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Silver Star Hotel, Hermosa Beach California
1900 hours
Inside the Silver Star Hotel, all 5 members of the SOF are present, situated around the table.
Trout walks in Greetings. Sorry to put a damper on the weekend, but if any of you had any plans, I suggest you cancel them. By the way, you shouldn’t leave the door unlocked, it’s not safe
Benny-Ray and Chance look up from cleaning their assortment of weapons, and smile
CJ Us have any plans? You're not serious are you? Like we have time for anyone or anything in our life with you monopolising every waking moment.
Gang laughs while CJ gets up and moves to the refrigerator
Matt What’s the crisis? You didn't say much when you called
Trout hands Margo a disk, which she puts into the computer she's working on. An image of Africa appears on the white screen on the wall
Trout Angola, situated in Southern Africa, bordering the South Atlantic Ocean, between Namibia and Democratic Republic of the Congo.
The United Nations WHO organisation have been reviewing the health situation in this African Region. There has been notable progress made in the areas of health sector reforms, polio eradication, epidemiological control, the preparation of strategies to control malaria, HIV/AIDS and other communicable diseases. Not too mention the provision of good quality essential drugs, water supply and sanitation.

This is mainly due to the presence of a group of doctors who belong to the ICO division on the UN. 3 from the United States, 2 from South Africa and 1 German
A picture appears, it shows the 6 doctors standing outside a Rural Clinic
Trout The man standing 2nd from the left is Doctor Elijah Hansen an American virologist, his discoveries concerning the action of viruses on the genetic structure of infected cells, have made inroads in the fight against cancer.

Yesterday, a group of revolutionaries lead by an unknown, attacked the camp and have taken all the doctors’ hostage. Your mission is to rescue these hostages, specifically Dr. Hansen
Margo You are placing emphasis on only Dr. Hansen’s rescue, what about the others, are they expendable?
Trout Don’t get me wrong Margo, I place a high value on human lives, but Dr Hansen has made amazing break-throughs in the fight against cancer. Should anything happen to him, our research in finding a cure could possibly come to a stand-still
Trout motions to another picture This is a South African journalist, George MacAnri, who took the previous picture. I am afraid we do not have much information on him, all that we know is that his daughter Dr Amanda MacAnri is one of the hostages. He has spent most of his life in Angola, and he could provide you with useful info on the lay of the land.
Matt How do we go about finding him?
Trout signals to Margo to show the next slide on the disk. The route is displayed on the map on the wall He lives on a farm approximately 90 miles North of Rocadas. You leave tomorrow morning.You will catch a flight to Windhoek the capital of Namibia, there you will hire a car and travel north to Angola
Matt The intel you are giving us is very sketchy. You can’t tell us who the leader of the Tango’s are, or where their base camp is
Trout Our sources confirm that this group of revolutionaries have originated out of the Cuando Cubango province, therefore their base camp is more than likely to be found somewhere in that province.
Margo His reasons for doing this?
Trout Apparently he wants to unite all members of the Chokwe tribe - Which at last count stood at 500 000 and that was in 1991. He will most likely trade the doctors for money to buy weapons.
Margo And yet he has no name, no face. He brings a potential threat to Angola why haven’t the local forces tried to neutralise him?
Trout UNITA are afraid that if they go after him, he will then side with the Angolan Government, and vice-versa
Matt What sort of armaments are we to expect when we come across this 'mysterious figure'
Trout We are to assume that at this point in time, they have no air support. However their ground support consists of mainly Soviet and Cuban artillery and tanks. His army is growing by the day, if at all possible we need to neutralise this potential threat
Matt Last time I checked, Angola was involved in a civil war, this resembles the Bosnia mission.
Trout Both sides have declared an uneasy truce. If the fighting does re-occur, it will be concentrated in the North, around Luanda.

Okay now for the bad news:

The United Nations have closed down their peacekeeping operation, and have pulled out all personnel, with the exception of those involved with humanitarian aid.
Benny-Ray Hell, that aint a bad thing, all those "blue hats" do is get in the way
Trout DOD (Department of Defence) has arranged for Sat-Link. All the equipment you will need is in that black bag by the door
Matt You expect a lot from us Trout
Margo Our cover?
Trout Matt is a very rich American who likes to hunt, specifically big game. You Margo will be his fiancée, and you three (pointing to Chance, CJ and Benny-Ray) are a few friends that decided to tag along and see what Africa was like.
Matt turns to Margo smiling Well Honey, shall we go choose a ring?
Margo I don’t recall you getting on your knees?

