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Somewhere in the Jungle

"Matt help me" are the words he heard from afar.

"Help me" but he could do nothing but listen to the sreaming coming from the distance. He was tied up and could do nothing but lie down and listen to the agony that Margo was going through, she was probably shot or stabbed or even being beaten up as he was thinking to himself. He had a gut feeling that this mission wasn't going to be a walkthrough but Trout gave them the assignment and they all agreed to go ahead with it.

"Damn" he said to himself  "damn, damn, damn"... he knew he should have turned it down and not going with his feelings had probably cost the lives of his team members. He also remembered that he had promised Margo in the jail when they were captured that he would tell her how he feels about her, but he can do nothing about that now. As he finally realised that there was no one to help them he went back in time and tried to think what he did wrong.

Two Days Earlier at the Silver Star

"Hello Matt," said Trout.

"Hello Trout, what is it that you want from my team and I this time?"

"So you want me to get right to it then"? replied Trout.

"You are the clever one Xavier."

"I need you and your team to go to the Brazilian rain forest and rescue Senator McKinley's daughter. She is being held by a guy name Elizio Gozalez and his crew. They want the senator to drop the charges against his father who he had identified as the man who killed his wife and they are also claiming that he is also giving imformation to all the druglords on the street when the drug raids are happening, but as all politicians do is deny things."

"Trout the last time we went and rescued the daughter of someone I got shot and the hostage started shooting at us, so you see where I'm going with this".

"Yes I do but our intel has shown us that she has no idea who the kidnapper is and there is a lot of money involved."

"I don't know about it, let me call in the team, it will just take a few seconds." Matt called them up to the office and they all took their places. Trout explained the mission to them and they all agreed. Trout left the office and so did Benny Ray and Nick but Margo stayed behind when she saw the expression on his face. Margo walked up to Matt, staring at him she blurted out

"Don't worry, the hostage is not going to start shooting at us, she doesn't even know the guy."

"But she could get to know the guy during this time and maybe find out the reason why he is blaming her so called father and why he killed her evil stepmother and then when we go in and get her she'll start shooting at us," replied an agitated Matt.

"I see your point but I don't think she'll start shooting at us and if she does I'll buy you dinner," replied Margo.

"I'll hold you to that," said Matt.

"I know," Margo said.

Just as Margo was about to walk out the door he said, "I don't have a good feeling about this mission Margo and you know I trust my instincts."

"I know Matt but we have promised Trout and the senator and it wouldn't look good if we back out now."

Margo left the office and headed to the basement to meet up with the others as they were packing the guns for the mission. Meanwhile Matt was still sitting in his seat thinking about what if this was to happen and many other thoughts.

The Next Day at the Silver Star

Matt headed downstairs where the team was waiting for the debriefing. Nick was his usual self, making a noise which Benny Ray did not appreciate and Margo was on the phone getting hold of Deke for the flight arrangements. Matt walked up to the table and started the debriefing.

"The four of us get dropped off about 10 kilometers away from the target, we go in, in twos. Benny Ray and Nick you guys are together."

"No way I'm with dildo," replied Benny Ray.

"Yes you are," said Matt.

"Why do I never get to choose who I want to be with?" asked Nick.

"Cause I'm in charge," replied Matt, he didn't need Nick moaning right now it just wasn't the time.

"Margo and I will go in and extract the daughter and will get out as soon as possible and get straight to Deke in the chopper," explained Matt.

"Is that clear everyone?" asked Matt.

"Yes sir," replied Benny Ray.

"Yip major," said Nick.

"All clear Matt," replied Margo.

"We're good to go," said Deke as he walked in. They all walked out but Margo took Matt aside and said to him that everything is gonna be alright and that she trusts him with her life and she doubts that anything will go wrong.

Present Day in Brazilian Jungle

They landed in the jungle 10km out from the target and started heading towards the camp. Benny Ray and Nick went their path but Matt and Margo could just see them.

"How is Steve?" asked Matt.

"What?" replied Margo.

"Just making conversation until we get there, sorry," said Matt.

"No it's okay, actually I broke up with him months ago don't you remember me telling you?"

"Actually I do, I think I just forgot," said Matt.

"Ya right you forget, the day that happens is the day I die," Margo said with a hint of sarcasm.

"Now be careful what you say Margo. I don't want that happening you hear me," Matt said in a serious voice.

"I didn't think he was the right guy for you," said Matt.

"Then who is?" questioned Margo.

"Me," Matt replied hesitantly.

