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Author:  A hard target SOF crossover By Rattler
Rating:   Rated R for violence and some sexual content
Summary: What would and will happen once Benny Ray and Chance Boudreax are captured by the hunt club eight years after the fact. A very explosive confrontation. Expect the unexpected.
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters except for Billy Joe who is my own creation.


Pik Van Cleef entered Fuchouns hospital room. "Well you look better." Fucoun looked at his long time friend. "Yeah I do but it's been 8 years Pik and I want that SOB to pay for what he did to me." Pik just stood there and laughed wickedly. "Well it seems our friend is still in Louisiana. But his friend Miss Binder is living in Augusta Maine. I took the liberty of getting us a home up in northern Maine lots of wooded area's to run are hunts from and to get some revenge at the same time."

"Very good Pik we leave in the morning."


The team was enjoying their downtime there had been no missions in over a month. Benny Ray was given a message at the bar. He then walked into Matt's office. "Boss I need to leave town for awhile and take care of some family business." Matt seemed a bit confused. "What kind of family business not the kids I hope?"

"No sir a family member in New Orleans passed away. My sister informed me that it was my turn to go."

"Well Benny Ray I can let you go for as long as needed as long as nothing comes up."

"Thanks Boss." Benny Ray left the office and went to pack a bag and to grab the first plane to New Orleans His sister had booked him in a hotel was her way of thanking him. But Benny Ray knew this was gonna be difficult so he pulled the Glock 21 from his dresser and put it in his bag.


Benny Ray found his hotel with no problem. He spent the afternoon getting himself ready for the wake later that afternoon. He got dressed into a white shirt and black tie along with his dress slacks. His Glock rode in shoulder leather. He then looked at a newspaper and found where the Lefluer wake would be held. So he headed out after putting his jacket on.

He found the funeral parlor with no problem because it was the only one in the French quarter. He walked in and was confronted by a man who spoke with a Creole accent. "Sorry mister but this wake is for family only. So leave before you get hurt." Benny Ray sized the man up and he wished Billy Joe were here also. "Well amigo I'm just here to pay my respects to my great grandfather. May he rot in hell for what he put my momma through." The man looked a little beleaguered at this coming from a stranger and he grabbed Benny Ray by the shirt. "Who the hell do you think you are for speaking ill of the dead."

"Well amigo I'll tell you before I tear off your head and shit down your neck. For the record my names Benny Ray Riddle and that old man. From what I was told had disowned my mother when she needed her family's support. So be great full it's me and not one of my older brothers." He then broke free of the man and was ready to pounce on him. When an old woman stepped forward. "Henry that's enough. This man was invited here by me."

"Yes ma'am." She looked at the man who stood before him. "I'd say your name would be Riddle?"

"Yes ma'am it would be."

"So how is my daughter well ma'am she passed away about seven month's ago."

"I'm very sorry to hear that."

"Thank you ma'am. Well me and my brothers and sisters. Have always wondered why you and this entire family abandoned my mother for all those years. I saw her work her fingers to the bone and she taught us the only family we needed was each other. But I heard her crying when I was a boy. She never mentioned her family but we all knew something was wrong. But she never complained."

"I see well I guess you deserve some answers. You see when your mother married Tom Riddle her grandfather was against the whole marriage because he was just the son of a farmer. But when she did we all left Auburn and came back here to live. You see he ran the family and we were brought up to do as our elders told us."

"I see." Benny Ray then went to view the body. He kept his thoughts to himself as he left. He then propped himself up against the wall. After the wake Benny Ray left and got himself a beer and something to eat. As he walked through the French quarter he noticed the homeless as dusk was setting in and he headed back to his hotel.


Billy Joe Riddle walked the rows of white stones on his way to visit his father's grave a walk he had not made in at least ten years time. As he walked the line of headstones he noticed another and it read Douglas Binder and had fresh flowers on the grave. Billy Joe thought for a minute and the name sounded familiar. He walked on two his own fathers grave and said a little prayer. He then heard the singing of a sparrow and it all came back to him. He remembered Binder was at his father's burial when he was a boy and was very impressed by all the medals on his uniform. He then started to talk to his father. "Dad I promise I'll find out what happened to you're friend Binder." Billy Joe walked away and took out a cell phone the first call was to his wife to inform her that he had some personal business to take care of. The second call a bit more cryptic. "Trout meet me at the Washington monument tonight I need some information." He then broke the connection.


