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MH-60K Blackhawk


AH-6J Little Bird firing Hellfire anti-tank guided missile

MH-6J Little Bird carrying Special
Forces soldiers



 Basic Parachutist Badge

 Military Freefall Parachutist Badge


 Basic Army Aviator Wings

 United States Army Special Operations Command unit patch

  United States Army Special Operations Command flash


Modified 201 File Format
(This document has not been reviewed by subject and may
be incomplete.)

  Personal data:
Walker, Jason
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 175
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Marital Status:
Single Dependents:
Rank:1st Lieutenant(02)
Top Secret/SI
Citizenship:United States


Regent's College, NY Bachelor's of Science


Basic Training. 8 weeks. Fort Benning, GA.
Advanced Infantry Training, Infantryman. 5 weeks. Fort Benning, GA.
Primary Leadership Development Course. 5 weeks. Schofield Barracks, HI.
SFOD-D Selection. 4 weeks. Camp Dawson, WV.
Basic Airborne Course. 3 weeks. Fort Benning, GA.
Operator Training Course. 24 weeks. Fort Bragg, NC.
SERE C (High Risk). 3 weeks. Fort Bragg, NC.
Military Freefall Course. 5 weeks. Yuma Proving Grounds, AZ.
Special Forces Weapons Sgt. Course. 24 weeks. Fort Bragg, NC.
Basic Non Commissioned Officer's Course. 2 weeks. Fort Bragg, NC.
Warrant Officer Candidate School. 12 weeks. Fort Rucker, AL.
Aviation Warrant Officer Basic Course. 8 weeks. Fort Rucker, AL.
Initial Entry Rotary-Wing Course. 38 weeks. Fort Rucker, AL.
UH-60 Ground School. 2 weeks. Fort Rucker, AL.
Advanced Qualification Course UH-60. 8 weeks. Fort Rucker, AL.
Transition Course MH-60L. 3 weeks. Hunter Army Airfield, GA.
Advanced Qualification Course MH-6. 4 weeks. Fort Campbell, KY.
Officer Candidate School. 12 weeks. Fort Benning, GA.
Aviation Officer Basic Course. 8 weeks.

Jan '88 - Jan '89 Infantryman C Co. 1st Bn, 27th Regiment (Wolfhounds) 25th Infantry
      Division. Schofield Barracks, HI.
Jan '89 - Dec '91 B Squadron, SFOD-D. Fort Bragg, NC.
Oct '92 - Nov '93 A Co. 1st Bn., 82nd Aviation Regiment, 82nd Airborne Division, Fort
      Bragg, NC.
Nov '93 - Dec '95 A Co. 3rd Bat, 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (Airborne),       Hunter Army Airfield, GA.
Dec '95 - Jun '96 C Co. 1st Bat, 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (Airborne),
      Fort Campbell, KY.
Jun '96 - Jun '97 HHC, 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (Airborne), Fort
      Campbell, KY.


Military Flight Hours
   UH-1H  152 hours
   OH-58 Kiowa  45 hours
   UH-60 Blackhawk  262 hours (185 NVG)
   MH-60K Blackhawk  377 hours (162 NVG)
   MH-6J Little Bird  62 hours (33 NVG)
   AH-6J Little Bird  22 hours (13 NVG)
   TOTAL  920 hours (393 NVG)

Rappel Master

Special Forces Weapons Sgt.
Aviation Warrant Officer
Aviation Officer

Medals and Ribbons:
Army Service Ribbon.
NCO Professional Development Ribbon (2nd award).
National Defense Ribbon.
Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal (2nd award).
Army Achievement Medal (3rd award).
Army Commendation Medal.
Soldier's Medal.

Awards and Badges:
Basic Parachutist Badge
Special Forces TAB
Military Freefall Badge
Aviator Wings



Jun '97 - Sep '97 Coach, Booker T. Washington, High School, Philadelphia, PA.

2nd degree Black Belt, Tae Kwon Do.
Private Pilot's License, Fixed-wing, Multi-engine.

Subject was raised in an extended family of brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, grandparents and cousins. Born in South Philadelphia he grew up on the streets and learned at an early
age to survive by one's wits. He endured numerous beatings from local youth gangs and
started studying martial arts at an early age. Subject sought for something better and was
recruited into the Army with promises of all kinds of opportunities. He attended basic
training (honor graduate) and AIT during his Junior year of High School. Upon graduation
he was assigned to the 'Wolfhounds' of the 25th Infantry Division in Schofield Barracks,
Hawaii. Subject spent just over a year with this unit and then applied for and was accepted
to SFOD-Delta selection. He readily admits he didn't know what he was getting into.
Subject was the youngest candidate in his selection course and found it extremely demanding and the most difficult thing he had ever attempted. Subject was the only non Special
Forces/Ranger candidate who successfully finished the course and was selected.

After Delta training, subject spent 3 years as an operator and conducted classified
operations in Europe, the Far East, Africa and deployed to operation Desert Shield/Desert
Storm. Subject then successfully applied to Army flight school. After completing flight
training he was assigned to the 82nd Airborne Division and after a year with them,
successfully transferred to the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment. Subject
conducted many classified and unclassified operations with the 160th SOAR until he
deployed with C/1/160th SOAR to Bosnia.

Subject's MH-6 Little Bird helicopter crashed after infiltrating a Special Forces
Reconnaissance Team into Bosnia. Subject's Company Commander was the pilot and
he the copilot when they struck power lines during the night transit back to base. The
crash gave the subject a concussion and broke the COs left leg, left wrist and dislocated
his shoulder. The aircraft had crashed on a steep slope on a mountain side and subject
knew that rescue choppers would not be able to reach them in their precarious position.
Subject rigged a rope to rappel down to a more suitable position for extraction and while descending with his Commander on his back, got his foot stuck in a crevice and severely
tore his knee ligaments. Subject was stuck upside down with his CO tied to his back for
almost an hour before Air Force Pararescue men could extract them. His knee injury
immediately put him off flight status for a year while he went through physical therapy.
Subject used some of this recovery time to attend OCS but resigned before becoming
re-eligible for flight status in order to go home and spend more time with his ailing mother.
Subject intended to eventually go back into the service but employment opportunities with
SOF changed his mind.

Psychological Profile:
Subject is very close to his immediate and extended family. His family is very proud of him
for his accomplishments in the military though they do not realize the classified nature of his
work. Subject is quiet and very disciplined. Even when young he was very mature for his
age. The military has been an experience he has been totally amazed at. No one in his family ever served in the military before to his knowledge so he had no access to information about the military before he enlisted. He has been very successful in everything that he has done in
the military and is quite astounded by it. He feels himself very lucky throughout his career to
have been able to work with some outstanding soldiers. When the subject was in Delta Force, he served under Major Shepherd and again worked with him when he was with Task Force 160 even to infiltrating and exfiltrating Shepherds' teams on operations.

Subject has had varied career within the US Army. His evaluation reports have always been exemplary. His successful selection into SFOD-D was highly unusual because few non
Special Forces candidates make it. He was also able to secure a transfer to 160th SOAR
with only a year on a conventional helicopter unit when typically they only accept candidates with a much higher experience level. His injury, removing him temporarily from flight status,
gave him an opportunity to attend OCS. Though he knew that as an officer, he would get
less flight time, he would have more command opportunities. On recommendation from his Company Commander he applied and was accepted to OCS. His mother's health problems changed his military career plans and he resigned from the military in order to go home and
support her. As her health improved, Major Shepherd came along and offered some enticing opportunities. Subjects' skills as a close quarter combat operator and as a fixed-wing and rotary-wing pilot will no doubt make him very useful to SOF.

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