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Major Matthew 'Q' Shepherd
Former Major US Army Special Forces  
Former Delta Force Squadron Commander
Unconventional Warfare
Tactical Operations Planning
Mission Commander

Benny Ray Riddle
Former Staff Sergeant USMC
Former Squad Leader, 2nd Force Recon
Maritime Operations
Category I Sniper
Light Weapons Armorer

Margo Vincent
Former GS-14 Central Intelligence Agency
Former Case Officer, Operations Directorate
Intelligence Gathering

Nicholas Delvecchio
Former Special Agent DEA
Former SOG US Marshals Service
Deep Cover Operations
Surveillance Operations
Clandestine Entry Methods

Deacon 'Deke' Reynolds
Former Warrant Officer US Army
Former pilot 101st Aviation Regiment
Undercover Operations
Intelligence Operations
"Peculiar Acquisitions"

Xavier Trout
Former Colonel, US Army Delta Force
Case Officer, Classified Special Operations Unit
Unconventional Warfare
Intelligence Operations
High Risk Operations

Jason "Chance" Walker
Former 1st Lt. 160th SOAR (A)
Former Operator SFOD-Delta
Rotary-Wing Pilot
Fixed-Wing Pilot
Close Quarters Combat
Christopher "C.J." Yates
Former Sergeant, Special Air Service
Former Team Leader, Freefall Squadron

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