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Authors: Rattler and Kato
Rating R: Violent content.
Disclaimer: All characters are the property of Rysher Entertainment. We are only borrowing them for a bit, except for the characters we have developed.


As Sylvester August sat outside the home in Clearwater Florida of the man he hired to find out, who assisted Drummer, it became apparent that the man had found something… it was a money trail. A trail that led to a pentagon official. Something else that he found very interesting, was the arrest of Tom Winters. He found a name and that was Xavier Trout. He then tapped into pentagon files, did a search on Trout and found nothing. He dug deeper into Trout's background and found Matt Shepherd. Upon searching his background he was able to put together the rest of the puzzle. He walked outside with the hard copies and handed everything to his employer.

"Good work Hanson I'll tell our friend in Washington today at lunch."

He handed the man an envelope filled with cash and the young hacker left, determined to disappear forever. August then walked inside and knew that his revenge was soon at hand. He faxed all the information he had and made a call. "I've sent you packages, get your best man on it. I don't care. I want these people dead."

THE HILLS OF North Carolina

Billy Joe Riddle was late for a dinner date with a young barmaid in town. But before he could leave, he noticed the government car pull up with two men inside. One stayed back and looked around, while the other walked up to him.

"Billy Joe, lets talk inside ok?"

"Sure what ever."

The two men walked inside, Billy Joe got himself a beer and sat down at his kitchen table.

"What the hell do you want Hayes?"

"Well… for starters, to offer you a job."

"You know I quit the Company five years ago."

"Billy Joe, no one quits the Company and you know it."

"I did."

"Look this is a free lance job and you've being given first crack at it. Mr. August is willing to pay $500,000 for these people to be terminated."

He tossed the file in front of him and Billy Joe leafed through it. He then turned to the last page and got extremely angry.

"Take it and get out!" "There's no way I'm gonna kill my little brother."

"Your what, who?"

"The guy on the last page."

"I knew you had a family, but this guy?"

"That CIA op I was involved in after Lebanon cost me dearly.

I can never contact my family or claim the only women I have ever loved, since a death notice was sent out. Now get out before I throw you out."

The man got up and left. Billy Joe went to the phone and cancelled his date for the evening. He walked to the back wall and punched in a code. He grabbed a Beretta 92FS, a Colt Double Eagle .45 pistol and ammo for both. He also selected a Springfield 1903 snipers rifle along with ammo. He then pulled down a colt accurized commando with a C-more sight and more ammo. He got packed and headed out. He knew it would not take Hayes long to put together a team of assassins to kill his brother and his friends.


Billy Joe decided that his brother's friends in Hawaii should be first up for protection. At the airport he checked the yellow pages for a company named First-Chance Air tours. If he found them this easily, then the opposition would find them as well. He rented a Plain-Jane Sedan and headed for the airfield.

He took out the Snipers Rifle and inserted a stripper clip of magnesium Tipped 30-06 ammo, he checked his pistols to make sure they were loaded. He then found himself a Snipers nest, sat and waited. He began scanning the rooftops. Through the leuopold Snipers scoped he estimated his shot to be 600 yards with a crosswind. He adjusted and sighted on his prone target. He took a breath of air released some of it and took up the slack on the trigger of the old Springfield and pulled the trigger. His target was now a corpse. He continued to scan for others and he found a secondary target holding an M16. He cycled the action and made his sight adjustments. He took his shot, the man died instantly. He left his calling card after picking up his brass and quickly leaving. He would be drinking a beer and having dinner by the time the police straightened this whole mess out.


Matt pulled everyone to help him with inventory since most of his staff was down with the flu. The phone rang and Matt answered it and he told the person on the other end he'd take care of it. Trout then walked in with a very worried look on his face.

"Matt we need to talk now."

"Yeah Trout we do."

The two men walked to Matt's office and closed the door.

"Matt theirs a termination squad after your people."

"Well Trout looks like you beat me to it. I received a call from Chance a few minutes ago telling me that two bodies were found at his air strip both killed with a 30-06 from the looks of it. The cops are treating it as a gang war. But CJ made the comment about the kills being way too neat."

"Matt we believe this team is being hunted by a former Sniper that was attached to the 101st Airborne at one time. We did find a calling card"

He dropped the card on Matt's desk. Matt picked it up and looked at it.

"For once you're right. The sign of death from above."

Trout looked at Matt.

"We did some digging and found one man who used it."


Trout took the print out and showed it to matt.

"Trout your people are reaching here."

Matt then called Benny Ray into his office.