"Excuse me," Margo said.

"Yes you heard right I said me. I think I should get a chance with you again considering I know you much better then Steve did and I've been through much more with you."

"You're kidding right," Margo said.

"When do I kid around Margo," replied Matt

"Actually most of the time but this is not the right time to talk about it. We are in the middle of a mission where our lives could be in danger if we don't concentrate," Margo said.

"I know but the last time we took a mission like this I nearly lost my life and during the time I was unconcious I had a dream where you had died, Benny Ray was blind and C.J had half the side of his face blown off. The thing is that I didn't get a chance to tell you how I felt," said Matt, he felt relief when he said what he had to say.

"It's not the right time Matt, we will speak about it when the missions over okay," Margo said quietly.

They did not speak until they got to the camp.

"Benny Ray come in," Matt said.

"Yes sir what must we do," Benny Ray asked.

"You guys go in, in front of us, we'll go in behind and head towards the daughter," Matt said.

"Yes sir, lets go," an enthusiastic Benny Ray replied.

They headed in with their guns ready to shoot the first person who got in their way but it wasn't just one but it was about 15 of them.

"Sir we've got a problem," Benny Ray shouted.

"We have no choice but to shoot so shoot," Matt orded them.

Their were people falling all over the place and even more coming out of the house and that is when he saw the daughter coming out of the house with a gun and started shooting at them.

"Sir she's shooting at us," Benny Ray said.

"Don't shoot her we've got to get her even if she is shooting at us," Matt said.

As Matt said that Nick went down, it looked like he had been shot in the shoulder. He was out for the count. Benny Ray started shooting at the guy who shot Nick and while doing that running over to him. As he got there he was shot in the leg and then hit over the head by one of the men thinking he was dead.

Matt and Margo both dropped their guns and stood with their hands held high.

Elizio Gonzalez walked up to them with the daughter of the senator and said, "Is this what you want," and kissed the daughter.

"I told you so," Matt said to Margo.

"Shut up you idiot," and Elizio knocked Matt over his head with the end of his gun.

As Matt fell to the ground he heard the screams of Margo yelling no!

Present Moment
Brazilian Jungle

He realised now he shouldn't have taken the mission no matter how much it was worth. They should have called in the marines or someone else, not them. He could hear Margo screaming and Elizio and the daughter laughing. They were beating her up severely because she never ever screamed when being beaten up normally. Matt remembered that he had a knife on his right leg. He tried so hard to get it hurting himself in the process but he got the knife and started cutting himself loose. He lured one of the remaining men close and stabbed him but he heard someone behind him and turned like lightning only to find Nick and Benny Ray standing next to Deke.

They worked out a plan how to get the daughter and Margo out safe. Matt said he promised Margo he'll get her out alive not dead because he had just told her how he felt and was not prepared to lose her now just when he had told the truth.

Matt walked up to the door of the house and kicked it down and started shooting the last 5 men. He walked up to Elizio and said, "Where are they?"

"They're inside the room but I would be careful if I was you," Elizio said.

"Well guess what, you're not me," Matt replied and gave Benny Ray the signal and within that split second Elizio fell to the floor.

"Lets get them and get out," Nick said.

"Great idea dildo," Benny Ray said.

They burst into the room and tied up the daughter who was in the process of kicking Margo and got her out of there

They left the Brazilian forest and landed back in the United States of America. As they landed they pushed the daughter out of the helicopter and let the marshals deal with her. They rushed Margo to the hospital and she went in for emergency surgery for taking out a ruptured spleen.

Trout entered the hospital but Matt had nothing to say to him but wanted the money. "I told you I didn't like this mission but no you had to send us, you couldn't just send in marines or other teams," Matt said without looking at him.

"You are the best Matt and you know it," Trout said.

"That doesn't matter, what matters is that I have three wounded with a gunshot to the shoulder, another with a gunshot to the leg and my best friend in the operating room having emergency surgery, so did you hear me Trout?" Matt said looking at him straight in the eyes.

"Yes Matt and I owe you for what you have done, how about a months vacation?" Trout answered.

"That will be fine now please I have someone I care deeply for inside that room and I must go and see her now," Matt said and walked off to room 34D.

Margo was lying on her bed wide awake.

"I guess I owe you that dinner Matt," Margo said.

"Why yes you do madam Margo," and as he walked up to her he planted a gentle kiss on her lips.



Spoilers-'Tight Spot', 'Deja Vu', 'Apres Vu'
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