when we need him.

His doctor hasn't cleared him to come back full time to the team, yet." Benny Ray says, "Well, looks like we will get to see the newbies tonight. Well, I'm gonna head on outta here to shower, eat and get dressed. I'll see you two later on tonight." Benny Ray walks out of Matt's office and leaves the bar.

Margo says to Matt, "I need to get ready myself and it looks like you still have some work to do. I'll see you tonight, Matt."

Margo walks out of the bar and leaves Matt alone to do the final preparations for the opening of the bar.

Location: Silver Star Bar.
Later on that evening

The bar is bustling with people come to the grand opening. Matt walks down from his office and greets the crowd.

Debbie, the new bartender is working behind the bar. Benny Ray and Margo enter the bar and say to Matt, "Wow, nice crowd you have here for opening night."

Matt says to Benny Ray, "Yep, I was a bit surprised. Here have a drink, the first round's on the house."

Benny Ray and Margo sit at the bar and order a drink. With that Trout walks in with two men, one is rather tall and black. The second one is short, white, with curly hair.

Matt turns to Benny Ray and Margo, "Heads up, looks like Trout's here with the two new guys."

Trout greets the team, "Matt, Margo, Benny Ray. I'd like you to meet Deacon Reynolds and Nick Delvecchio, these two are your new teammates."

Matt shakes both their hands. "Major Matt Shepherd, glad you can make it. Hope you have fun this evening."

Benny Ray shakes thier hands, "Benny Ray Riddle, sniper."

Margo is the last to intoduce herself, " Margo Vincent, computer expert among other things, welcome aboard."

Before Trout leaves he tells Deke and Nick, "These people are the best at what they do, your lives will depend on them. Trust them with your lives."

Matt says to Trout, "Not gonna stay for a drink or two?"

Trout says to Matt, "Already had a drink while waiting for Deke and Nick."

Matt says, "Okay, then we will see you."

Trout exits the bar and Matt, Benny Ray, Margo, Deke, and Nick start getting to know each other as the night goes on.

The End

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