"What's up boss?"

He handed Benny Ray the paper.

"No way sir, my brother Billy Joe died in Lebanon back in '85, I was at the funeral. "

"Benny Ray are you sure?"

"Yes sir. He may have hated where we grew up but he loved everyone especially our mother. If he were still alive he would have contacted one of us. Especially Lynn. Who I need to pick up at the airport."

"Matt where gonna dig till we find something out."

Trout left but it made Matt think. Benny Ray then left for the airport to pick up a friend from back home.

Matt exited his office and told everyone what was going on.

"Margo I want you to find out everything about a man named Billy Joe Riddle"

"Matt? this any relation to Benny Ray?"

"Afraid so, an older brother presumed dead but I got a bad feeling about this."

Margo went to work looking to see what she could find out and what she found scared her big time. It took her no time in finding what she was looking for.

"Matt your gonna want to see this."

Matt was surprised it had taken her just twenty minutes.

"Margo what did you find out?"

"Well are boy is alive and well and living in Asheville North Carolina."

"How did you find this out?"

"Checking for bank accounts credit cards, drivers license the usual. His service record reads like a war novel. Enlisted at the age of 17: was a member of the 101st airborne sniper qualified, has seen action in Grenada and Lebanon and his last posting was in Columbia. He even had a file with the CIA. Where he was involved in something called operation Shadow Dance. I contacted a friend in the agency who will fill me in with more specifics tomorrow."

"Good work, there's a picture on file I hope?"

Margo handed him a picture.

"Ok people take a look… he could be a tango or a friend.


Benny Ray waited at the terminal for an old friend from his home in Auburn Alabama. He knew her as the women his brother Billy Joe had loved and respected since he was old enough to notice such things. He also remembered the two of them were once very much in love. When he saw the women with light auburn hair and green eyes he could see why his older brother had loved her so much. Not only was she one of the prettiest women in Auburn but also one of the smartest as well. She greeted him with a hug and a peck on the cheek.

"Lynn have you heard from Billy Joe at all?"

She was shocked by the question.

"No I thought he was dead."

"Well today I was given this, it was his calling card."

She looked at him in total disbelief.

"You know he gave me one of those back in '85 when he visited me here."

Benny Ray looked at her.

"Wait, he visited you here?"

"Well Benny Ray, we were going to be married secretly because Daddy did not approve of him."

"Mamma always hoped he would of married you."

They walked to Benny Ray's truck. And drove off.

Billy Joe was watching this from his rental car and when he saw Lynn the only woman he had ever loved. He could feel his heart in his throat. He picked up his cell phone and dialed a number. It was answered on the second ring. He spoke in his best graveyard voice.

"Hayes. If, Lynn is hurt in any way. I'll kill you. Up close and personal."

He then broke the connection and started tailing his brother.


Margo finished putting everything into a folder when Benny Ray walked in. He picked up the folder, read the contents and looked at the picture.

"I know your only doing your job. But we buried my brother back in '85."

"Benny Ray I know how you feel. But if he's dead then he's a walking corpse."

"I know you mean well. But if he's living, I have questions. A lot of them."

Matt walked into the room and asked Benny Ray into his office. Benny Ray grugdely walked in to the office and Matt closed the door.

"Well sir, I still can't believe what you and now Margo are saying."

The door suddenly opened and Trout walked in. Margo followed him in and took a seat.

"Matt I talked to a friend over at the CIA and it appears that Billy Joe Riddle is very much alive."

Benny Ray turned on his heel too face the man.

"Then if he is, how come he has not been in contact with me, my family or the women he left behind?"

"Easily answered Mr. Riddle he can't. It was part of the deal he made with the company upon leaving, their employ."

Margo then joined the conversation.

"You mean their still using that. Then tell me this Xavier what was operation Shadow Dance?"

Trout looked at all three members of his strike team that were assembled in Matt's office.

"Miss Vincent I was hoping you wouldn't have gotten that far. It was a covert suicide mission inside Vietnam. They knew the risks going in. But when they all came out on the Thailand border with more information than was required they were given new identities all except for Mr. Riddle. Who started doing wet work for the CIA. It appeared he had a knack for Intel gathering and survival along with being a deadly sniper."

Benny Ray was a bit overwhelmed by all this.

"How do they get away with it?"

Margo was supporting her friend.

"Benny Ray they threaten their family and any loved ones they may have. In your brothers case, his fiancée."

Benny Ray was in complete shock over all this.

"Margo, how did you know he was engaged?"

"Well I found a marriage license on hold dated spring of 1985."

