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Looking at her rebellious daughter through hooded eyes, she throws her hands up in disgust. The sky blue eyes were stormy, as they glared back at her. She was just like her father, always ready to jump head long into some adventure without thinking about the consequences.

She wasn't going to give in this time. Frustrated she pushes the longs strands of hair out of her face.

"I told you NO Susan, and I meant it. You're too young to be running the streets with that gang of hoodlums. They're always in trouble. I know at least two of them have been arrested. Stealing cars and joyriding. I don't want that for you, sweetheart why can't you understand that.

"Oh I understand alright Mother," Susan yells over her shoulder. "You want to keep me tied to your apron string. You never let me have any fun."

"Damn, damn, damn," she growls to herself, "why couldn't he be like other men? But no he had to be some adrenalin junkie always gallivanting off somewhere. He already put one son in jeopardy and gotten them all abducted. Now his daughter was running wild with a bunch of misfits from a street gang. "I hate you I hate you," she cried. Though deep in her heart she knew she would never stop loving him.

Stomping up the stairs Susan slams her bedroom door hard flinging herself facedown on the bed.

"It wasn't like that," Susan mumbled into her pillow. Yeah Kit and Steve had been arrested, but they said it wasn't their fault wrong place at the wrong time, and she believed them. Kit's parents had thrown him out when he was fifteen. He had done wonders to survive on his own. He was going to school and even had a job. What the heck did her mom have to complain about?

Dreamy eyed she sees the handsome face of Kit in her mind, his dark gray eyes made her shiver. Susan was in the midst of her first crush. He is such a hottie, she giggled rolling on her back she hugged her pillow tight.

An hour later with her pack flung over her shoulder Susan quietly opens the bedroom window. An outstretched limb of the old oak tree made a perfect ladder to the ground below. Shimmying down the limb she drops to the grass below. With the hedge as cover Susan sprints toward the sidewalk where a new silver mustang waits. Opening the door she slides into the seat, giving the driver a triumphant look. Never considering how a seventeen-year-old boy could own such a car.

Silver Star Hotel
Hermosa Beach, CA

The room was dimly lit and quiet, several people sat in companionable silence. Trout had kept his word no assignments had come their way. The team had been able to get the much-needed rest. It had taken several weeks but the team was finally back to full strength. Matt has spent the last week putting the clubs paperwork in order. Margo had gone off to a spa, to be pampered and petted for a whole week of sheer bliss. Chance and CJ had returned to Hawaii; their business needed attending. Nick! Matt had to laugh thinking about it. Nick had spent the last week trying to date every girl that came into the club. Matt had been thoroughly amused by the little mans antics. Rico and Sheri had disappeared for a few days. He could almost feel the electricity between those two.

Matt's eyes narrowed as Benny Ray crossed the room. Pulling up a stool the sniper began to strip and clean his prize possession the Remington 700 - Again.

He looked a helluva lot better than he had two weeks ago. The headaches had finally disappeared. The dark smudges beneath his eyes had faded and. and the spring was back in his step. Of course Diana could have been the cause of that. The pretty doc had spent many days and night caring for the sniper and it hadn't all been business.

He was just glad that particular mission was over. Trout's people were still searching for Morgan, but the man had disappeared without a trace. Someone had destroyed his compound all of the building had been burned. Any evidence or clues as to his activities or whereabouts had gone up in flames.

Grabbing a cup of coffee from the kitchen Matt starts up the stairs as a phone goes off. Stopping to listen he hears Benny Ray's answer. "Riddle"

"Whoa, Mary Ellen, " he says "Slow Down."

Matt nearly chokes on his coffee as he hears the name of the snipers Ex-wife.

It's several minutes before Benny Ray speaks again saying, "I'll be there as soon as I can."

As Benny Ray closes the phone he stands staring at his rifle for a few minutes before Matt asks.

"Problems, Benny Ray?'

"Nothing I can't handle sir, it seems my daughter has run away from home, Mary Ellen wants me to find her and bring her back."

"How old is she?"

Chuckling, Benny Ray answers, "Fourteen, going on twenty-five I think. They'd had a fight Mary Ellen forbid her to go out with her friends so Susie left through her bedroom window. That was two days ago."

"So Boss, it looks like I need a couple days off to take care of business."

"No problems, but stay in touch and let us know how it goes ok!"

"Roger that Sir!"

