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On this day Louis Vasquez spent pacing in his cell that he had not left since being incarcerated three years earlier on drug trafficking charges made against him by the DEA. But today his lawyers were in front of a federal judge seeking his release from prison on a technicality so he paced and paced until a guard came and took him to a briefing room where his attorney sat.

"Well Carlos how did it go."

"Very well, you are being released today. But unfortunately you are being sent back to Colombia."

"Fine, how about my instructions."

"Miss Trout was easy to find and abduct, she was stationed in Bogota. But Nick Delvecchio is being very difficult to find. We checked his passport and he seems to leave the country a lot. Plus he no longer lives in New York city any longer, his activities have led our people to Hermosa Beach CA., where he seems to hang out at a place called the Silver Star Bar. Miguel is there know waiting for his return."

"Good,tell Miguel to grab him as soon as possible."

"I already have."

Two hours later Louis Vasquez was taken from prison put on a plain and brought back to Bogota, Colombia where his family was now... and he was home at last.


Miguel Ortize watched the Silver Star Bar this evening and there seemed to be a party going on, actually he had been watching the bar for a week and it seemed to be like that all the time. But on this night he was rewarded with his prey going in with a bag escorted by three other men and a woman. One by one they all left he thought how strange they would go in with luggage but when they left they had none. He was then rewarded for his vigilance when Nick left alone. He took out the bottle of ether and dosed his handkerchief out and poured the liquid over it. He then approached Nick and put the rag to Nick's face. While they struggled Nick lost conciousness and passed out. Miguel then dragged Nick to his car, threw him in the back and drove to the little airport where the plane was and he and Nick were off to Colombia where he would have to answer for what he had done.


Nick awoke and found himself chained to a wall with another person whom he knew and addressed her as Alison.

"How long have I been here and where is here Alison?"

"A few hours and you are now the guest of Louis Vasquez."

"I thought he was in jail for 135 years with no parole."

"Well he was released on a technicality I guess and deported but I am just guessing because I was told he would talk to the both of us at the same time."

Louis Vasquez entered the room and addressed them. They were told they were his guests and they would die in due time. Nick looked at him and asked why.

"Why, because you both have caused me great pain. Now you will both pay for that pain with your lives."

"Well Vasquez you kill her and you will be signing your own death warrant because someone would then hunt you down like the mangy dog you are."

"Nicky do you mean Xavier Trout. He could not survive the jungle or have you forgotten."

"How could I?"


Trout walked in looking very tired, Matt was talking to his team except for one who was missing and nobody knew where he had gone. Everyone agreed this was not like Nick just to take off and not let anyone know what was going on. Trout walked over to the group and asked to talk to Matt for a second.

"Well what's going on Trout?"

"Well ... Alison was abducted from her apartment in Bogota for starters. At least that's what the CIA section chief told me when I tried calling her on her birthday."

"Interesting you should mention that because Delvecchio disappeared two nights ago. Plus no one has seen or heard from him since. This is totally out of character for him."

"Mind if I use your phone?"

"Who are you going to call?"

"The DEA in Florida."

Matt and Trout walked to his office and Trout made his phone call. They were not pleased with what he found out. Trout told Matt the whole story about how Alison blew his cover in Colombia and that he had saved her life. Plus that Louis Vasquez was released from Prison and sent back home. Matt also explained how he was one man short and now he had to make some calls to get a replacement. Trout promised Matt whatever he needed... intel, satellite photo's... he would get ASAP.

Matt walked out. Margo asked what was going on. He told her to rally the troops because they were going on a tropical vacation.


"Well it looks like we have a situation here people."

"Well Boss, aren't we a little bit light in the personnel department, no Delvecchio, no Deke."

"Replacements are on the way Benny Ray."

"Well where are we going on Vacation this time?"

"Colombia, actually Bogota."

"No club med." Margo chimed in.

Matt went into detail about what happened to Alison and probably Nick. He also told the story about how Nick's cover got blown about a year and a half ago by Alison and how Nick had to save her life. Plus how old Louis Vasquez probably wanted his pound of flesh from the both of them.

