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Benny Ray Riddle and Nick Delvecchio stood side by side staring through the iron sights of the rifles they held. Both of them had at least one pistol stashed away by force of habit. Benny Ray had a Glock in a shoulder holster and another Glock in his ankle holster. Nick's Beretta was in a holster at the back of his belt. The real trick on this mission was that they couldn't use any gun but the small rifles their supplier had handed them.

Bright lights were shining and flashing all around them in about any color imaginable. People - men, women and children - all screamed in joy and fear. Some people went running by Benny Ray and Nick while others stood and watched or simply milled slowly around. For most shooters, these would each be simple distractions and combined could drive someone crazy. Theses two men were in a zone, though, and none of that fazed them in even though it all registered.

One by one, most of the targets fell. Benny Ray and Nick kept up a constant rate of fire, never pausing between acquiring the target, taking the shot and acquiring the net shot. Anyone who was watching might have thought that it was just one continuous, fluid motion. Nick missed a few shots, though, almost as if the music he danced to in his head skipped a few beats every so often. Benny Ray, on the other hand, seemed more like a ballet dancer he was so smooth.

* * * *

Deke Reynolds climbed into a dark green car and fastened his seatbelt. This car was a little small, but everything in this lot was the same size. Of course, the manager hadn't wanted him to drive any of them but a few extra dollars convinced him to change his mind.

The light changed and immediately Deke put the accelator on the floor. Directly ahead of him was a sharp looking man - perhaps a lawyer or a banker. On this mission, though, anyone who got in his way was fair game. As Deke pulled up behind him, he aimed for the back left bumper. It wasn't a direct hit but the glancing blow was enough to send the innocent victim into a spin. With a laugh, Deke drove on.

With the instincts of a long time soldier, Deke knew someone was coming for him. A flash of red was all the warning he needed. Throwing the car in reverse, Deke accelerated without looking - he knew he only needed a few feet to be safe. A split second later a teenage girl drove by with hair flying and eyes glazed and without a second look.

Time was running out and Deke realized that he needed to get moving. The easiest, shortest and quickest way to get going again was literally through a blue car sitting in front of him. Looking around he also realized that it was his only option. Shrugging, Deke threw the car into drive and stomped on the accelerator.

As Deke homed in on the car, the person in the front seat looked up. A little boy, maybe nine years old with brown hair and green eyes could only hang on as the car he was sitting in was knocked sideways by several feet and Deke simply drove on.

Deke continued his wild driving. Most people saw him coming and swerved out of his way. The unlucky few who didn't notice him or couldn't move in time were simply bounced out of his way. Eventually, though, he finished his trip. Deke simply got out of his car and walked away.

* * * *

Matt Shepherd and Margo Vincent were suspended in the air above Benny Ray, Nick and Deke. Neither of them was sure exactly where there teammates were, just that they were down there. And amongst the mass of screaming humanity, screeching music, crashing machinery and flashing lights was their rally point.

For the moment, Matt and Margo seemed to pause in the air and then they were headed slowly for the ground. As they approached their landing the noises increased. For a few moments the two of them had been amongst the stars and the insanity below them seemed so far away. Now they could practically touch the craziness. Then they were on the ground and headed for the rally point.

* * * *

Matt and Margo had separated with plans to meet at the rally point. Margo was the first to arrive so she found an empty table with room for the entire team to sit at and sat down. Within a few moments, Deke walked up carrying a jumbo bag of cotton candy. "Looks good," he said to Margo with a nod towards her tenderloin sandwich and lemon shake-up. Almost immediately Matt showed up carrying a rootbeer float and a foot long coney dog with the works. The last two members of the team appeared out of the crowd and what they were carrying elicited laughter from Matt, Margo and Deke.

"Gee Nick, that's a pretty sharp looking mirror you're carrying there," Margo tried to say with a straight face. "What is that on it?"

Nick grimaced and replied, "It's the emblem for the New York Knicks. I wanted a
stuffed elephant but I guess I wasn't quite good enough."

"Amigo, you just need to focus a little more," Benny Ray consoled Nick. "It's like being outside on a clear night and being able to see a bat flitting among the trees - it takes a little work but it's a beautiful thing to see. Now I will grant that those little air rifles are not exactly easy to use, but sometimes you've just got to ignore that like you would a newly weaned calf bawling for its' mom."

"Yeah, well you certainly seem to be able to focus," Matt said with a nod towards the giant white buffalo stuffed animal he was carrying. "Well, it looks like Benny Ray and Nick spent their time here at the shooting gallery. How about you Deke, where were you at?"

Deke gave a big grin as he remembered his antics. "I talked the kid running the bumper cars to let me take one for a spin. It was a blast. How about you two kids. Find anything fun to do?"

Margo took a sip of her drink before she replied. "Matt and I took a ride on the double ferris wheel. Of course, since Matt seemed to be a little nervous."

All eyes turned to their boss in surprise. "Hey, it's perfectly logical," Matt defended
himself. "I pack my own parachute and most planes I get in I either know the crew or know about the people who prepped it for flight. Part of the job of the people who work these rides is to get them up as quickly as possible and that makes me worry just a little. Now that I know that everyone is here, let's all grab something to eat and then enjoy our evening at the state fair midway."

The End

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