Trout watched as a big shadowy figure as it approached him he had one hand on his Glock and the other in plain site. "Trout you won't need that." Trout relaxed as he recognized the voice. "Ok so whats so important that you dragged me away from a dinner with my daughter."

"Please give her my apologies. But I need some information. About one Douglas Binder." Trout looked confused at what the man was asking for. "Who is he?" Billy Joe sighed. "Ok Trout here goes Douglas Binder was in a two man recon team with one Tom Riddle my father." Trout took all this in. "So you want info on a man that was KIA?"

"Wrong again Trout Binder accompanied my fathers body home and the last I heard the man got divorced that was around 1975 if my memories right. I need answers."

"Ok can I have a few days?"

"That's not a problem."

"That was good work you did keeping the Russian ambassador alive by the way."

"Thanks I'm just glad I insisted on carrying a rifle on this one." Trout handed him an envelope and he accepted it and put it in his jacket pocket.


The Funeral went with out incident and Benny Ray was informed that he would be needed for the reading of the will. Benny Ray walked around a bit that day and just wondered why he had to stick around for he really needed to get back. He stopped at a café and ordered a cup of coffee. Benny Ray noticed a few roughnecks like he knew back home. He paid for his coffee with a few dollar bills and he knew he would not be bothered for pocket change. A little time passed and Benny Ray needed to be some where and that's where he was headed when he ran into a man from his past. The man spoke with a Cajun accent wore jeans and a shirt to match and a long coat. "Well if it's not Benny Ray Riddle. How's life in the corps?" Benny Ray remembered the man from his Marine corps. Days when he was in Force Recon. "Well if it's not Chance Boudreaux what have you been up to since you left the service. By the way I'm just a private citizen now."

"Well I'm on my way to a lawyers office some old fool left my uncle some money. He's in the hospital so being his next of kin I need to be there for him."

"Yeah I need to be at one of those myself."

"Not the Lefleur will reading?"

"Matter of fact yes. You see that old man as it turns out happened to be my mothers Grandfather. God do I hate that old man."

"I know the feeling he was a bastard for sure." They both walked to the lawyer's office walked in and took their seats. Benny Ray looked around and noticed one of the men there carrying a gun under his coat and wondered what that was all about.

The will was read and everyone there was left something even Benny Ray's family was left a small pittance but he knew hi family would put it to good use. He made plans with Chance for later on that evening. He walked up too the man who was carrying and found out that he was the chief of Detectives for the New Orleans police department. He then questioned Benny Ray on why he was carrying. "Well sir my job requires me too be armed."

"So mister Riddle what kind of work do you do?"

"Well it's kind of in the protection field."

"Oh a bodyguard then."

"Well sort of. That's really all I can really divulge." The man walked away and made a note to run a background check on this man when he had time.


It took Pik and Fouchon little time in setting up shop. Piks new associate had met with arms dealers and had the armory down stairs packed with all kind of arms and ammo. Well look his face doesn't look like a prune any more the women stated in a heavy Irish brogue. "Pik you might advice your friend to keep her tongue in check." The phone then rang and Pik answered it on the second ring. He had a very short conversation and hung up the phone. "Well I have some bad news. It seems someone in the Pentagon is looking into Binders death." Upon hearing this Fouchon fixed himself a drink and threw the glass against the wall and in an enraged voice. "Pik who is he?"

"Our contact has no idea." Fouchon paced back and fourth. "Pik remember Senator Williams he's on the armed services committee. So give him a call." Pik walked over to the phone and dialed the senator's number. The conversation was quick and too the point and Pik quickly hung up the phone. "Well the senator gave me the name of one man a former army Col. Named Trout. It seems he runs some kind of spec ops team but no one knows who they are. Plus the man has a lot of clout I understand." Fouchon was getting angrier by the minute "Ok have we found out anything else about our Mr. Binder?" "Not yet the computer boys are working on it." They waited about four hours until a young man with glasses entered the room "Mr. VanCleaf I think this is the information you wanted. As he handed him the folder the young man's arm was shaking like a twig. "Thank you Rivers." Pik went over the folder and all he could do was shake his head. Fouchon looked at his associate. "Well what is it?" Pik just sighed in disbelief. "Well it appears that our Mr. Binder had a team mate name Tom Riddle who was KIA. Binder accompanied the body to Arlington for burial. It seems our Mr. Riddle had eight children three girls all married and five boys all married but one is divorced. Two of his sons are ex-military one Benny Ray Riddle who was force recon served with Chance Boudreax for a couple of years plus the man is highly decorated. He is also category I sniper. He also has an older brother who is also very interesting Billy Joe Riddle who is 6 years older than his brother Benny Ray. Joined the Army at the age of 17 was accepted into the 101st airborne. He like his brother is also a category I sniper. But here's the thing I don't like he is also a former combat arms champion. He supposedly died back in 1985 in South America. But recently got married."

