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as of June 1997

Harry Humphries is the technical advisor on the Rysher Entertainment action series "SOLDIER OF FORTUNE, INC."

Humphries first became involved in the film industry when close personal friend and Navy SEAL colleague Dick Marcinko introduced him to Jerry Bruckheimer and Don Simpson who had purchased the film rights to produce Rogue Warrior, Marcinko's New York Times bestseller autobiography. Humphries signed on as tech advisor which then led to Bruckheimer asking for Humphries' involvement in "The Rock." "Con Air," "SOLDIER OF FORTUNE, INC." and several other script development projects soon followed.
Although Humphries comes from the "Silent SEAL" mentality, his involvement in the industry with Bruckheimer has evolved naturally, as their common goal of reaching the viewing audience in an entertaining yet realistic manner is of paramount importance to both. Humphries views the film media as a powerful recruiting instrument and as such endeavors to make the action sequences, dialogue and military players look and act as human and realistic as possible.

Beside his work with Bruckheimer, Humphries has also worked on Ridley Scott's "In Pursuit Of Honor" (GI Jane), starring Demi Moore, scheduled for release in the Fall. Other work has included working side by side with screenwriter Michael Shiffer in the development of "The Peacemaker" for Dreamworks SKG. He has also worked with several other studios in script development for projects with subject matter that relates to Military, Police SWAT or Counter Terrorism.

In conjunction with his involvement in the entertainment industry, Humphries owns and operates Global Studies Group, Inc., an international security and training company. By melding the two activities, he brings state-of-the-art weapons, martial arts and tactics training to the screen. He works closely with the producers, writers, directors and actors to assure that they comprehend why and how the deployment of military, police or counter terrorist tactics come about in the real world. Pre-production training is custom tailored for each project, giving the actors the necessary weapons handling and movement skills required to instinctively look correct on the camera thereby allowing them the mental freedom to concentrate on their acting skills.

With Bruckheimer's and Rysher's support, pre-production training for the "SOLDIER OF FORTUNE, INC." series included not only the principal actors but several producers, writers, directors and studio executives as well. All left with a clearer and more realistic perspective on how exciting and dynamic the "real thing" can and should be translated to the screen.

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