Atlanta, Georgia

Benny Ray parked the rented SUV in front of his Ex-wife's house. She had vowed never to talk to him or let him see the kids again after they had all been abducted. California had been too close for comfort so she had picked up and moved. Mary Ellen had family in Atlanta and needed that close relationship right now.

Stepping out of the car, he shivers slightly, his light jacket no protection against the biting winter wind. Georgia was in the grip of a storm, the coldest winter in twenty years. Taking a deep breath he rings the doorbell. He had no idea how Mary Ellen was going to react when she saw him, even though it was she that had called him. From inside the house he could hear the sounds of running feet and a familiar voice cry out, "I'll get it."

Throwing open the door a young man stands his mouth agape as he views the beloved figure standing in front of him.

"Dad," he yells, flinging himself into Benny Ray's arms.

Lifting the boy into his arms he hugs his son tight, blinking back tears. They stand wrapped in each other's arms as his X walks up to the door.

"Benny Ray," she replies coolly.

He expected her reception to be chilly, but he hadn't counted on the worry he could see in her eyes. Had he done it again? Was Susie missing because of something he had done?

Setting his son down, he follows them into the house. The room was different but the furniture, pictures and decorations sprinkled around were very familiar. Memories flooded his already bemused mind and their loss hurt, cutting through him like a knife. But as long as he remained part of the team his family was lost to him.

Inviting him to sit, Mary Ellen turns asking, "Something to drink, I have Iced tea or soda, or maybe you would like something stronger."

"Tea is fine," he replies.

Mary Ellen returns a few minutes later a glass in one hand and a small book in the other. Setting the glass on the table beside him she hands him the book. "It's Susie's diary," she states. It might help!

Benny Ray could hear the tears, and he watched, as she turned away no longer willing to share her pain with him.

It was nearly an hour later when Benny Ray walked out of the house. He'd heard Mary Ellen's side of the argument, and taken a look around Susie's room. In her desk he'd found several letters from a person called Kit. Mary Ellen had also given him the names, addresses and a picture of some of Susie's friends and the school they attended.

She didn't ask him to stay, he knew she wouldn't, he had already booked into a hotel a few miles away.

Sitting in the car he spent a few minutes leafing through the diary. He had to laugh at some of the entries. The kid had an eye for detail and a strange sense of humor. But it also contained the names of some of her favorite hangouts. Throwing the SUV in gear he pulls out heading down the road towards the school. The little candy shop beside the school was packed with teenagers of all sizes and shapes. From the picture Mary Ellen had given him he recognized the faces of Susie's friends.

Slowly he walked up to the table, surprised when one of the girls, squeals saying. "Hey your Susie's dad aren't you, the one that lives in California? She carries your picture around with here everywhere." "I'm Janie," she says holding out her hand. "At that the four girls at the table blush and giggle.

Smiling his blue eyes brimming with laughter, Benny Ray reaches over and shakes the tiny outstretched hand. Pulling a chair up beside the table asking, "I'm Benny Ray and yes I'm Susie's dad, have any of you seen Susie today?"

A second young lady speaks up saying, "My names Linda, No, Susie hasn't been to school in a couple of days. Is she sick?"

"I know," a third girl, pipes in grumbling, "Maybe she's with Kit?"

"Kit," Benny Ray asks? "Whose Kit?"

"He's a jerk," she mumbles, "but for some reason Susie likes him."

"Liz, your just jealous," Janie says laughing.

"I am not," Liz returns defensively, "there's just something about him I don't like and he's way too old for her anyway."

"Do you know where I might find this Kit," Benny Ray asks? "I'm only in town for a couple of hours and would sure like to see Susie."

"Yeah," Janie answers, "he and a friend of his have a place over on 10th. It's about 3 blocks from here. We can show you where it is."

"I'd appreciate it. Are you going to get in trouble if you do," Benny Ray asks smiling.

"Nah," the four of them pipe up, "we live over that way, it's on the way home and beside your Susie's dad."

It took about ten minutes for the little group to walk the 3 blocks.

Janie seemed to be the spokesman for the group saying, "Do you want to go up?"

"No, thanks, if you would just tell me which apartment, I'll go back for my car before I go up."

He could see the disappointment written of their faces but remained adamant. Finally relenting Janie gave him the number.

Thanking them for all their help he shakes their hands. Turning lastly to the littlest girls who had yet to speak asking, "will you tell me your name?"

Looking up at him he could see the adoring look on her face and gently smiles.