"Pik how does a dead man do this?"

"My only guess is he was probably recruited by the CIA to do wet work. Which makes him very dangerous. Pik started fumbling with his chain. As for the other brothers they have been accused of pouching and a lot of other things. But nothing proven. Looks like one very dangerous family if you ask me." Pik looked hard into the young mans eye's and in one fluid Motion shot the man with the Sig. P220 he know carried. Kieran looked at each man and the dead man on the floor. "Well gentlemen I'm late for an appointment. So if you'll excuse me I'll be going now."

"Thank god."

"Looks like we'll have to move our plans up a bit."

"Yeah I can see that."

Both men were extremely agitated. But the houses hold staff kept their distance. For the next few minutes. There was nothing but silence. Pik went to make a call and Fouchon put on some classical music.


Billy Joe received the call from Trout a few hours earlier but he waited for the man to show up and he wondered what he had found out. He noticed a car stop about 25 yards away and his hand went immediately to his back where he had a colt officers ACP holstered. He relaxed when he saw it was Trout walking up to him with a folder in his hand. "You know you got a lot of people asking questions." Billy Joe just smiled. "You know I've always had that effect on people."

"I can see that all the way from New Orleans to Washington. Besides who ever killed your friend Binder also killed a man named Roper who was a very close friend once upon a time."

"Well Trout you got a place for me to start off at?" Both men looked at each other. Trout handed him an envelope. Billy Joe opened it and looked at the contents. He noticed an airline ticket that read two ways to New Orleans there was also a list of people he should contact. "Thanks Trout."

"One thing you might want to call Matt Shepherd since he'll be looking into this as well."

"No problem Trout. By the way did you put something in here that will get me around airport security?"

"It's all there." Both Billy Joe and Trout went on their own separate ways. But Billy Joe just knew something was wrong.


Kieran was always good at picking locks and the sheriff's house was no different. She sat down to wait for the man to show up. She waited for two hours thumbing through magazines and left. Her drive to the house was slow. When she arrived at the house she noticed a car parked out front.

Once she was inside the house she raised holy hell. When she saw Pik talking to another man. "Pik who the hell is this guy. Plus what the hell is he doing here?"

"Peter let me introduce my associate and armorer Kieran McDonald."

"Please to meet you miss." She noticed that he spoke with a South African accent. "Kieran my friend Peter is here to help us with the Bordeaux Problem."

Fouchon entered the room and Pik introduced his Friend "You brought one man and that was it?" Pik just shook his head. "No he brought four men with him. The rest are in town and should be here soon." Fouchon breathed easier at hearing this.

"The only thing me and my men need are weapons to do the job." He handed Kieran a slip of paper and she read it carefully.

"Well why don't we take a look downstairs and see if we have what you need." They both headed downstairs too the armory.

In the Armory she went through her inventory and pulled out five browning high powers with extra mags. She then pulled four FNC carbines with extra magazines and one Steyer long range-hunting rig. She then pulled ammo for all the weapons. The man she knew as Peter was able to carry everything upstairs.

He noticed his men had arrived and they quickly helped him with the weapons. One of his men just inspected the Snipers rifle and just smiled. Kieran looked at their faces. She knew what men who were in fights looked like. "What the bloody hell did your men do?"

The Mercenary leader looked at his men and noticed the fresh bruises. "So how was the fight?"

One man stepped forward "oh just a pretty good work out sir." He looked at the man long and hard.

"So who started it Vanderwahl?"

"Well sir some big dumb-assed logger did. Then the local law got involved and we kind of sent him to the hospital with a broken jaw." Kieran looked at each man.

"You do realize we do not make these kind of mistakes. Which means I'll have to clean this mess up." Fouchon spoke up.

"Then I suggest you get to it Kieran." Kieran then sighed.

"Yes sir." She then left and headed to the hospital. Pik went over how and where. Their job should take place. He also indicated that they had a plane waiting for them at the airport. The mercenary team then headed out. Fouchon poured himself another drink and asked about Miss Binder.

"Ok Pik who's gonna get the girl?" Pik shook his head.

