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1999.....I went to RAF Cosford basically as a spur of the moment decision. I had never been to an airshow at RAF Cosford before and as I had heard that the AH64 Apache was going to be doing a flying display, then I just had to go. Unfortunately, having arrived at the airbase and bought a flying programme, I noticed that the Apache was not going to be performing a flying display and was just going to be parked in the static park. I was very disappointed by this as I had travelled a good two and a half hours to get there.

Anyway, as I walked towards the airfield, I noticed a rather distinct silhouette in the sky. Could it be......? Indeed it was, in came the Apache and it flew sideways over
the airfield. I managed to take some photos of it and it then flew right over my head. What an experience!

Other than the appearance of the Apache I have to admit that I thought the flying display was a lot weaker than something akin to RAF Mildenhall or the RIAT. RAF Cosford is not a front line RAF base and as such only has a few aircraft based there, these mostly being gliders and training aircraft...   

Airwolfhound/July 2000

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