"I'm Patty," she whispered.

"Thank you Patty," he whispers back shaking her tiny hand.

Standing up he waves as they begin to walk away, watching as they whisper and giggle.

Turning to the building he takes one last look before walking back to the SUV. Two minutes later the vehicle is parked in front of the apartment building. Checking the Glock holstered beneath his jacket he steps out of the vehicle. Opening the front door to the building he checks the mailboxes, 311 is assigned to K. Carson and S. Fielding. Kit Carson - Hmm, Benny Ray chuckled, his parents idea of a joke. Well at least he seemed to be in the right place.

Walking up the two flights of stairs he wends his way to 311. Knocking he waits but gets no answer. Knocking a second time he turns away in frustration. Looking down the corridor he takes a small pouch out of his jacket, pulling a thin tool from one of the pockets. Kneeling down he inserts it into the lock, seconds later the lock clicks open. Turning the handle he walks in. The apartment is tiny and slightly messy as he takes a look around.

In the small living room he finds what he's looking for. Susie's backpack is sitting on the floor beside a rickety wooden chair. He recognized it because he had bought it for her a couple of years ago when they were going camping. It had her favorite Winnie the Pooh character - Eyore embroidered on the back and her name sewn under the flap!

From behind him he hears the faint sounds of breathing. Pulling the Glock he steps into the shadows. Through the doorway he can see the outline of a feminine body as she enters the apartment an outstretched arm holding a weapon. Silently he moves around behind her to intercept. Reaching out he grabs her around the throat pulling her against him. He could feel her tense up ready to react and he tightens his grip. "Drop the weapon," he whispers in her ear."

"I'm not going to hurt you if you drop the weapon." Tightening his grip once more he can feel her gasping for air as she lays the weapon on the table beside her.

"Who are you he asks," releasing his grip slightly to allow her to talk and breath.

"FBI," she answers.

"Let me see a badge," he returns, "nice and slow if you please."

Reaching into the back pocket of her jeans, she slowly pulls out her wallet. Taking the wallet he flips it open, the badge glares the truth at him.

"Dona Lee Medina," he states. Releasing her, he hands her the badge lowering his weapon, but doesn't holster it.

"Who the hell are you and what are you doing in here," she croaks at him angrily, rubbing her throat.

Finally getting a chance to look at her, Benny Ray sees a very petite blue-eyed blonde Barbie doll standing in front of him. Her hair was pulled back into a ponytail and her blonde bangs fell over her eyebrows. The blue jeans and bulky sweater hid none of her more feminine assets. At the moment her stance radiated indignation and total dislike. But Benny Ray wasn't interested; all he wanted to do was find his daughter.

Ignoring the first part of her question he answers the second, I'm looking for my daughter," he states. "I was told her boyfriend lived here."

Dona Lee looked at the man standing in front of her, he was tall and athletically built his bearing and attitude said cop or soldier. She leaned toward soldier, but it was his eyes that caught her attention. Icy blue, they hid much of his inner thoughts, but were clear and honest. Closely eyeing him and the weapon still held in his hand she makes her decision. "Your daughter," she replies. "If she's mixed up with these kids she's in a lot of trouble. We've been watching this place for over a week."

"Ahhh I remember now Susie is her name right," Dona Lee asks? "She showed up here a couple of nights ago. Haven't seen her or the Carson kid since. We think these kids are part of a car theft ring that's been working in this area for about six months now. The gang consists of about five kids in all but we don't know who they're working for."

"And you watching them in hopes they will take you to their leader," he says tritely. "Do you know where they are now?"

Unwilling to volunteer any more information she looks into his face. Seeing concern for his daughter written there she relents.

"I'm sorry," she answers, "we lost track of them, they must have spotted the tail."

Glaring at him Dona Lee says, "I would like to know who the hell you are though, and why you're packing a weapon?"

She could see he wasn't going to answer, and from her first encounter she was at a decided disadvantage in hand-to-hand combat if he decided to leave in a hurry.

Suddenly Dona Lee ducks her head her left hand going to her ear. "Damn," she whispers!"

"Come on, we need to get the hell out of here, Fielding is on his way up."

Lowering his voice Benny Ray states, "I'm not leaving, go if you want, but Fielding probably knows where my daughter is and I intend to find out!"

"You can't just bust in here and ruin months worth of work, one call from me and ten men will be in here before you can blink."