"Kieran and myself will take care of it tomorrow morning." Fouchon now looked very pleased.

Up stairs Kieran had some rather pointed words for him. But Pik knew how to shut her up. He pulled her in close she did not resist. He then opened her pants and started to play with her clit he felt her cum as he stroked it. He then took his cock out of his pants and fucked the hell out of her. When he heard her cries of passion. He stopped. "Get packed we leave in an hour." She then did as she was told.

The Mercenary team boarded a chartered flight and they went over their plan one more time. Before they got some sleep. Since it was a two-hour flight they had some time. Their weapons were loaded and ready to go.


Pik and Kieran had found the house with no problem and they waited till she exited the house. Pik was dressed in a pea coat. He remembered how he hated the cold. He took one direction and Kieran took the other. Pik made his way across the street from the car and Kieran walked a bit and would circle around. "Miss Binder May I have a moment of your time?" Natasha Binder turned and was immediately stunned.

"I thought you were dead? You can't still be alive." Pik just laughed.

. "You see Miss Binder when I'm on a hunt I always wear a vest and only suffered a shoulder wound for my trouble." Natasha made one very fast move and that was going into her purse and pulling out an S&W 3913 TSW. She then heard a guns safety going off of safe. Natasha dropped her pistol and Pik picked it up. "Very nice taste Miss Binder. But right now you are coming with us or my friend Kieran here will have no problem in killing you." Natasha knew her only way to stay alive was to go with them.


The mercenary team had set up a trap outside a French quarter café. They had a sniper on a roof waiting just in case and the waited for their prey. To come out of the café. Benny Ray and Chance left the Café at the same time. When they hit the street that's when they were confronted by four armed men all carrying FNC carbines. Benny Rays mind was racing. As he came up with his plan of action. His companion was trying to talk his way out of it. As he suddenly lashed out with a side kick and a palm heel strike to the mans nose and was rewarded with hearing bone and cartilage breaking and the man's dead corpse on the ground. Benny Ray quickly drew his Glock and killed two men very quickly. They then heard a shot and they both froze. Because they knew there was a sniper out their some place. A man stepped forward with his carbine lowered and spoke in a strong South African accent.

"If either of you try that again you'll be killed." He stepped forward and took Benny Ray's gun. "We have no problem with you just him. But I think since you killed two of my men I'll make you a gift to my employer." They were both cuffed and thrown into a black van. The two men are covered and Benny Ray remembered field testing one of those weapons before recommending the MP5SD3. He looked over at Chance.

"What kind of trouble have you caused now?" Chance just sighed.

"I got no idea."

They were then brought to a private airstrip and buckled into their seats.

"Just relax gentlemen this is a two hour flight and my employer will be happy to see you. So sit back and enjoy the flight." The merc leader stated as he went too his seat. The plane took off and was in the air for about two and half-hours. Until the plane landed.


The plane was met at the airport by a few armed guards and a SUV with tinted windows Chance and Benny Ray were taken from the plane. Their cuffs were checked before being thrown into the SUV. One of the men collected the weapons and then handed the mercenary leader an envelope.

" My employer hopes that our account has been settled."

"It is now tell Mr Fouchon that I threw in an extra as a gift."

"I'll do that." The man then climbed into the SUV and left.


Chance and Benny Ray were then brought to the basement and were thrown into one large cell. Across the room they both noticed a women in another cell. Chance walked towards the bars.

"Natasha what are you doing here?"

"Chance reliving a nightmare from eight years ago." Benny Ray sat back and just wondered what happened eight years ago. He also noticed the racks of arms of every kind and boxes of ammo to go along with them and wondered just what was going on. He then heard footsteps coming down the stairs.

Three people came down the stairs Benny Ray noticed each of them and made an assessment of each. First were the two men. One seemed very cultured the other hard and dressed in black. The other a women. He wondered what her game was. Not bad looking but still not his type though.

Fouchon was the first to speak. "Well Mr. Bordeaux nice to see you again. So I guess hunting season is open. What do you think Pik?"

"Most definitely." Chance stood there and looked at each man.

"No this can't be your both dead I saw you both die about eight years ago." A wicked laugh came from Pik.

"Well Bordeaux I'm easy to explain I was wearing a vest that stopped most of the bullets. Except for the three that hit me in the shoulder and made me pass out." Fouchon stepped closer.