"Well sir that's interesting and all but do we have any proof. "

"That's why we go to Bogota first."

"Now, about replacements. They will be at the airfield at Coronado at 0500 so I suggest you all get some rest in the rooms upstairs."

"Sir, how about weapons?"

"Trout is working on an embassy connection."


The two men sized each other up before saying anything. They each introduced themselves. Trout came walking onto the tarmac, duffel in hand and walked towards the Lear jet followed by a younger man whom they assumed was their pilot.

"Trout what are you doing and where is Shepherd and his people? I want to get this job over and done with."

"Drummer they're on their way, they are five minutes behind me."

Matt, Margo and Benny Ray were next to board the Jet. They all noticed Darryl Drummer and then they said their hellos to their friend Rico. Drummer wanted to know the details of the mission . Matt filled him in with what he knew but told the man that they would hit some bars in Bogota for more detailed intel on the area they were going to. Trout handed Matt a manilla envelope and told him this is all he could find on the Vasquez family along with satellite pictures of the area. Matt handed everything over to Margo so she could cross-reference everything with what she had dug up on her own.

The flight itself was not a problem. Getting through customs was the real hassle as Benny Ray was detained for 45 minutes because they thought he looked like a hitman. It took some doing by Trout to convince him otherwise. Margo was also detained and strip searched by a male official, then released. The team then headed for the U.S. Embassy.


The ambassador greeted Trout personally and led the group of six into his office where he offered beverages and food. They all declined and got down to business. They were joined by the CIA section chief and he looked up and down at each of the men and then at Margo.

"Trout what is this an army?"

"NO seasoned operatives and I wish you hadn't said that." Drummer got out of his seat grabbed the man by the neck and pushed him into the wall and said. "If you ever imply that I was army again I will tear off your head and pull out your heart with my bare hands! Do you get it?"

"Yes sir, now please unhand me."

Drummer did just that as he threw the man to the ground. Most of the team thought it was pretty funny except for Margo. The man got up fixed his suit and was rather pissed.

"Margo what are you doing with this group."

"Well Mike the pay's good."

Trout suggested that they get down to business. The CIA section chief divulged all he knew but did give the names of some bars where his soldiers hung out... the EL DIABLO and the Trafficante. Matt suggested that he and Drummer take one and Rico and Benny Ray take the other. Trout wanted to go with them but Matt told him the fewer people involved the better and for him to acquire some maps so they could get things prepared. The ambassador pulled out a box and handed it to Trout and he opened it and it contained everyone's favorite handguns delivered by diplomatic pouch.


Benny Ray and Rico walked in and walked up to the bartender. Rico did the talking since his Spanish was better than Benny Ray's. Rico ordered two beers and struck up a conversation with the man and mentioned he was in from Miami and was looking for the Vasquez Family. It was apparent that the man was now scared. He told Rico to go and talk to Hector at the Trafficante. He and Benny Ray left and headed to back up the Major and Drummer.


Matt and Drummer walked inside. The place reminded Drummer of so many bars he had been in as a seal and especially the one he owned in Honduras. They both walked up to the bar Matt ordered a couple of beers and slid a fifty across to the bartender who looked at it with an air of contempt. Drummer began talking to the man in Spanish but the bartender would only answer once in awhile. Benny Ray and Rico walked in and sat at a table. They recognized the man called Hector by the description they were given. Then all hell broke loose at the bar. Apparently the man had gone for a ball bat but Drummer hauled the man over the bar and began fighting with him. Old Hector was about to join in when Benny Ray stuck his SIG P229 into the mans' ribs and spoke to him.

"Amigo, you better have a seat before I introduce you to the man and for the record, he hates drug dealing scum like you."

"Alright, I can wait."

The fight didn't last long, as the man was no match for the retired seal. Benny Ray introduced them to Hector. Drummer told them to take him to this address so that they could all have a nice little chat.