"Go for it Lady," he growls "but first I'm talking to Fielding."

Stomping in frustration Dona Lee grabs her gun off the table shoving it into her holster. Striding across the room she glares at him for good measure as she steps in one of the bedrooms. Grabbing the door she swings it closed leaving a small crack so she can see and hear what was going on.

Slipping back against the wall, Benny Ray waits. He hears the key turn in the lock and the quiet humming of a popular song.

Pushing the door open the young man strides in throwing his keys on a small table in the hallway. Reaching the living room he dumps his pack on a chair totally surprised as Benny Ray steps out in front of him. Stammering the young man looks around gasping in fear at the tall, grim looking man standing in front of him.

Brazening it out, he stands tall, belligerently asking, "Who the hell are you mister, if you don't get out now, I'm calling the cops."

Crossing his arms, Benny Ray takes a menacing step toward the young man. "Who I am is Susie's dad, and I want to know where she is, and you my young friend are going to tell me."

Benny Ray sees the shock on the young man's face and the quick darting of eyes as he tries to avoid the questions.

Taking a few stumbling steps backward Fielding says, "Who the hell is Susie, I don't know any Susie?"

"Don't," Benny Ray lowers his voice as he grabs the front of Fielding's shirt dragging him forward. He pulls him to within inches of his face saying. "One way or the other, you will tell me where she is, you might prefer it the easy way.

Benny Ray could feel the young man trembling, and the fear radiating from his body was palpable. Stammering the young man says, "They left two days ago and haven't been back."

"Where did they go," Benny Ray snarls.

"I… don't know," Fielding mutters, dropping his eyes.

Benny Ray lifts the young man off the ground and shakes him his voice deadly serious as he says, "I think you do, and I want to know?"

"He'll kill me," Fielding whispers.

"I'm the one you should be worrying about," Benny Ray whispers back. With his free hand he reaches up, the Glock a grim reminder to Fielding that Benny Ray meant business.

"Put me down and I'll tell you," Fielding squeaks.

Roughly Benny Ray lets go of his shirt, watching as Fielding stumbles backwards. Watched as the young man looked around, realizing it was futile to run, he had nowhere to go.

Sighing he plops down into one of the chairs. Running his hands through his hair he looks up saying. "Kit was suppose to do a job that night, he took Susie along. He didn't want to take her but no matter what he said she wouldn't stay behind. She said she had a fight with her mom. Kit and I could see was really mad and was looking to get into trouble."

"They were only suppose to be gone a couple of hours, but they never came back."

"Where did they go," Benny Ray prompted.

When the boy doesn't answer Benny Ray steps forward placing one hand on each arm of the rickety chair his face inches away. Lowering his voice he asks again, "Where did they go?"

Fielding started. Scrunching down in his chair he stuttered his answer. "Campbell, it's a little town about twenty miles from here, there's a group of warehouses down by the river. I don't know the number, but the sign says Bangkok Imports. He took her there."

"Why didn't they come back," Benny Ray asked? He could see the fear return to the young man's eyes as he looked up.

"Roper," Fielding murmured, "he's insane he went ballistic when Kit showed up with her in tow. Now he won't let either one of them leave."

Opening the door, Dona Lee walks out a huge grin on her face as she flashes her badge saying, "Thank you Mr. Fielding!"

Seeing Benny Ray turn away, Dona Lee sprints across the room grabbing him by the arm asking, "Where do you think your going?"

Snapping his head around the look in his eyes is enough to make even the hearties of souls cringe, but Dona Lee doesn't flinch.

Seconds fly by as they stand glaring at each other. Turning his head away he says, "I'm going after my daughter."

"You can't go in there alone," Dona Lee states. "Fielding is right, Jason Roper is psychotic. Anyone who has ever gotten in his way didn't live to tell the tale. We've never been able to pin anything on him but it's not because we haven't tried. He smart, slick and very dangerous, you can't go in there alone."

"I don't have a choice, Benny Ray states." Benny Ray knew if the FBI went in his daughter was bound to end up hurt or worse - dead and he said so to Dona Lee. He could see her bristle up, but he also saw the acknowledgement in her eyes.

Exasperated, Dona Lee pulls a phone from her belt. Flipping it open she presses the keys. Seconds later she 's giving orders and less than a minute after that two men walk into the apartment.

"Danvers, Baker, please take Mr. Fielding to the office. My friend here and I have a few things to discuss and a couple of leads to follow. I'll contact you as soon as I can."