"As for me Bordeaux you will pay dearly. You see when you lobbed that grenade I caught it remember and was able to defuse it. But unfortunately the C4 in the grenade exploded and burnt my face. It has taken me eight years of running my business from a hospital bed in Switzerland. But you will pay for it now." Chance was stunned for a minute.

"If you think I'll submit to one of your hunts guess again." Fouchon moved closer

"Either you do or Miss Binder will be our prey." He then began to laugh. The women in the cell began to cry she could not believe what she was hearing. Kieran stepped forward.

"Oh let me kill that whining bitch." Pik laughed once more.

"In good time my love. In good time."

In the back of the cell Benny Ray's mood changed from somber to one of the professional he was. "You hunt human beings. Someone needs to put a bullet in your head." Both men laughed. Fouchon looked harder at the new comer.

"Pik we got any idea who this guy is." Pik produced a folder from one of Kieran's workstations.

"Well his name is Benny Ray Riddle. I already explained his background." Fouchon moved so where he could see the man better.

"Mr. Riddle allow me to introduce myself. My name is Emil Fouchon. You see you were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. But I do have some questions for you though. "What do you know about Douglas Binder." Benny Ray thought about it before answering. Simply because he had heard the name before.

"Only that he served with my father can't say that I know much about him." Kieran stepped forward.

"Fouchon due some simple math he was probably a toddler back then." Fouchon shot her a look.

"If I want your input I'll ask for it." He then turned his attention back too Benny Ray. "Who in your family would have the clout with a pentagon official named Trout. Benny Ray just smiled.

"I'll tell you Mr. Fouchon. You haven't seen bad yet but it's a comin. I guarantee you that." Fouchon turned to Pik.

"It must be the brother then." The three people whom were in control then turned and went upstairs. Chance looked at Benny Ray

"What was that all about?"

"Well Chance looks like my brother is stirring up a hornets nest. So why don 't you clue me in on whats going on." Chance then filled Benny Ray in on what happened eight years ago.

New Orleans, LOUISIANA

Billy Joe got off his flight and grabbed his bags. He was (then) confronted by airport security.

"Sir if you would come with me I'd appreciate it."

Billy Joe looked at the young man. "Alright son. Lead the way."

Billy Joe was led to a room where two people were waiting for him.

"Mr Riddle thank you for joining us."

Billy Joe noticed the man was carrying a weapon in a shoulder rig.

"Well sir, you got one over on me then, because I got no idea what you are talking about."

"Well I talked to your sister this morning and she told me you would be coming into town on business."

Billy Joe thought about it for a minute. Only his wife knew where he was going. "You mind if I make a phone call?"

"Not at all."

The man pointed to a phone on the table. Billy Joe picked it up and made a call. Three minutes later he hung up.

"Well Inspector, what can I do for you?"

"So your sister never got in touch with you?"

"She tried but I was airborne at the time."

"Mr. Riddle I'll get to the point then. Your brother was supposed to pick up a check yesterday but never did. Do you know where he is?"

Billy Joe thought for a moment. "Usually Benny Ray is very prompt. Is there any signs of foul play Inspector?"


"Then, if you will excuse me, I got things to do."

"Not so fast Mr. Riddle. What's in the rifle case?"

Billy Joe looked the man in the eye. "Well Inspector, just a tool of my trade."

He unzipped the bag and withdrew the Dragonov SVD sniper rifle.

"You know we have laws against those guns here?"

"Well Inspector, here you go."

The man did a double take as soon as he read Billy Joe's credentials. "Have a nice day Mr. Riddle."


Billy Joe walked out and went in search of a motel. The one he found was not fancy but he only needed it to sleep in.


Inside the pool hall was musty and smelled of smoke. Billy Joe had grown up in places like this back in Alabama. He noticed the four-knot heads playing down at the far end of the pool hall. He approached them fairly slowly. When he got there all four gave him looks that said get lost or get hurt. Billy Joe walked over to the rack and pulled down a pool cue.

"Look boys I'm not looking for trouble here, I'm just looking for Carl."

One of the men stepped forward. "Mister, we have never seen you in here before. So in order to save your self some pain, blues and agony, I would just walk out of here now."

Billy Joe twirled the stick behind him for a second and then broke it in half.

"You know boy I've always done things the hard way and this is no exception."

Billy Joe violently attacked the two men who came after him first and took care of them in no time flat. The biggest of the four stepped forward to try and stop what was going on. A strike to his abdomen and a strike to his throat put the big man down. The leader and spokesman of the group stepped forward and swung his pool cue. Billy Joe blocked the blow by raising his arm and then hit the man in the face three times with his right fist. He then helped him up and withdrew his pistol and shoved the barrel of the gun under the man's chin.

