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'America's Special Forces'
Weapons, Missions, Training
by David Bohrer

If you are among the many interested in the Military, specifically Special Operations, then you will definitely love this book. This is one of the newest books on Special Operations (1998). It covers, in detail, the roles/missions of the Navy Seals, Army Rangers, Army Green Berets, Air Force PJ's and CCTs, Special Ops aircraft and last but not least, Marine Force Recon.


 'Brave Men, Dark Waters'
The Untold Story of the Navy Seals
by Orr Kelly

From the jungles of Vietnam, the shores of Panama and the sands of Iraq, the U.S. Navy SEALs are the most fearsome Special Operations Force in the world. Now, drawing on extensive interviews and recently declassified files, here is the first in-depth look at this military elite.


 'The Commandos'
The Inside Story of Americas Secret Soldiers
by Douglas C. Waller

An experienced Pentagon correspondent for Newsweek reveals the excruciating training and dangerous missions of America's elite fighting forces, including the Navy SEALs and Delta Force, following them into battle in Desert Storm.


 'The Company They Keep'
Life Inside the U.S. Army Special Forces
by Anna J. Simons

The author provides a quick and dirty history of America's modern involvement in unconventional warfare. She stresses that behind-the-lines operations are but one aspect of the SF's largely clandestine missions; in addition to direct action (ambushes, hit-and-run raids, sabotage), they encompass assisting foreign governments in establishing defenses against subversion or insurgency, the tutoring of indigenous irregulars or their state- supported counterparts and reconnaissance. Employing unit designations and names of her own devising, Simons delivers a detailed picture of how Special Forces' soldiers train for low-intensity conflicts, intelligence gathering and instruction assignments in offshore venues.


 'Covert Warrior'
A Vietnam Memoir
by Warner Smith

Officially, no American troops were there in 1965. But as part of FRAM 16, a super-secret elite fighting team trained by the CIA for reconnaissance and covert combat patrols, repeatedly engaged enemy forces deep within their own territory. Now, revealing for the first time the incredible black-ops combat missions that were hidden from even the military, Smith tells the true account of his harrowing twenty-month odyssey as a CIA covert warrior.


 'Death in the Jungle'
Diary of a Navy Seal
by Gary R. Smith

Snakes, vipers, crocs, sharks and the VC...a swamp warrior who served five tours in Vietnam tells it like it was. Gary R. Smith is a living witness to the realities of naval special warfare. The key to his success, go where no ordinary soldier would go and no VC would expect him.


 'The Element of Surprise'
Navy Seals in Vietnam
by Darryl Young

It used to be said that the night belonged to Charlie. But that wasn't true where SEALs patrolled. For six months in 1970, fourteen men in Juliett Platoon of the Navy's SEAL Team One, incuding the author, carried out over a hundred missions in the Mekong Delta without a single platoon fatality. Their primary mission...kidnap enemy soldiers...alive...for interrogation


 'First Seal'
by Roy Boehm 

He's dodged flamethrowers in Vietnam and political bombshells back home. Now the legendary founder of the world's toughest commando force...the U.S. Navy SEALs...tells his scorching, secret-shattering story. Mastering survival within war's deadly arena, Roy Boehm has combined his expertise with a deep and unwavering patriotism to help change the course of 20th-century warfare.


 'At the Hurricane's Eye'
U.S. Special Forces from Vietnam to Desert Storm
by Greg Walker

Author Greg Walker, with sixteen years of U.S. Army Special Operations experience as a ground operator, provides information and eyewitness accounts never before reported, from the tragic raid on Panama's Paitilla airfield to the first insider accounts of Special Forces, Marine Force Recon and NAVY SEALs' operations before and during Desert Storm.


by Chief Petty Officer James "Patches" Watson

The personal story of a thirty-year Navy SEALs veteran who recounts his achievements as a member of the Underwater Demolition Team 21, three tours of Vietnam, numerous rescue missions and his relationship with Richard Marcinko


by Chief Petty Officer James "Patches" Watson

The author of Point Man discusses the history of the SEALs, their intensive training program, their specialized skills and equipment and their missions around the world, including an assignment to locate a Vietnamese POW camp.


 'Spec Ops'
Case Studies in Special Operations Warfare:
Theory and Practice
by William H. McRaven

Bill McRaven, Commander of a team of SEALs, the Navy's elite Special Operations Force, is an expert on the subject of Special Operations. In this well-organized and deeply researched study, McRaven pinpoints 6 essential principles of 'Spec Ops' success: simplicity, security, repetition, surprise, speed and purpose.


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