Grabbing Fielding by the arm, Danvers grins saying "Yes Ma'am." Baker gives her a sideways glance as he follows Danvers out his eyes filled with hatred. He hated her! He'd always hated her! How the hell could they put a woman in charge? Who the hell did she have to sleep with to get the job? Snickering Baker grins to himself as his mind makes up the stories to cover his own inadequacies. Well she was going to loose on this one, he thought. Going off on her own - she would pay.

Looking across at Danvers he knew they had all the information they needed to haul Roper in. But Danvers was a momma's boy. He and the bitch were pretty tight. Baker knew he couldn't trust Danvers. Well he'd just have to do it on his own.

A few minutes later as he and Dona Lee sat in the SUV as Benny Ray pulled out his cell. With one click, the phone dialed and a familiar voice answered.

"Matt, Benny Ray began, I ran into a little trouble here, could use your help!"

"Roger Benny Ray we'll be there in a couple of hours."

"Thanks, Major!"

Waterfront Warehouse
Campbell, GA.

Bangkok Imports turned out to be a large building near the end of the pier. From the rooftop of the adjacent building Benny Ray could see most of the interior. Cars both intact and in pieces littered the main floor. The offices were abuzz with activity. But he had yet to spot Roper, Kit or his daughter.

His fingers itched to get inside, but he knew he needed backup. It was still about two hours before the Major and the rest of the team could get there.

Dona Lee had disappeared for about ten minutes. Benny Ray wondered if he could really trust her, but at the moment he had no choice. He was grateful when she came back carrying two hot coffees, a heavy jacket and an old pair of gloves. "It was the best I could come up with at such short notice she said as she handed them to him.

He was tempted to kiss her and his eyes must have reflected his relieve as he donned the garments. Causing Dona Lee to blush in pleasure murmuring your welcome to his heartfelt thanks.

He was so damn cold. His wardrobe didn't include winter clothes. Hell he didn't need them in California. He had pulled on an extra sweater but his fingers were getting numb the biting cold seeping into his bone. He knew it would be a shaky process if he had to move in a hurry.

A little over an hour later a silver jaguar pulls up in front of the building. Benny Ray recognizes Roper from Dona Lee description as he steps out of the car. Tall and angular he's dressed in black. Long wavy black hair reaching his shoulders is slicked back behind his ears. Opening the passenger door, a tall blonde haired young man steps out looking around, "Kit" - Benny Ray murmured.

Turning to Dona Lee he hands her the binoculars. "That's them she confirms."

From the side of the building she sees a familiar figure dart across the street, coming to a halt behind some boxes near the door."

"Baker," she grumbles, "you're an idiot!"

Handing him back the binoculars she points to where Baker is hidden saying, "I think we have a big problem."

Swearing beneath his breath Benny Ray says, "Do you think you can get down there in time to stop him."

"I can try," Dona Lee swears as she runs for the stairs.

Looking through the binoculars once more Benny Ray watches as Roper and Kit stroll through the building. Breaking off Kit moves toward a small office near the door. Opening it he is unprepared for the small tornado that launches herself at him. With flying arms and legs Susie pelts the young man with blows.

Grinning, Benny Ray sighs in relief as he watches the little termigate that is his daughter.

From below him he sees Baker move toward the door. Dona Lee is not going to be able to reach him in time. Benny Ray knew Susie would end up being a casualties if he didn't do something fast. Throwing the jacket off he slings his pack over his arm as he jumps to his feet. Surveying the gap between the buildings he estimates it to be approx eight feet across.

Moving back Benny Ray sprints toward the ledge leaping into the air. He lands hard but flexes his knees and rolls to the left. Springing back to his feet he runs across the roof positioning himself above one of the skylights. Through the dirty skylight he can see the outline of several bodies below him.

From the front of the building he can hear the sounds of splintering wood as Baker crashes through the door. Sounds of gunfire break the silence as Baker bullies his way into the room.

Roper hearing the sounds of the splintering door leaps for the office where Susie had recently been incarcerated, dragging Kit, Susie and two of his hired thugs with him. His men on the floor know what to do and one man is no match for the firepower Roper had hired. Baker realized immediately his mistake, was trying to back out of the building, he twists in agony as a bullet catches him in the chest knocking him to the floor.

Dona Lee rushes through the door heading toward Baker's last know position. Using several crates as cover she slips closer to Roper's warehouse. She can hear the crackle of weapons fire as she sees four men and the girl come running out of the building.