While on their way Matt had called Margo and told her to get Trout and to meet them at the safe house. They were there waiting for them to arrive. They arrived within 15 minutes of each other. Rico put the man named Hector into a chair and Margo started speaking to him but got no where. Benny Ray whispered something in the man's ear but got no response from him other than being called a very nasty name. Matt and Trout walked into the room and Trout asked what he was doing here. Everyone wanted to know what Trout was talking about.

"Gentlemen and Miss Vincent meet DEA officer Hector Lopez."

"Look Trout, I don't know what you want but I do not want my cover blown either. I have worked too hard and too long. Unlike what happened to Delvecchio."

Benny Ray looked extremely perturbed and asked. "What about the little runt?"

"You know him?"

"Yeah we all do... now tell us where he is."

"I wish I could but I can't. There's a DEA Recon team ready to storm the main house in a day or two. I only supplied intel."

"Lopez, you best tell my people everything."

Trout explained as he picked up the phone and made a call. Then Matt, Benny Ray and Drummer headed back to the embassy to have a word with the head of the DEA in this region.


The head of the DEA in Colombia was having a discussion with the head of his recon team as the door suddenly burst wide open. The man looked puzzled when three American's walked through the door. He judged from their look that they were ex-military. Matt stepped forward and he told Benny Ray to close the door, which the man did.

"What is going on here and who are these men."

Matt gave the man a stern look and said. "We are associates of Nick Delvecchio and we are here to get the man out."

"Look, whatever your name is, I don't care if you were sent by the Pope. This is a DEA operation so please let my men do their job. Besides, I never knew Delvecchio had any friends. Besides... him, they can have. I need to get Miss Trout out of there before her father comes knocking on my door."

"Let me guess, you heard he was here."

"Yeah I did. The ambassador said someone would be paying me a visit."

During their exchange Benny Ray was looking down the leader of the DEA'S recon team leader. The man was very nervous, the longer he stared into Benny Ray's eyes and looked at Drummer.

"You I know, right? Your name is Riddle I think."

"Yeah it is. Now you can tell your boys to stand down."

The team leader began to tell the DEA man who this man was. The DEA section chief looked him in the eye and could tell he was not a man to be fooled with. He then looked at Matt and Drummer and began to speak.

"You guys work for Trout right."

"Kind of. Look, I need your men to stand down and all the information you got on the Vasquez compound right now or you can personally talk to Trout. Your choice."

"Alright, you will have everything in an hour. Where will you be?"

Benny Ray answered. "The armory."

The three men then left. Matt called Trout and told him they would all meet at the armory and exchange notes and form a plan of attack.


The entire team was in place while Benny Ray went through what they had on hand for attack and he was quite pleased when he found M-16's, some AK-47'S and three different kinds of sniper rifles along with an assortment of SMG's. Matt and Margo compared notes while the rest of the team picked out ordnance and started packing up gear. Margo also informed Matt that the youngest son of their friend Vasquez was quite the partier and that she could probably get a dinner invite. Matt did not like this but he knew she could do the job. He also insisted that Benny Ray went in with her so he could stop anything dangerous that might happen. While he and the rest of the team went in through the back, took out his mercs and strike the main house at sunrise.

Trout grabbed a rifle and told them he was going.

Drummer looked at him and told him. "Look you are not coming. You are more useful to us here in case we don't come back, so you can wait it out with the DEA Recon team."

"Drummer who do you think is paying you?"

"No one. I'm here at Shepherd's request. The pay check is optional."

Trout looked at Matt.

"You heard the man let's go."


Raul Vasquez was true to form. On this evening he had arrived at 4:00 in the afternoon for happy hour and he also seemed to be very popular with the ladies as well. Benny Ray had gone in first to look the place over and spoke into his COM, which was well hidden.

"Well if your gonna do this you might as well get it done. By the way, just so you know, one of his bodyguards looks awfully familiar. I think I saw this guy outside the Silver Star."

"Roger that."

