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Xavior Trout and Hal Brognola were both summoned to the president's office on this fine September morning both men wondered who the other was. The president entered the room and asked them both to sit down. He handed them both folders and started. "Gentlemen we have a situation here these satellite Photo's were taken above Vietnam yesterday at those co-ordinates. These were given to me last night by the head of the CIA. We need to get those boy's home immediately." Both men answered yes Sir. Then Brognola spoke "Sir who is this man?" "Well Hal meet xavior Trout he runs a group that is every bit as good as phoenix force. So I suggest the two of you go some place and figure this out. By the way your teams will be working together on this. Both men were not pleased by the latest turn of events but decided to work together on it.


Both Trout and Brognola both went around each other in circles in how to work this out Brognola did not want to put his people at the Farm in danger and Trout wanted to keep his assets safe as well. The two men could only come up with one solution they both agreed on and that was an intermediary from Brognola's group to meet with Trout's team leader and to set up a meeting with his counterpart.

Trout made the arrangements for Matt Shepherd to come to Washington and to meet with the women who was Brognola's mission controller.


Matt Shepherd had not been to Washington quite awhile. The meeting place arranged by Trout and his counterpart from the Justice department was very strange he was told too come alone and unarmed. But he was not alone he felt completely comfortable as long as Benny Ray was watching him from a Snipers scope and he was in communication with him.

Matt was dressed in a business suit and he was still waiting to be contacted by this mystery woman with no name. It was approaching 10:00 am the time set for this meeting. Most of the team had insisted on his bringing Margo with him but he thought that would be a bad idea.

He then saw a honey blonde with long hair dressed in a conservative business suit. He thought the women belonged on the cover of a magazine. She walked up to him and asked. "Are you Mathew Shepherd?" "Yes I am know who are you?" "Well Major it's not polite to answer a question with a question." "It is in my line of work." "Barbara Price." "Well Miss Price what can I do for you." "Where you briefed on the situation in Vietnam?" "Yes Trout briefed me on the situation." "Are you alone no. Did you think I would come alone and unarmed?" "I had hoped but I was told by my team commander that you would have someone watching." "I also believe you have someone watching as well. What do you say we call of the dogs and get to this meeting?

Matt produced a Comm and spoke "Benny Ray come on in from the cold." "Alright boss." Price did the same thing but her man was a hell of a lot closer. "Major I'd like you to meet Carl Lyons." "Mr Lyons. Lyons looked at the man so where's yours?" "Well Mr. Lyons he's on his way give him a few minutes he has more ground to cover than you did." They waited five minutes and were quickly joined by Benny Ray Riddle. "May I introduce my #2 Benny Ray Riddle" pleasantries were done very quickly. Lyons looked the man up and down and said "Oh great another redneck." Benny Ray did not like hearing that. He inched closer to Lyons and spoke in his slow southern drawl. "Look I never took that crap in the Marines and I'm not about to from you. Got it mister." "Crystal clear." They then walked to their meeting at the pentagon with Trout's counterpart and this other team leader.


The four visitors entered Trout's office Matt and Benny Ray noticed two men they had never seen before one was a man in his mid 50's and the other had a certain way about him. Trout got up and shook hands with Matt and Benny Ray. He then handed Matt two plain vanilla envelopes one contained dossier on the men he would be working with and the other contained all information they would need. He also introduced Hal Brognola and David McCarter. McCarter stepped forward and took a good look at the two men who stood before him. "Major Shepherd I have no problem with you or Mister Riddle but there are two members of your team I do object to." "Well McCarter I already know one of them and that would be Margo." "Correct no bloody way will I bring a women in to work with what is a man's job. The other is CJ Yates the man is a drunk." Matt walked over to face the man who was most certainly English and probably former SAS. "Look I can vouch for anyone in my team. Now what I want from you is to send all reliable Intel to my Intelligence officer at this email address do you understand me. And I will meet with you in three days. Are we clear." "Alright mate not a problem." Matt and Benny Ray then left to brief the rest of the team.