Scene: Plane landing, Land-rover going across country, usual backdrop of African animals
CJ is In the back between Chance and Benny-Ray, khaki shirt unbuttoned feeling very uncomfortable
CJ I am hot, guys I don’t think I have ever been this hot!
Matt is the air-con on?
Look at me! I am losing half my body weight just through fluid loss
Benny-Ray sits by the window, looking cool and calm This is nothing, you should try it further North. Where the heat comes off the sand like a shock wave
Chance Nice thing about Africa heat is that it is dry. Unlike you CJ, stop moving around so much.
CJ Water, I need water. Margo is the water by you?
Margo leans forward, gets the water and hands it back Why do I feel like the mother of 3 brats on a summer vacation?
Chance Did she just say brats?
CJ Margo, I think the heat is making you just a little uptight
Benny-Ray Do you reckon she needs to cool off?
CJ then proceeds to pour the water over Margo’s head
Matt Get ready I think we are almost there
The car moves off a tar road, and onto a sand road marked with a sign "Paradise Lost"
CJ "Paradise Lost" Appropriate
The car comes to a stop by a gate, marked "PRIVATE, NO ENTRY! TRESPASSERS WILL BE SHOT AND EATEN"
Margo Real friendly place. It looks like the gate is locked.
Chance gets out of the car and proceeds to pick the lock of the gate. He then swings the gate open, allowing for the car to pass through.The car moves up a Sand road, with a 6ft fence to the right of it. About 20 meters ahead is a house, one storey, with a porch around the front. The area appears isolated, the team get out, alert
Matt Watch each other’s six, something just doesn’t feel right
Suddenly a shot rings out, dust flies as a bullet hits the ground at Matt's feet. All 5 members hit the ground, moving for cover by a few trees.
Matt shouts We are no threat, we are Americans.
Another bullet fires
CJ Did anybody see where that came from?
Benny-Ray Last window on the left.
Matt motions to Benny-Ray and Chance to move around the house Benny-Ray and Chance move towards the house from opposite directions, while the rest of the team fire towards the house.

Suddenly the rifle fire stops, a commotion is heard coming from the house. A body comes through the window and hits the ground running. Chance and Benny-Ray jump out the window following.

The person dives over a smaller fence circling the house, but is tackled by Chance, who pins their arms behind their back. The hat the person was wearing has come loose in the struggle, and it is only now that everyone realises that the person is a young woman, with long brown hair. Chance picks her up, but she is struggling and squirming. She manages to get a hand free, punches Chance in the face, but he holds on.
Benny-Ray The house is all clear Sir, it looks like she is the only one here
Matt grabs the woman, to stop her struggles Stop that! We are not the enemy. Just a few tourists, looking for a George MacAnri
Suddenly a screech is heard form above, looking up a Martial Eagle is seen descending towards the group at an amazing speed the woman looks up and smiles
Matt Quick, everybody into the truck! Move!
The woman takes this opportunity to try and break free, Chance picks her up, fireman style and everybody runs to the truck, and gets inside. The Eagle circles the truck, her screeching noise almost deafening, her claws scratching at the paint
Benny-Ray takes his Glock Should I neutralise Sir?
Matt, looks at the woman I assume that thing is yours? You either call it off or I will instruct my man to shoot, and lady he shoots to kill.
Woman looks at the gun in Benny-Ray’s hand and is evidently angry Tourists? What kinds of tourists carry a Glock? Why are you here?
The eagle lands on the roof of the car, making a dent, everybody ducks. Benny-Ray, cocks the gun
Benny-Ray Listen lady, either you tell your birdie outside to relax or we are going to have fried bird tonight, Colonel Sander's style.
Margo We are not here to hurt you I promise, we are Americans and we really need to talk to George MacAnri
Woman George MacAnri is dead
Matt Who are you? How do you know this?
Woman I don’t see how any of that is your business. Now I have told you what I know, I think you should leave
Outside there is silence. Everyone keeps quiet, looking around nervously.
CJ Do you think he is gone?
There is a tremendous crash as the bird comes through the windshield. Chaos erupts, everybody falls out of the car while trying to avoid the dangerous claws of the bird. Matt is not successful, as he was sitting in the front.