From his pack Benny Ray grabs his harness and a rope quickly securing it to a small pipe beside the skylight. Pulling on his half gloves he loops the rope through the karabiner. Stepping up Benny Ray drops through the skylight and quickly settles to the floor. With the Glock in his hand Benny Ray fires, taking out three of Ropers men before they could turn. Diving toward the office Benny Ray crashes through the door only to find the room empty. At the far end of the room he could see an open door and hears the sound of angry muffled shrieks. Running across the room Benny stops just inside the door. Across the pier he can see several men hurrying toward a waiting vehicle. Susie, doing her best to slow them down is dragging her heels and struggling.

Tired of the struggle the guard grabs her around the waist cradling her beneath his arm.

Distracted Roper and his companions are unaware of Benny Ray as he streaks across the pier toward them. Launching himself at the man holding Susie, he twists taking them both to the ground. "Run" he yells to his daughter. Struggling to her feet Susie takes several steps but is caught again as Roper grabs her by the hair. The second thug reaches out grabbing Benny Ray by the shirt, spinning Benny Ray kicks out catching him squarely in the stomach. With a whoosh of air the man tumbles backward hitting the ground.

But the first thug had regained his feet and reaches out smashing his fist into Benny Ray's back. Grabbing his arm the thug spins Benny Ray to the side slamming him into the piers railing. Bringing his arm up Benny Ray blocks the next blow. Following through he deliver a smashing right to the man's chin snapping his head backwards. Stunned the man steps back as the crack of a handgun goes off.

Roper laughs in glee as he fires, striking his own man in the back, sending both of the struggling figures over the railing and into the river. The water was icy cold as it closed over their heads Benny Ray could feel it's deadly grip settling over him. The man he'd been struggling with had gone limp, his body floated away as Benny Ray released him.

God it was cold, he could feel it seeping into his bones. Gritting his teeth he kicks out sending his body to the surface. His body reacts sluggishly as he swims for a rickety ladder twenty feet down the pier. Numbly his fingers grip the wooden planks as he drags himself slowly upward.

He could hear the squealing of tires as a vehicle pulls away from the pier. He'd seen Roper grab Susie, depression settled over him. How the hell was he going to find her now? Reaching the top step he stumbles onto the pier falling to his knees shivering.

Dona Lee watches as the green Lincoln streaks down the pier. Pulling a small radio from her pocket she says. "Sky Hawk 1 this is Agent Medina, what is your position, over."

"Roger Medina, we are hovering in position above the river, over."

"Thank God," she mumbles, "Sky Hawk 1, we have a hostage situation, green Lincoln leaving the pier. I need you to follow it, do not stop or apprehend, I repeat do not stop or apprehend this vehicle, surveillance only. Please notify all agencies of the situation."

"Roger Medina," the pilot returns, "we will keep you informed, Sky Hawk 1 out."

Switching the channel on the radio, Dona Lee says, "Danvers, I need you and your men to move in on the warehouse now!" "Unknown number of men armed and dangerous."

"Dave," Dona Lees says, "Baker is inside."

"Baker," Danvers says raising his voice in shock, "What the hell?" "Ok Dona Lee I'll take care of it."

"Thanks Dave," Dona Lee says sighing."

Putting the radio away, Dona Lee runs across the pier to the last place she saw Benny Ray go over. Only to see the wet bedraggled figure come tumbling onto the pier. Running to his side she kneels beside him, noting his chattering teeth and blue lips. "I'm going to call an ambulance," she says.

"No," he stutters, "I have to go after my daughter."

"You can't do it if you're dead," she throws at him.

"If they get away now I'll never find her," he says through gritting teeth.

Surrendering Dona Lee helps him to his feet saying, "I took care of it, I have a chopper in the sky following them."

Giving her a sideways glance he gets to his feet. Shrugging she grins at him saying, "I like to be prepared."

"Thanks," Benny Ray whispers.

"Come on," she says grabbing his arm, "lets take Roper's Jag." Benny Ray grins through chattering teeth as his wet clothes soak through the leather seats. Sliding in to the drivers' seat Dona Lee laughs when she sees the keys still in the ignition. Confiscating Roper's car - Dona Lee had to laugh at the irony.

They make one stop as Dona Lee grabs Benny Ray's gear from the SUV before pulling out onto the main road to follow Roper.


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