Benny Ray called Lynn and cancelled dinner he needed time to think.


Billy Joe noticed that Benny Ray was not moving from the business establishment he entered. So he decided to get some dinner and take a walk on the beach. He noticed a woman who he remembered from long ago. Standing watching the waves and crying. He remembered how pretty and how smart she was. In every aspect she was his opposite. He could not bear to hear her cry. He then looked around and judged it safe. He walked towards the woman from behind and wrapped his arms around her waist and whispered into her ear…

"I'm sorry for missing our date fifteen years ago."

Something inside her became alive again after being dead for all these years. She turned to face the man and when she did look into his eyes, She remembered the man she had agreed to marry fifteen years ago. She started pounding on his chiseled chest and crying with her head up against his chest and shoulders.

"shhhh….It's Okay, it's okay Lynn...let it all out. I'm back now."

"But how?"

He looked into her green eyes.

"I can't go into that right now for your own safety. But believe me I've never stopped loving you."

He brushed the hair out of her eyes.

"Remembering that night in old man Thompson's hay field, the night before I left. That image of you in the moonlight has gotten me through many a lonely night."

He bent down and kissed her gently, slowly… on the lips.

"Billy Joe we need to talk."

"Okay, about what?"

"About my husband for one thing."

"Tell me Lynn, is it a good marriage?"

"No. Daddy arranged it."

"But I do have three children now."

"I always thought you might but I don't care about that. If they have you for a mother I'm sure they know they're loved."

Billy Joe then reluctantly broke free of the embrace and started walking off.

"Billy Joe Riddle where are you going?"

He looked back at her…

"To take my life back. Lynn there will be a time when I come home and reclaim what's mine."

Her mind was swimming she was so happy he was alive. Plus she thought when he died a part of her also died but even that was alive. She wanted so badly to tell him about his son. But he hadn't given her the opportunity.

Billy Joe walked away knowing what he had to do. He had broken his word to Hayes and the agency. Now he was putting his life in danger as well as hers. He thought about it for a minute and realized he would give up his life for hers in a heartbeat if it became necessary he then remembered the file he looked at. He then remembered an operation in the Becca valley in Lebanon. Where he had saved the lives of two men one of them owned the Silver Star, where his brother was now.


He had no problem gaining entry the alarm was simple enough and so was the lock. Billy Joe Riddle was forced to learn many things when he went to work for the CIA. He found the office door unlocked and booted up the computer. He kept his Colt in his hand and typed with the other. He found what he was looking for, proof of what this place really was. He thought who would ever suspect this place was a staging area for a Black Ops Team. The door suddenly opened and he saw a man holding a gun. Just like he was.

"Major why don't you put the gun down before one of us gets hurt."

"Only after you tell me who you are and what you want?"

"All right sir. My name is Billy Joe Riddle and I want my life back."

"What makes you think I can help you?"

"Well sir because you and Col. Trout owe me."

"Come again?"

Billy Joe put his gun on the desk and ran his fingers through a two day old growth on his chin.

"Well Sir, let me paint you a picture. Back in 1984 you and Col. Trout led a squad of Rangers in to avenge the bombing of the Marine Corps. Barracks. Your men get killed but you and the Col. walk out alive due to the skill of a sniper who was sent on the same mission and who left one of these."

Matt took the card and it was just like the one Trout's people found at the airfield.

"Why do you want your life back now?"

"Well sir, I did something stupid. I saw my fiancée this evening planning on not talking to her but I needed to see her. One last time, She was crying and I could never stand to see her cry. So I made contact and I realized that I still loved her very much. Possibly more than life itself."

Matt put his gun back in its place behind his back and picked up the phone and started talking to someone on the other end. Billy Joe then took out a little black book.

"Tell him I'll throw in this. Plus information on the hit team."

"Ok. Trout will be here to talk to you this afternoon. But what about your brother?"

"Well since I'm breaking rules and came out of hiding. I would like to see my little brother. But I would like to clean up first. I'll be back around six and I'll cook breakfast."

"Fair enough since no one will eat mine."

Billy Joe picked up his gun and left.