Margo made her entrance. She walked to the bar and ordered herself a scotch on the rocks. She was asked to dance, which she did. When the dance was over she went back to the bar where Raul Vasquez was now sitting. She asked for her drink and he handed it to her. They started talking. His body guard came up to him and told him it was time to leave and that his father wanted him home for dinner.

"Would you honor me a request Miss Franklin? Have dinner with me and my family."

Margo made the young man wait a few minutes before answering. "Sure, why not . You only live once."

Raul turned to his bodyguard and told him to call his father and tell him they would be having a guest for dinner this evening. The bodyguard did as he was told. Then they all left. Benny Ray paid the bar bill and left.


Louis Vasquez was not pleased with the turn of events in the last few minutes but then he thought a Last Supper for his guests was in order so he stationed guards throughout the house and told the maid to set two extra place settings. He then went down to the basement to see to his guests along with one of his guards. It had been awhile since they had eaten and he wanted to show them that he was not a bad person. Just misunderstood.

"Well Miss Trout and my friend Nick... tonight, not only my son brings home a young lady but tonight will be your Last Supper on earth."

"Well Vasquez I am hungry and I will accept your invitation."

"Thank you Miss Trout and how about you Nicky. I am sure that Raul would like to see you one last time considering how close you two were. Plus I think Carmen would also like to see you one last time."

"Alright I'm in but if I get the chance I will kill you Vasquez."

"Sorry but you will not get that chance because I will have armed guards all over the house and if anyone of you get the chance to even try and escape, their orders are to kill the both of you on the spot."

"Do you both understand?"

"Yeah we do."

The guard released them from their shackles and brought them to a place where they could change their clothes and wash up before dinner.


Benny Ray had followed the limo just as far as he had dared. He got out, went to the trunk, took out some camouflaged fatigues and changed. He then performed a weapon's check... made sure his pistol was loaded and checked his SIG ssg 550/551 assault rifle. He choose this weapon because it could double as a sniper's rifle. He then pulled out a borrowed ghillie suit and started walking through the jungle. He stopped when he got within three hundred yards of the house and set up his gear. He was very happy that the owner of the villa liked his privacy because at this distance he was still in the jungle. He then got behind the rifle in the prone position and waited. His COM then came alive with the rest of the team doing a radio check plus he could also hear what was going on inside the villa.


Matt, Rico and Drummer moved slowly and quietly through the jungle. Drummer took lead followed by Matt and Rico was taking the rear. They all knew Benny Ray was in position. Just in case Margo needed help they all agreed they had to take out Vasquez's hired guns before they could do anything else. They had walked for about 20 clicks into the bush when Drummer's hand went up and the other two men stopped while Drummer checked things out. He was gone for about 15 minutes. When he returned he informed them that there was a camp of approximately 75-80 men all carrying military hardware and equipment. Matt organized a plan of attack Rico would go through the middle while Matt and Drummer would be on his right and left flanks. They also agreed no prisoners would be taken. This meant scorched earth.


Once inside Raul Vasquez introduced Margo to his mother and sister. They both seemed very gracious and he was told to introduce her to the rest of the family. They walked into the den where Louis was seated talking to his oldest son Juan.

"Father, may I introduce Miss Veronica Franklin."

"Very pleased to meet you Miss Franklin. I would like you to meet my oldest son Juan and I would like you to meet my two house guests Mr. Nick Delvecchio and Miss Alison Trout. Now if you would excuse us, the four of us have some business to discuss."

"Very well ,I guess I will go and freshen up."

You may use the bathroom down the hall.

On her way to the rest room she was noticing the men in the house carrying machine pistols and submachine guns. When she went into the bathroom she spoke into her Com, which was a broach she was wearing.

"Benny Ray they are here. They look alright except for a few bruises and by the way, the house is full of tangos as well. Relay this information to Matt and the others."

She then made her way to the living room where she started a conversation with Carmen. She picked up some interesting Intel through their conversation that she was sure the DEA would be more than interested in.