"Look boy, like I said, I am not looking for trouble, but I'm not afraid of it either. So where is Carl?"

The next sound Billy Joe heard was the familiar sound of a pump shotgun being pumped and a round going into the chamber.

"Mister if I was you I would put that pistol down very slowly and then I would let go of Wayne."

Billy Joe did as commanded, but he was not nice about letting Wayne go as he gave him a little shove. Billy Joe turned around slowly.

"Well I'll be damned. How are you Carl?"

"I thought I recognized that accent. I thought you were dead when you quit about 5 years ago."

Billy Joe picked up his gun and reholstered it.

"Well you know how the Agency is when they start getting dead agents back. Carl is there someplace we can talk privately I really don't want the whole world knowing my business."

"Looks like you still do things the hard way."

"Well I never stopped. You know with some lessons those boys could be pretty good fighters."

"Hell they already are the best in New Orleans, but they've never met up with a seasoned professional either."

Carl took a seat behind a desk. He offered Billy Joe a seat which he gladly accepted.

"So my friend how can I help you?"

"Well Carl, its very easy. I need some information on a killing that happened eight years ago. Two men died. One man's name was Roper, the other was Doug Binder."

His friend thought for a minute and made a few calls.

"Billy Joe you are beginning to make people here very nervous . This is what I found out; they both had one thing in common, they were homeless vets. Roper had no family, but Binder did. Roper was killed very blatantly by sub-machine guns at pretty close range during the evening in a very busy French Quarter."

"If you ask me, that's overkill big time."

"No kidding! Your best bet would be talking to the cops and looking at their files. You should talk to a friend of mine. He's a disabled vet who tries to help out the homeless. You'll find him at the plaza. His name is Willie. One more thing my friend, you may need some heavy ordnance on this one."

"Carl, if I need to, I can get what I need with a phone call."

The two men stood up and shook hands before going their separate ways.


Billy Joe had no idea who he was looking for. What he found deeply disturbed him. He just could not believe what he saw. Men who had fought for their country and were then forgotten about, simply because they could not find work or hold down a job, or were disturbed by the horrors of war. He knew those horrors intimately himself. He noticed a building. It looked more like a shelter. Maybe the man he sought was there.

Entering the shelter, he noticed a young man having words with a much older one. Billy Joe walked towards them and found it was more of an argument.

"Excuse me, I'm looking for Willie."

The younger man turned and spoke. "Didn't your mother ever teach you any manners? I don't like being interrupted."

"Well son, she taught me plenty. Especially about having respect for your elders. A lesson that your mother may have forgotten about."

"Mister, that's real cute. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to collect some money from this dead beat."

"Well in that case, son, how much does he owe you?"

"Fifteen hundred for rent that has not been paid in months."

"Well this is your lucky day."

Billy Joe took out the envelope given to him by Trout and put two thousand dollars into the man's hand. The man looked at Billy Joe in total disgust and left. The older man, who was in a wheel chair, just smiled.

"Mister I would like to thank you. I want you too know, there's no way I can pay you back ."

Billy Joe looked at the older gentleman.

"There's no need to pay me back. Call it a gift from one vet to another."

"How did you know?" the older man asked.

"It's in your eyes friend. Besides I lost my Dad in Vietnam."

"You have seen your share of bloodshed in your life." he commented.

"Yeah, you would be right about that. Can you help me out though, I'm looking for a man named Willie?"

"Well that would be me. Who sent you?" he was suspicious.

" Carl told me you might have the answers that I'm looking for."

" If Carl sent you then you must be a trusted friend. Let's go in the back and talk." "sorry I never caught your name?"

"Sorry, it's Riddle, but most people call me Billy Joe."

" How can I help you, Billy Joe?" he said smiling.

"Well sir, I'm looking into Doug Binder's death eight years ago. I would like to know what happened?"

"Why is this so important to you?"

"Well sir, Doug Binder accompanied my daddy's body home from Vietnam. Call it a family debt."

"Alright, that's good enough for me. Eight years ago there were rumors floating around about a man running hunts for those who could pay the price. Their prey was an always a combat vet with no family, people who would not be missed. Unfortunately for them Doug Binder had a daughter."

"Any idea who might have been involved." Billy Joe was finally getting the information he wanted.