Billy Joe had planned on keeping his word and returning to the Silver Star but he needed to check on Lynn first. The shower along with the shave had done him a world of good. He noticed a government car parked in the lot. He saw someone checking a weapon that looked like a micro Uzi machine pistol. He reached in the back and grabbed the Colt commando from it 's case and fed it a thirty round clip. Two men made their move and so did he. He opened his door and aimed the rifle his finger moved the selector to three shot burst. "Alright boys hold it! Put your guns on the deck now." One complied by putting a sig. P229 on the pavement and then he put a little Beretta 84F next to it. The second man turned, looked at him and fired the Uzi! All his shots dropped and hit the door because he was out of range for the little machine pistol. Billy Joe then stitched the man with a three shot burst and he dropped instantly. Billy Joe then transitioned from the Colt commando, to his Double eagle, and he walked forward, looked at the man who had dropped his guns and spoke:

"You can tell Hayes our agreement is over and if the lady gets hurt or any member of my family. He's as good as dead."

"But you broke the agreement last night."

"Yeah I did. But also tell Hayes I still have my kill book and I just might turn it over to the Pentagon."

The man got into his car and left. Billy Joe then got in his car and headed for a date with destiny with his brother.


Billy Joe was true to his word and came back to meet with his brother. Matt met him at the door.

"Was wondering if you'd come back."

"After this morning, I have no choice any more."

"Sounds rough… kitchen is this way."

"You mind if I fix myself a drink first?"


Billy Joe walked behind the bar took down a glass and poured a generous helping of straight Bourbon whisky and drank it down fast.

"Now I'm ready."

He followed Matt into the kitchen. He opened the fridge and found some left over potatoes, corned beef and started preparing a hash. Then he grabbed some ham and fried it up. After each item was cooked he wrapped it up and placed it in the oven. He then scrambled a lot of eggs and kept them warm as well. He then started going through the cupboards.

"Shepherd what's this no grits?"

"Sorry. You sound too much like Benny Ray."

"Well you know what they say. You can take the boy out of the country. But you can't take the country out of the boy."

A voice from outside said.

"Oh please shoot me. Not another hillbilly."

They both walked out and saw the New Yorker standing there.

"Matt you said something about food and who's he? He gives me the creeps."

"Nick we have food and meet Benny Ray's Brother Billy Joe."

"Say what?"

Billy Joe walked up to the little man and stuck out his hand. Nick accepted it and Billy Joe pulled him in close.

"If you ever call me a hillbilly again. You'll be dog meat. Do you understand me?"

"Yeah positively."

"As for giving you the creeps I seem to have that effect on a lot of people. By the way the foods in the oven so help yourself."

Margo came in and noticed the tall stranger, when she got a glance at his eyes she knew who he was.

"Nice to meet you Mr. Riddle. Where's the food and coffee?"

"Ma'am it's in the kitchen help yourself. But I know you right?"

"Yeah, we did Berlin back in "94 a security detail I believe."

"Yeah it was. I remember hearing about some big ruckus about a deep cover operative from East Berlin."

"That's right. But as I remember it you were not very talkative."

"Well I'm still not."

She then went into the kitchen for food and coffee. Benny Ray came in looked at his brother and then at Matt.

"Boss mind if we use your office me and my brother need to have a private talk."

"Benny Ray go ahead."

Billy Joe followed his brother into the office.


Benny Ray turned and hit his brother in the jaw with a rock hard right cross. Billy Joe could taste the blood in his mouth and he gave his brother a hard stare.

"Well little brother I guess I deserved that. But was that for you or someone else?"

"That was for our mother."

"Look I really did not want to hurt anyone you have to believe me."

"Then why!"

"I had no choice. There was no way they were gonna let me resume with my life. Everyone else that was involved with that op was placed into the witness protection program."

"But when you were pronounced dead and we got that visit from the army a little bit of our mother died that day. A part of Lynn died also."

"All right Benny Ray listen up, I broke the rules last night and saw Lynn so she knows I'm alive. I killed a man this morning who was gonna kill her. Do not tell me what it did to her because you have no idea, What kind of hell I have been under these last few years. Do you think it was easy for me to stay away from her and to not see my family?"

"I have one card to play and I'm playing it this afternoon. Do you recognize it?"

He handed his brother a black book.

"That's my kill book the CIA never asked if I kept one. That is the key to getting my life back."

Benny Ray looked through the book and there had to be at least 75 kills in It. But all he could do was think about the hurt his brother had caused his entire family.

"From my understanding this could cost you your life."

"It very well might."

The two men looked at each other.

"We done here Benny Ray?"

"Good to have you back Billy Joe."

The two men embraced and slapped each other on the back.

"Well boy you hungry for some down home cooking?"

"You got grits?"

"Afraid not just hash eggs and some ham. You really got to tell your boss to get some grits though."

"That'll happen when hell freezes over."

The two men emerged from the office and headed for the kitchen.


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