Once Benny Ray passed on the information Margo had obtained from the compound, he very quietly changed his position. He silently crept to the top of a knoll where he had a better field of view from his last spot. He noticed one thing, that there was a lot more activity going on than just a little family dinner. He saw three men with glock 18's in holsters. He also took a look at each man and he could tell from their eyes that each man was a combat Vet.

"Boss we may have a situation here. It seems that Vasquez only hires the best mercs he can find. Would you like me to take them out now?"

"NEGATIVE... for now just keep an eye on everything and watch for any sign that Margo may be in trouble, then you can take them out. Until you hear from me, do nothing."

"Yes sir."


As Matt, Rico and Drummer went through the mercenaries, firing on everyone in a total surprise move, they looked around to see what was there. They found explosives and arms. They took enough ammo to re-supply themselves since many of the mercenaries had the same taste in weaponry. After re-supplying themselves, Drummer took some of the explosives and set a charge on a propane tank. The explosives were rigged to go off in 20 minutes. They then took a jeep that was near by and started driving through the jungle. Drummer was able to mount the stoner machine gun he was carrying so that he could take care of any tango's they might encounter. 20 minutes later they heard the explosion and knew the place was toast. They got within 400 yds of the Villa and Drummer told them to stop.

"What's wrong now Drummer?"

"Not a thing. I just remembered something Pajaro told me about. It seems that Vasquez built his home on top of an old fort that had an underground escape route which should be around here somewhere close by. If we can find it, we may be able to get in without being seen."

"In this area?"

"Yes it should be around here I suggest we fan out and look for something that does not belong here."

The three men spread out in three different directions. They looked for about fifteen minutes until Rico called them to his location. He was soon joined by the other two men and showed them the trap door he had found. They decided to hide the Jeep and to go through the tunnel to see where they would wind up.

They all made their way through the tunnel until they reached a door which was unlocked. Rico went through high while Matt went low,their guns ready... but the room was empty except for the chains on the walls and the empty plates on the floor.

"What next Major?"

"We wait and see who comes through the door. I'll give you 50 bucks this is where they are keeping Nick and Alison."

Matt then radioed Benny Ray and told him about their find and not to do anything without hearing from him first.


Dinner went off without a hitch. Margo tried not to recognize Alison and Nick but Nick was trying to communicate with her using hand signals. She knew what he was trying to do. She also noticed that Alison played things much cooler than she had when she first met the young women in Chile. After dinner the men went into the den, followed by the women, who went into the living room. This arrangement lasted for about two hours when two of the body guards Louis Vasquez along with Nick. Louis told Alison it was time for her and her friend to leave. She got up and went with them. Margo noticed the little derringer that was pointed in Nick's back.

Margo also got up and made her apologies for also having to leave because she had an early appointment in the morning.

Louis came back and said. "My dear, it is much too dangerous to leave tonight. Several of my men have spotted rebels from the hills tonight so you will be our guest and Miguel will drive you back to Bogota in the morning."

"Well if you insist."

The maid showed Margo to a guest room upstairs. Margo looked around the room while the maid put fresh towels in the bathroom. The maid and Margo then left the room talking on their way downstairs where Margo rejoined the rest of the family.


Matt, Rico and Drummer finished putting silencers on their weapons when the door to the basement opened. They very quickly took out the guards when they came down the stairs. Matt made hand signals for Nick and Alison to come closer. When they got closer, Matt told Rico to change guns with Drummer and to take them topside to the jeep they stashed. Alison was very eager to go but Nick was not.

"Look Matt I owe these guys some payback of my own so give me a gun. So you can send the other jarhead back."

"Nick I'm sorry you said that. Now go with Rico."

Just as Nick turned around Drummer hit him so hard Nick immediately fell unconscious. Rico picked the little man up and carried him out. Matt had radioed Benny Ray and gave him the order to start taking out the guards in his sector and he would see him inside.