"Well there were rumors that a man named Poe recruited the men from his flier operation. The man had an accountant named Lefluer, you might want to ask him some questions."

" I was hoping to avoid that family"

"Why is that?" Now the old man was really interested.

"Well sir, myself and my brothers promised each other that if we ever came across any of those snakes, they would be given what they deserved for abandoning our mother after our father was killed back in '72."

"Wait a minute, now I know why that name sounds familiar. Was your father in a two man recon team with Doug Binder?"

"Yes sir he was. Matter of fact Binder accompanied the body home."

"So this is more of a promise your father made?"

"Afraid not. Let's just say I'm curious." Billy Joe would say no more.

"Well good luck to you."

Billy Joe got up and left. He decided to check out the police station next.


The police station was full and very busy. Billy Joe walked up to the counter and waited to see the desk sergeant.

"Can I help you mister, you look lost."

"Well Sergeant I'm not lost, but I would like to see the records you have regarding the Binder and Roper homicides."

"Sorry sir you'll have to talk too Inspector Lefluer upstairs. He is Chief of Detectives."


Billy Joe took the stairs two at a time. He saw a couple of doors and one read CHIEF OF DETECTIVES. He walked in and saw the same man he had seen at the airport.

"Mr. Riddle, what are you doing here?"

"So your name is Lefluer?"

"That's right, it is. So what can I do for you?"

"Alright Inspector. First off, if I had known your name was Lefluer I would have kicked your ass at the airport. Secondly, I want to see what ever you have on the Roper and Binder murders."

"Not a chance of that happening. I just reopened those cases because of a recent homicide."

Billy Joe reached into his pocket and took out his cell phone. He dialed a number on speed dial.

"Trout, I'm running into some interference from the locals down here. Can you do anything to give me a hand."

He put his phone away. There was complete silence in the room till the phone rang. Inspector Lefluer picked it up on the third ring. The man was severely chewed out. The only thing he had to say was yes sir.

"Riddle who do you work for?" Lefluer asked.

"Sorry Inspector that's classified."

"That was the Mayor. I have been instructed to let you see everything we have on the homicides. What do you know about them?"

Billy Joe just smiled as he was handed an FNC carbine.

"Looks like someone has very good taste. Whose is it?"

"We don't know. He's dead, along with three other people. Funny thing is, it was about the same time your brother went missing... and so did Chance Boudreaux."

"Alright Inspector, lets see the bodies."

They (then) took a walk next door to the city morgue. Billy Joe looked at each body and noticed one thing in particular, the tips of their fingers were clean just like his.

"Well it looks like you caught yourselves some genuine black ops here. Only three countries remove finger prints, the US, Britain and South Africa." stated Billy Joe.

The Inspector just looked at him. "How do you know?"

"That not classified any more. I was once employed in the same field. By the CIA. What about their personal effects, any thing interesting."

"Yes there was, one of them carried this." he handed Billy Joe an envelope.

Billy Joe studied it, "Well a gurka. Definitely South African."

"I suppose you want to go rummaging through my files now."

"Wrong. I want to know who filed the missing persons report on your Mr. Boudreaux?"

"Easy, his uncle. I believe his name is Duvall."

"Where can I find him?"

"You're nuts! The man lives by himself in a shack in the bayou."

"Thanks. Just draw me a map."

The Inspector did as he was asked. (He) Billy Joe thanked him for his co-operation and left.


Billy Joe changed into some jeans and T-shirt (with) taking a light jacket for his trip into the bayou. He also changed pistols opting for a Para Ordnance LDA-P14 in .45 caliber which he put on his belt. He fastened a hunting knife to his belt and laced up his boots. He took a case out of his bag and very quickly assembled a CAR-15 that was chambered for .243. He checked the ACOG scope and (was) satisfied that every thing was in order, left.


Billy Joe drove as far as he could on the back roads. Checking his map he parked at the side of the road, got out of the SUV and walked on. He thought a lot of how these woods were like the woods where he and his brothers had poached and where his grandfather taught him to survive in the wilderness. He kept his mind squarely focused on finding this man named Duvall. He started following a couple of game trails. Even the cotton- mouth he saw hanging on a branch was a welcome sight. Halfway down the second trail he noticed an alarm system, very crude but effective. He also noticed a few trip wires that lead to booby traps. He knew immediately he was on someone else's turf. Coming to a tree line near a meadow, he found an old man filling a jug from a crudely designed still. The man carried a knife and an old double-barrelled shotgun. Billy Joe noticed another game trail and decided to follow it, not wanting to become a target for the old man's shotgun.