The flight back to stony man farm was a relatively short one by helicopter the occupants got out and were greeted by the rest of Able Team and Phoenix force. "Yakov wants everyone inside for a mission brief." Came from Gary Manning. They all entered the war room and took their seats but they noticed one empty chair. "So Where's Mack?" Well he couldn't be reached besides he's probably still busy with that bunch in South America." Was the reply from Katz? He briefed everyone on what was going on. "Excuse me but how does this other group fit in." asked Lyons. "Well Carl they're all professionals especially the one you asked questions about but got no answers too. The Bear ran his name through the Pentagon Database. Benny Ray Riddle ex-marine scout/sniper he prefers the Remington 700 and is a category 1 sniper. Carl give this guy a large berth. He is one of the best."

Barbara Price walked over to the Bears work station and handed him the email address from earlier that day "Aaron all the Intel you have collected in the past 24 hours send everything to this email address." Kurtzman looked over the email address and checked it against his own address book and he got a match. "Barb your not going to believe this but I already have it." "Come again." "Ok three years ago I had to break into a top level security area of the CIA and the next day I received an email from someone saying good work. We've been friends since now I want to know who this person is." "Well Aaron all this stuff was to be sent to a Margo Vincent." "Well it's a start." He then started sending photo's and a copy of Katz's plan along with a personal message. His work was done fairly quickly.


Margo was downstairs going through the info that one of her email buddies had sent to her and she was beginning to wonder just who the hell he was. Benny Ray and Matt came down the stairs Benny Ray put his rifle away. "So how'd it go?" "You know this whole thing is getting strange." "No kidding boss. I thought we were the only group like this but I guess I was wrong." "Margo want to find CJ and Chance." She picked up the phone and dialed their pagers and they both reported in about twenty minutes later. Matt briefed them on the situation then handed everything over two Margo who was able to give everyone more of an idea of what was going on.

"Alright folks questions only one person spoke up and that was Benny Ray. "Boss how about weapons?" "You and Margo will be getting us those in Bangkok and the rest of us will meet you there in two days you both leave tonight. Oh Benny Ray please remember nothing to exotic Vietnam is a political powder keg." Alright boss."

It took them no time to pack and they were off to secure weapons and other Intel they may need.


David McCarter sat back and watched the young ladies on the beach and thought no wonder he picked this place for meet great scenery. He took a sip of his beer and waited for Major Shepherd to appear. He sincerely hoped the man came by himself. He remembered how the presence of a sniper had put Carl Lyons the leader of Able Team on immediate alert he did not like the fact that the man was watching and had possibly put his crosshairs on him.

Matt Shepherd observed David McCarter from the bar while he talked to the bartender named Cathy explaining how he couldn't spend the day with her on her day off. Because of business. She understood and took a rain check. He noticed the weapon under McCarters shirttail and was glad he had his own weapon this time since Benny Ray was out of town. He then walked over to the man and sat down.

"Nice to see you again McCarter." "Why did you pick a place like this?" "Well to put you at ease a little bit." A waitress walked over to Matt and asked if he needed anything. He asked for a beer. The waitress returned with his beer and also slipped him her name and number on the napkin. "Mate does this happen a lot here?" "Nope not that often." "Has your team been briefed?" "Yes and Benny Ray and Margo are in Bangkok making arrangements for our gear as we speak." "Alright my men are in route right now and should be at their hotel this evening our weapons are being handled by diplomatic pouch." "Your plan calls for two pilots Chance is good to go and can fly just about everything." "Sounds like Jack." "We got two Blackhawks waiting for us in Thailand. "How are you and your people going to get into Vietnam?"" Halo jump early in the morning. And yours?" "Where flying in." "Interesting but how?" "McCarter this is the golden triangle it won't be a problem. The two men shook hands and went their separate ways.


