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A story begun by Maestro mmotokane@hotmail.com

Maestro has started a great story line and I've tried to do it justice with my conception of how it should/could/might end. For those fans who have read the beginning... you can link directly to 'ACT IV' and read on - for the rest here's a summary of what happened in the first 3 acts of 'Homecoming' or you can link directly to Maestro's site at: http://www.wurldlink.net/~mmotokane/fanfics/sof/homecome/intro.htm

Trout sends the Team out to Hawaii on an assignment to take out Kane (pronounced Ka-ne) a drug lord who operates out of Thailand. Ka-ne is going to meet with Loki, the head of the Hawaiian syndicate, to discuss a big drug deal. Knowing he is wanted in the US, Ka-ne will avoid setting foot on US soil at all costs. So the meeting is scheduled to take place on board a yacht in the international waters north of Hawaii. In Hawaii, the Team, of course, visit Chance and CJ, but it's strictly a visit. The meeting between Ka-ne and Loki takes place, the Team arrive by helicopter, manage to surprise and kidnap Ka-ne and leave again (by the same helicopter). During the fight on board Ka-ne's yacht Margo has been shot in the leg, the others escape unscathed.

On the way back to Hawaii they cross the paths of two F-18s, which are patrolling the area and are on alert because of reported terrorist activities. Assuming the Team's helicopter to belong to terrorists they shoot off it's tail rotor, thus forcing the Team to abandon it. First Ka-ne, with Benny Ray following him, then Margo and Nick (who is hit by one of the helicopter's landing skis) and finally Matt jump clear of the crippled chopper. Maestro's fanfic ends with Deke still battling the controls of the chopper, the rest of the Team and Ka-ne in the water and Trout making a phone call to Chance....

This is where I took the story up again. I tried to keep the form of a script for a TV show as much as I knew how to.

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