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 Navy Parachutist Wings with Scuba Badge



Modified 201 File Format
(This document has not been reviewed by subject and may be incomplete.)


Personal Data:
Riddle, Benny Ray
Nickname: none
DoB: 1970
PoB: Auburn, Alabama
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 175 lbs
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown
Marital Status: Separated
Dependents: Wife: Mary Ellen

Rank: Staff Sergeant (E6)
Clearance: Top Secret/SI
Citizenship: United States



Boot Camp. 11 weeks. MCRTD, San Diego, CA.
Light Weapons Armorer Course. 12 weeks. MCRTD, San Diego, CA.
Reconnaissance Indoctrination Course. 6 weeks. Fort Story, VA.
Amphibious Reconnaissance School.. 8 weeks. Fort Story, VA.
Basic Airborne Course. 3 weeks. Fort Benning, GA.
Basic Underwater Demolition School, Phase II. 6 weeks. NAB Coronado, CA.
Coxswain Skills (CRRC) Course. 18 days. NAB Coronado, CA.
Navy SERE School. 10 days. Warner Springs, CA,
Marine Corps Scout Sniper School. 6 weeks. Quantico, VA.
Military Freefall Course. 5 weeks. Fort Bragg, NC.
Ranger School. 10 weeks. Fort Benning, GA.
Special Operations Training Course. 8 weeks. Camp Lejeune, NC.

Aug '87 - Sep '88 C Co., 2nd Bn., 8th Regiment, 2nd Marine Division, Camp Lejeune, NC.
Sep '88 - Aug '90 Sniper Team Leader, 2nd Force Reconnaissance Company, Camp                Lejeune, NC.
Sep '90 - Sep '92 Instructor, USMC Scout Sniper School, Quantico, VA.
Oct '92 - Nov '94 Squad Leader, Fleet Antiterrorism Security Teams, Norfolk, VA

Category I Sniper
Sniper Instructor

Light Weapons Armorer.
Reconnaissance Man
Designated Marksman Rifle

Medals and Ribbons:
Bronze Star with "V" device
Meritorious Unit Commendation
Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal (3rd award)
Marine Corps Good Conduct (2nd award)
National Defense Medal

Awards and Badges:
Basic Parachutist Badge
Combat Diver Badge
Marine Corps Jump Wings


Firearms Instructor. Los Angeles Police Academy

POST Certified Basic Firearms Instructor.
POST Certified Rifle Instructor.
POST Certified Officer Survival Instructor.
POST Certified SWAT Tactical Operations Instructor.
NRA Certified Range Officer.
NRA Certified Pistol Instructor.
NRA Certified Personal Protection Instructor.
NRA Certified Home Firearm Safety Instructor.


Subject is the youngest of nine children raised by a widowed mother, a perpetually exhausted woman who worked double shifts at the local burlap bag factory. Living in the trailers scattered near the train tracks in Auburn, Alabama, Benny Ray spent his childhood supplementing the family's diet by poaching game with his father's old hunting rifle. Subject was teased unmercifully by older brothers because of his small size and skinny stature and learned to endure quietly.

Subject enlisted in the Marine Corps at 17 with his mother's permission. After graduating Boot Camp he attended Light Weapons Armorer school and was assigned to the 2nd Marine Division. There he was assigned to the weapons pool for the Divisions Reconnaissance Battalion. Later he successfully applied for transfer to the Force Reconnaissance Company and participated in classified and unclassified operations in the Middle East, Europe, and North Africa. Subject was extremely successful in 2nd Force Recon and advanced to Sniper Team leader in two years. After his tour with Force Recon he spent two years as a Sniper Instructor in Quantico, Virginia.

Subject served two years with the Fleet Anti-terrorist Security Team out of Norfolk, Virginia and participated in classified and unclassified operations in Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and East Africa as a squad leader. Subject was personally decorated by the Theater Commander for classified operations conducted after Operation Restore Hope in Somalia.
Subject is well-regarded by most of his commanding officers as a plain-speaking, bottom line young man with keen eyes and an air of eternal patience. Subject received an honorable discharge after 7 years of service.

Psychological Profile:

Subject is the prototypical military sniper. His attention to detail, emotional control and infinite patience have made him an extremely successful sniper. His number of confirmed kills remains classified and he rarely speaks of them. He maintains a professional detached attitude toward his targets. Subject was the honor graduate for his sniper class. Subjects first confirmed kill was very near his last as he almost became a 'one-shot' sniper. He saw the affect of his round on the target and was so shaken up by it that he asked to be taken off a sniper team. A few months later, on another mission, his unit was short personnel and he volunteered as an observer on a sniper team in a rear overwatch position. The target came their way and subject's partner was unable to engage the target though he had a clear shot (becoming a no-shot sniper). Subject's partner could not bring himself to engage a target that was unaware he was being tracked and subject took over the gun and successfully made the shot. Since that time he has not had acknowledged any problems engaging designated targets.

One of the few times he lost his patience was when he refused to take orders from a "blue-hat" UN Task Force officer. Because of this indiscretion and his Commanding Officer's failure to support him, subject left the service in order to maintain an honorable discharge. Subject spent a great deal of time and money getting civilian and police instructor certifications but has not found the fulfillment he desired.

Subject is not as close to his family as one might expect. He was the youngest and received the least amount of attention from his mother, who was a perpetually exhausted woman who worked double shifts at the local burlap bag factory. Living in the trailers scattered near the train tracks in Auburn, Alabama, many of his older brother's and sister's had moved on by the time he was a teenager and he has little contact with them. Understandably, the subject is very independent.

Subject is very close with his children and is separated from his wife. Subject is unwilling to discuss much about his relationship with his wife, though he does dote on his children and they love him. His getting out of the Marine Corp was partly influenced by the desire to spend more time with his family. Many deployments took a serious toll on his marriage.

Subject has a great deal of loyalty to Major Shepherd and has operated with him before in other classified missions. He considers Major Shepherd to be the best combat commander he has ever worked for and would literally follow him anywhere.

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