When Benny Ray got the okay to do his thing, he was able to take out four of the eight targets before they knew what was happening. He waited patiently for the other four tangos to show themselves which they eventually did, trying to flush him out using their pistols. He took each one out like a well oiled machine. He then took off the ghillie suit and slowly made his way to the villa. He thumbed the selector switch to full auto just in case. He also took a grenade from his vest and threw it under a truck parked with the vehicles. The explosion took out all of the other cars in the driveway. He then spoke into his COM. "Major... all tango's on the outside are history along with all forms of transport."

"So that's what the noise was, good job Benny Ray. Will see you inside."

Before making his way inside he picked up a Glock 18 to give to Margo if she needed it.

He then tried the door. It was unlocked, so in he went.


Matt and Drummer made their way through part of the Villa taking out armed guards as they ran into them. They then decided to check the rest of the first floor. The armed guards they ran into had no chance at all. They then split up while Drummer checked the upstairs. Matt made his way toward the living room pretty much unopposed.


Drummer made his way through pretty much unopposed except for the occasional armed guard, which he had no problem taking out. He then cleared each room. On the west side, when he reached the stairs leading to the living room, he spotted a whole bunch of guards all armed with Mac 10 submachine guns.

"Shepherd I need some help on the west side."

"It's on the way in the form of Benny Ray."

"Roger that."


Benny Ray went through the first floor, all the way to the living room, with out running into anyone. He heard Drummer and Matt's conversation about the upper stairwell. He back tracked and headed up the stairs. He then started going through the rooms on the west side and sent an all clear to Matt and Drummer. He very carefully went to the main stairs.

"Drummer if I was you I would duck and cover my ears."

"What are you going to do?"

"Concussion grenade and shoot fish in a barrel."

"Consider it done."

Benny Ray took a grenade from his vest and lobbed it. The flash bang went off with a lot of noise. The guards were in a virtual panic and they were all taken out by a few full automatic bursts from his SIG 551. Drummer got up and they started down the stairs.


When the flash bang went off it also did a job on the people who were down stairs, disorienting them for a few minutes, which gave Benny Ray and Drummer a chance to join Matt downstairs. When the inhabitants of the living room got their senses back they were all shocked to see three men dressed in camouflaged fatigues and very heavily armed. Margo was not surprised that the team moved in so quickly.

"Okay guys do you have a piece for me?"

"You bet."

Benny Ray handed her the Glock 18 he had picked up outside from one of the guards he had killed. One of Vasquez's two remaining guards made a move against Margo but Drummer put him down before the man could clear his gun from his holster.

"Matt, are Nick and Alison safe?"

"Yes, Rico took them out through the tunnel in the basement."

"I should have destroyed that thing years ago." replied a very angry Louis Vasquez. He told them they would never get out alive. Matt told the man that his mercenaries had been dealt with and they were all dead.

"So you are the ones Nick said would come looking for him and Miss Trout. I was expecting her father... not a unit of soldiers."

"Look Vasquez, you took a member of my team by force. Did you not think that would go unanswered? By the way, we are a tight knit group. It was unlike Nick to just disappear without saying anything to at least one of us."

Juan and Raul both made moves behind their backs and came out with semi auto pistols. Benny Ray took them both out with a short burst from his assault rifle. Drummer radioed Rico to bring the jeep around because they were done here. The men turned to walk out to the door with Margo taking up the rear. Louis and the remaining guard made their move. Louis pulled a little .25 caliber derringer and Miguel pulled out a large revolver. Margo killed the both of them with a burst from the Glock 18. The two women swore they would have vengeance upon all of them and then began to sob for their family members.


Rico pulled up with the jeep and everyone climbed in and he drove back to Bogota. On their way out they noticed vehicles going towards the Villa.

Benny Ray looked at Drummer. "Looks like the DEA is a little late."

"That's an understatement"


Alison was reunited with her father and Nick paid a visit to the head of the DEA and punched the man out. The team then returned the weapons they had borrowed from the Marine's arsenal. After everyone changed, they headed to the airport where their plane was waiting to bring them all home.


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