Benny Ray was getting very nervous riding in the car Margo had rented and only his knife for protection. She had told him to relax a bit and that she knew where she was going. She parked the car outside of a bar called the pussycat. "Margo you're kidding right." "No My old friend Charles sells out of the back room. Besides you've been in worse places I bet." "That's not the issue here." "I know. But I can take care of myself." They both got out of the car the guy at the door gave Margo a big smile. But he gave Benny Ray an evil smile. As they walked in. Margo walked to the bar and asked for Charles. He pointed to the back of the room. The man recognized Margo and motioned for her to sit.

Then Benny Ray moved to sit and was grabbed by a big Asian. Benny Ray quickly turned the tables on the man and was about to dislocate his shoulder.

"Margo I take it he is your associate and not your bodyguard?" "That's right Charles." "Could you call him off good help is so hard to find these day's." "Sure. Benny Ray let the man go please." He released the hold he had on the man but relieved him of the .38 special he wore on his hip. He then joined Margo and sat down. "Margo I can assume this is not a social call but rather a professional one." "Yes how could you tell?" "Your friend smells like a hitman." She looked at Benny Ray and laughed. "Close amigo." "Then shall we go into my office." They followed him into the back and found themselves in a genuine arms are us.

Benny Ray handed the man CJ's list of needs plus other things that an infantry soldier may need. He pulled down a crate marked C4 and clamors. "This it." "Not quite Charles." He looked at Benny Ray "So what can I get for you." "Let's try handguns all 45acp three glock 21's and two HK USP'S three hundred rounds per weapon. Three Ak-47's five hundred rounds per weapon." "Anything else." "Yeah a Sniper rifle." "Oh hear we go again." Exclaimed Margo. He handed him a Dragonov SVD he checked it and gave it back. This happened with just about every rifle he tried except for the last one. He handed Benny Ray a Romak-3 chambered for 7.62X54R "Very nice I'll take it three hundred rounds of ammo. I also need one subgun." I only have one he took down an M3 grease gun. Benny Ray handled it "Ok amigo and one thousand rounds of ammo." Margo handed Charles his money and his man started loading their things into the cars trunk. "Can I get you anything else." "Yes an intro to a pilot who won't mind flying into Vietnam?"

The man left and returned with a man named Travis. "You folks interested in going into Nam?" "You got it amigo." Benny Ray pulled out a map and showed him the area in question. "Boy your crazy that's Lee Tangs country. Not much there but opium and mosquito's." "No problem amigo. I'll call you when my friends get into town." "How many?" "Four" The man then explained his price and Margo doubled his normal fee. He gave them his number and he was off. Then Benny Ray and Margo left.


Phoenix Force made it through customs without any hassles they were with out McCarter who would be arriving in the morning with able team. As soon as they made it through a little man holding a bright shiny case was waiting for them. Manning walked upto the man gave him his name and asked. "This for us?" "Yes sir. Happy hunting." "Thank you." He returned to the group "Hawkins when we get to the hotel you're on weapons detail." "Why is it I always get to clean the guns?" "Because your good at it buddy." Came the reply from Calvin James. They then walked to the parking lot where Rafael Encizo was waiting with a rented van to bring them to their Hotel.


Benny Ray was hard at work stripping and cleaning weapons and Margo had called room service for their evening meal. Benny Ray loaded each pistol after cleaning it. He then started on the rifles and did the same then he came To the Sniper rifle since it was a modified SVD he had no problems in cleaning it and loading it. He then started loading his tactical vest and loading it with things he would need.

"Benny Ray have you ever heard of these guy's where working with?" "Nope they must be as secret as we are because I have never heard of this group before in my life. I'll tell you one thing this guy Lyons has a definite chip on his shoulder big time." "How's that?" "I don't think he likes folks from the south much and he's probably a dam Yankee." He then started to eat his meal but he still wondered who these guys were.


Benny Ray went to the bar and got a warm beer. He really hated the orient and always getting warm beer he then bumped into an old friend. "TJ what are you doing here? ´"Riddle oh man Carl was not kidding." "You're with that other group?" "Have been for a couple of years now. If Carl gave you a hard time it's probably my fault." "No problem amigo. It'll be just like the gulf." "Now that was a fun war wasn't it."