Benny-Ray and Chance take the tarp that was covering a car situated next to the house, and eventually with CJ’s help manage to capture the bird. The bird is now secure in the tarp.

Scratched, bleeding, Matt stands up and looks around. Margo is bending over the woman who appears unconscious.
Margo She hit her head when she fell out of the car, (looks at the bleeding four-some) I think we should get inside and get cleaned up
Benny-Ray points to the eagle, which has gone quiet I saw a big cage by the house, I think it houses this menace
Matt grimaces at his torn shirt and bloody chest Okay, Benny-Ray, Chance you two put the bird back in it’s cage, be careful
We will take her inside
Inside the house, it is cooler, CJ puts the woman on the couch, while Margo moves to find a first-aid kit, and Matt goes to the bathroom

Once in the bathroom, Matt takes off what is left of his shirt. Margo walks in carrying a box of medical supplies and a photo frame
Margo holds out a picture to Matt that shows George MacAnri with his arms around 2 young girls – one of them being the young woman Matt, take a look at this picture.
Matt That one is Dr Amanda MacAnri
Margo Yes, and I think that our little spitfire may be his other daughter
Matt takes the photo. Margo meanwhile starts to attend to his wounds. Chance and Benny-Ray walk in.
Chance The bird is secure Sir; CJ is sitting with the woman. You okay? Those look like pretty mean scratches.
Who would have thought, come to Africa get attacked by Wild Animals
Matt I am fine. We found this photo. We think that she might be the journalist’s daughter.
Margo If that is the case, then maybe she can help us. She was probably born and raised in this area, and her sister is one of the hostages
Benny-Ray That one is meaner than a badger, getting her to do anything will be a problem.
Matt puts on a clean shirt We will stay here for the night, unpack all the gear.
CJ sounding nervous Guys, we have a slight problem. We have a visitor and he doesn’t look very happy
The four-some walk around the corner and stop dead in their tracks. The woman is still lying on the couch and CJ is standing with his back to her, because facing him is one of the biggest leopards they had ever seen.
Margo Benny-Ray can you do something?
Benny-Ray All I have is my Glock on me, and all it would do is make it mad
Matt CJ, I think he is protecting the girl. Slowly move away from her. Benny-Ray…
Matt points to the rifle which is now sitting on the table
Margo How do you know it belongs to the girl
Matt He is wearing a radio collar
A moan escapes from the woman on the couch, the leopard growls low in his throat and moves forward, crouching
Matt CJ, move away from the girl
The woman sits up and at the same time CJ moves slowly away from her. The leopard now slowly starts to circle CJ. Meanwhile Benny-Ray is slowly inching his way to the rifle on the table to his right
CJ Now now Kitty, good boy, be nice…
Matt Benny-Ray whenever you're ready
The woman stands up and places herself in front of the leopard
Woman No!
He is only protecting me.
Matt We are not here to hurt you or him. I promise you.
Silence, nobody moves. The woman looks at Matt, uncertain.
Woman looks at the leopard Kitima
The leopard stops his crouch and moves towards the woman. She rubs his neck and he starts to purr. Everybody relaxes
Woman I don’t know who you are, but I suppose if you had wanted to kill me, you would have done it already
Margo Are you MacAnri’s daughter?
Woman Yes, my name is Savannah
Matt Can you help us
Savannah First tell me who you are, and why are you here. And don’t give me that crap about being American Tourists
Matt I am Major Matt Shepherd, this is Margo, CJ, Chance and Benny-Ray. We are here to rescue the UN Doctors who have been taken hostage
Margo One of them is your sister?
Savannah Yes. A new faction has arisen they want to take control over Angola but they do not have the money to buy the necessary weapons. They assumed that if they took the Doctors hostage the relevant countries would pay a high price to get them back
Matt How much do you know?
Savannah I know where their camp is.
Matt Margo bring that map, can you show us
Savannah I can do better than that, I can take you there
Matt I don’t think so, it will be safer for you to stay here
Savannah These men killed my father, and tried to kill me.
I am not safe. It is only a matter of time before they get me too
CJ Why did they kill him? Why are they after you?
Savannah That is none of your concern. she turns to Matt – I was born here, I know this area well, you have no choice but to take me You don’t have to worry I can take care of myself
Chance nurses the bruise on his face That we all know
Matt Okay Savannah, show us the route we will be taking.We need details, foliage, is the camp hidden, number of people in the camp?
Fade out - Ad Break

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