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   Part 1

A couple of month's had passed since Margo's ordeal and during that time the team had the occasional mission here and there, and in the down time everyone did their own thing.

Benny Ray was trying to straighten things out with his ex- wife, Mary Ellen. He learned their daughter Casey, was not doing well in school, her teacher felt Casey was missing her dad more than she let on to her mother. So Benny Ray and Mary Ellen decided that they would try to work things out.

At a hospital in San Diego, a young woman was coming out of a catatonic state she had been in for the last 2 years. She was found in LA near death with a bullet in her. They operated at one of the hospitals there. After her surgery she did not speak or move, so she was sent to a state mental hospital for care and the counseling she would need, when and if she came out of her catatonic state.

Meanwhile, Karen had been keeping close tabs on everything and making weekly reports to Trout. She could not understand why Benny Ray's wife ever divorced him in the first place. She noticed how much Matt and Margo cared for each other and how strange it was that they never gave into their feelings for each other. She was also very grateful that Deke had never recognized her. They had met some years earlier and she thought it was odd that he never said a word.

* * *

Benny Ray and Matt were at a gun show picking out Billy's birthday present that Benny Ray had missed again. Boy did Mary Ellen let Benny Ray know about it. Billy was now 14, and in Benny Ray's eyes, ready for his first rifle There was a slightly used Remington model 7 in .243 Winchester - perfect. Benny Ray purchased the rifle, then bought a scope for it.

"Well Sir, here it is. What every boy wants." Benny Ray said

"Benny Ray, are you sure you want to give him a rifle?" Matt asked.

"Well, how old were you when you got your first gun."

"Right after I joined the army."

"Sir, you were deprived back home. A boy gets one as soon as he's old enough, where I grew up."

"How Mary Ellen gonna take this."

"Was her idea."

The two men left and headed back to LA. Benny Ray dropped Matt off at the Silver Star and he headed for home to work on the rifle he had bought his son. His plan was easy. He was taking his kids shooting this weekend. He taught Billy on a .22 a few years earlier, now he was going to teach Casey and Sam since they were both the same age.

* * *

Back in the San Diego hospital, the doctor comes in to look at his patient. He is amazed that she is standing and speaking to the nurse.

"Well I see she has recovered very well!"

"Yes sir. I'll leave so you can examine her."

"Thank you, nurse"

The doctor told her she could leave in a few days and the reason she was there. She had a need for the help that a regular hospital could not give her. He asked her what she remembered: she told him everything. He was pleased because she had been a shock-induced state for so long.

"Well, what do we call you?"

"Patrice Alexander, why."

"When you were found, you had no ID. So you've been listed as a Jane Doe, now we can put a name on your records.

The doctor left after telling the nurse on duty to schedule some tests for her, and then he would determine when she could be released.

* * *

Benny Ray got to Mary Ellen's in time for dinner, Casey was playing out front. He thought it was great that he was getting a chance to spend more time with her and his other children. When she saw him pull up, Casey ran to her Dad's truck to greet him.

"Hey darlin, you got a hug for your Dad."

"Yes sir."

They both walked inside, Mary Ellen told Casey to go and wash up for dinner. She asked Benny Ray if he would mind picking Casey and Sam up from school, for the next couple of days. He agreed to pick the kids up and to bring them home. He also explained that if he got called away on business, he could find someone to get them

Dinner went by, uneventfully - just the usual family dinner.

Benny Ray walked over to a corner, where a package with Billy's name on it stood up against the wall. He picked it up and handed it to Billy.

"Son, this is from me and your mother."

Billy opened it - his face lit up when he saw the rifle.

"Thanks Mom and Dad - what a great gift."

"Son, I'll show you how to use it over the weekend."

- 1 -

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