Benny Ray said his good byes after one drink and Hawkins started talking to a woman at the bar and was on his third beer when the rest of his team filed in. For dinner and drinks.


Matt, CJ and Chance all came on the same flight and all made it through customs with out a hitch It was early morning they were all tired and hungry from the long flight. They decided Due to the hour that Benny Ray was probably at Breakfast and Margo was still sleeping. CJ rented a vehicle. "Well major where too?" "Let's get some breakfast CJ and then we'll get too the hotel." "Yes major." The man nodding in agreement.


A Lear jet landed and five men disembarked. Four of the men got into a car and left. While the other stayed behind and started outfitting the two blackhawks for war just in case more fire power was needed. This took the man about two hours he then checked out an old transport plane to make sure everything would be in order for tomorrows jump. The pilot was very pleased with what he found. Chutes already packed and loaded with all the other gear they needed. He then walked into the hanger and sat by a radio and checked out the bunk. He needed rest and that's what he was going to get.


Matt and the others ran into Benny Ray at a restaurant they picked at random. They all walked over to where Benny Ray was sitting and ordered breakfast. "Nice flight boss?" "It was alright." "Did you and Margo pick up our supplies?" "Got everything for our trip in one place." "Sounds good." Benny Ray then started eating his breakfast and downing his coffee. "You know boss someone should teach these folks how to cook. The food is awful I'd rather have MRE'S. Than this slop." "Come on Benny Ray it can't be that bad." "Well major if it's like the food in Singapore it could be worse. Everyone looked at CJ and told him to shut up. Their breakfast came everyone ate and headed to the hotel to get some rest.

Able team and McCarter also got to their hotel and got settled in."You know Carl this place does not change much from year to year. "No kidding." He told Schwartz. They noticed the women who was definitely American making a phone call. "Well guys who wants to bet I get lucky?" "I'll take that bet." Came from Lyons. Blacanales walked over to the women picked up a map. And started a conversation with her after she hung up the phone. The woman was able to turn the tables on him very quickly. He just walked away and he handed Lyons fifty dollars American. "I don't believe it I just don't believe it." "Pol whats wrong." Asked Schawrtz. "Well she's the one going in with those other guys tomorrow." They all took another look and could not believe that this was part of a highly trained group of professional operators.

Both teams used the day to rest up and to get rid of any tension they had for tomorrow they'd find themselves in the bush where some of them have been before and others who thought they'd never get here.


Matt, Margo, CJ and Benny Ray got out of their vehicle dressed in Tiger stripe camo and paint and all decked out for war. Travis was by his chopper and waiting. He knew what he was being paid to drop this bunch of into Lee Tang's part of the Delta triangle.

Travis saw each person for what they were the three men all had to be spec ops types by their bearing and the way each of them carried their rucksacks to their weapons. But he could not figure out the women's role in this affair was but she seemed tough enough to handle it.


Lee Tangs part of Vietnam was at the end of Vietnam which still had lots of Jungle and opium fields and was bordered by Laos and Cambodia and was a good three days trek in country Matt and Benny Ray marked it on their maps just in case. Their pilot dropped them of in a clearing and took off.

About a half- hour later they heard an airplane and then saw five parachutes open. They all had their weapons at the ready especially Benny Ray. Phoenix Force had made it safely to the ground. And ditched their equipment McCarter and Matt went over the plan and Benny Ray and Hawkins were on point. Followed by the rest with CJ and Manning taking up the rear. They checked the GPS for the co-ordinates that were on the satellite photo's they had seen. It took them five hours to reach them. Hawkins and Benny Ray came back and told them what they had found. "Boss it looks like this Lee Tang is using these guys as slave labor I think I can reach one of them if I go alone." "Do it." McCarter protested while Benny Ray took the ghillie suit out of his pack. "Look Shepherd this is crazy." "No you look my man is the best at his craft know let him do his job." Hawkins came over and backed Matt up and told his leader the man could be a ghost if he had to be. Finally McCarter gave in but Benny Ray was already gone.


Benny Ray made his way very quietly in the high green field clearing just to the edge of the Jungle he was able to move himself into position where he could easily pick off the guards. Who were stationed around in 300 hundred-yard intervals. He counted roughly sixty men. Who was either American or maybe even Australian? He decided to move closer but they needed Intel so he needed to take on of the prisoners now. He found just such a person who barely fell over him. He had risen up to put his hand around the man's mouth and hauled him down to the ground. Put his fingers to his lips so that the man would be quiet. And spoke into the COM link. "Major I'm on my way back with a guest." "Roger that." Came his reply and they headed back into the jungle.


Benny Ray and his visitor rejoined the others. The man was Caucasian but spoke rapid fire Vietnamese. "Boss I think most of them are probably like this." "Yeah he's either been here to long or forgot his English or he was beaten so much and forced to speak Vietnamese." The phoenix Force warriors seemed to agree with him on this point.

Margo walked over to the man and started speaking Vietnamese to him and she was able to get quite a bit of information out of him. Regarding the guards and how long he has been here. Plus who was in charge and where the camp was. Margo then explained everything to Matt and McCarter. They both thought that the guards had to be neutralized to get the choppers to come in and get them and the prisoners. Matt told Benny Ray to let them know when he gets back into position to take out as many guards as he can and then to get on a chopper to get evacuated with everyone else. Benny Ray then just disappeared back into the jungle.


Benny Ray moved very slowly and put himself in a position in the middle of the field. He knew it would not be long before the prisoner he took would be missed. Benny Ray set up his gear very quietly and then spoke into his com link. "Boss all set." "Roger came back as his reply.

McCarter and his men all came out of the jungle and advanced forward. Five yards apart Matt and the others emerged. They also started walking forward toward the Opium field. Matt spoke into the com link "Benny Ray you can start taking them out at your discretion."

Benny Ray had his targets already lined up and started taking them out very methodically. Before Phoenix Force could get into the opium field Benny Ray had taken care of most of the guards. McCarter made a call on a different frequency for both of the choppers. They appeared a short time later. When they landed the gunners in the doors opened up with M60'S to take care of the rest of the guards. The prisoners all boarded Grimaldi's Chopper with out being told. Benny Ray also loaded himself on this chopper like he was ordered to do. The two teams met at Chances Chopper. "McCarter we better check out those hootches a half mile up the road?" "Your right mate." He looked at two of his men and they took off. As the others boarded the chopper.


Hawkins and James found the place to have two men here plus guards Hawkins took care of the guards with strafing fire from his AK-47. He covered James as he got the attention of the other men and was able to get them out of there. They each helped their man get to the Chopper.


Matt saw the men struggling with the sick men. He then hopped out of the chopper to give them a hand He heard the firing of rifles as half a dozen guards came their way in all directions. Matt suddenly went down with the men in the chopper McCarter ordered Chance to get them the hell out of here. Chance told him not with out the Major. Rafael Encizo got next to chance and pointed his gun at him and spoke. "Amigo he's probably dead. Chance looked at the weapon being pointed at him and did as ordered.


Benny Ray watched as Chances chopper landed he saw all of Phoenix Force and the one Able team Warrior gets off the chopper. He then noticed Margo whom seemed pissed and giving someone a mouth full along with Chance and CJ but noticed that Matt was not present. He calmly walked over ignoring his teammates and was confronted by the big man called Lyons.

"Look friend your CO is probably dead we saw him go down. There was nothing we could do. Benny Ray withdrew his knife and made a slice in his own vest and produced a steel insert. And spoke in a slow southern drawl. "Look amigo we were all wearing vests with trauma plates. He probably had the wind knocked out of him." "So you say he's still alive. If that's the case he's probably be dead by the time you can get to him." "Either way amigo everyone comes home." Surrounded by the rest of the team they walk off to get in touch with Trout.



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