The trail led him to the back of the old shack. Before heading towards the front of the shack he set his rifle in firing mode. Making his way to the front of the building Billy Joe, walked two hundred yards past it and spoke, "Old man I want you to do me one favor. Throw your knife and shotgun over here, one at a time."

The man did as he was asked.

"Why you want to bother an old man like Duvall eh?" The old man asked.

"Because I need answers. Now head inside."

"You mind if I take my jug?"

"Take the jug but watch each step you make."

Billy Joe watched the man go up the stairs. He quickly transitioned from his rifle to his pistol with ease and gathering up the old man's things as well, he followed the man into the shack.

Billy Joe walked into the one room shack. He had seen many of these as a boy back in Alabama. He put the shotgun in the corner and the knife on a cutting board by the sink. The old man sat down and started eating roast pig to go along with his white lightning. Billy Joe sat across from the old man.

"You're not like the men who came here before." said the old man.

"Suppose you tell me about those men. They were after your nephew and Miss Binder, I believe."

" I think you know most of it already. You are not like those men, but you are still a hunter, no?"

"I used to be. Was your nephew was being hunted?"

"Yes." The old man went into detail and told him everything he knew and how his nephew had killed all who had gone after him.

Billy Joe thought for a moment, "I see, well thank you for your time Mister Duvall."

"Please sit and eat!" Duvall suggested.

Billy Joe did as he was asked, removed his own knife and cut of a big piece of pork. He was offered some of the old man's jug, which he drank down in a large gulp.

"You know that stuff needs to age a while, because it's a bit weak."

"Nah. You think?" laughed Duvall.

"Hell, my granddaddy made hard cider that was stronger than this stuff."

"I had you pegged for a city boy, but it looks like I was wrong." nodded Duvall.

Well, old man, wrong you would be."

"You will stay the night, it's much to dangerous for you to leave now. By the way, what is your name?"

"It's Riddle."

"A very funny name."

The old man picked his bunk and went to sleep. Billy Joe did the same but he slept light, very light.


Fouchon entered the spacious living room and found Pik on the phone getting very angry. Pik slammed down the phone.

"'Well, Fouchon, that was my contact in the New Orleans Police Department. It looks like our friend Mr. Riddle is asking far too many questions. But this you won't like, it appears that he has friends in very high places."

Fouchon paced for a moment, picked up the phone and made some arrangements.

"Pik tell Kiernan to get packed. I think it's time for a face to face talk with Mister Riddle."

Pik left with a slight smile on his face as he headed to the basement.

In the basement Pik walked past the cells. Boudreax was trying everything to get out. Benny Ray just sat back and waited. Miss Binder knew there was nothing she could do but just wait. Pik walked over to Kiernan and told her that she and one of the men needed to get packed. As they were leaving Pik stopped at the cell and looked directly at Benny Ray.

"Riddle, I'm going to enjoy killing your brother."

Benny Ray got off the bunk and stepping forward gripped the bars. He looked Pik straight in the eyes.

"A bit of information for your benefit. Don't think of my brother as a good old country boy, because if you do they will be putting your corpse into an unmarked grave."

"I'll remember that." Pik smirked, turned away and headed back upstairs.

Benny Ray went back to his bunk and sat in the shadows till Chance spoke.

"Benny Ray why are you just sitting there instead of helping me to find a way out of here?"

Benny Ray shot Chance a look. "Have you not been listening Boudreax. My older brother is stirring things up and sooner or later he will hook up with some friends of mine. That means we will get out of this eventually."

"Yeah let's hope so."

Benny Ray just shook his head. He knew once the Major knew of his disappearance that the team would move heaven and earth to find him. All he could do was just sit tight.


Fouchon and Pik informed everyone where they were going and why. If they could not reach an under standing with this man who was stirring things up, Montgomery and Kiernan were given the job of killing him. After all the questions and assignments had been handed out they headed off to the airport.

The flight took them a little bit over two hours and once they were settled in everyone got some rest. Pik wondered what Riddle had meant by his warning, but he put it out of his mind as he got some rest.


Billy Joe got back into town early that morning and had one more name on his list to contact, an accountant named Henry Lefluer. He watched the man' s office till he saw a couple walk in. He looked at his watch and noted the time. It occurred to him that his life had turned out very different than he expected. Even simple things like not being able to keep regular hours like normal people. He tried to make things as normal as possible for his family. Given his line of work even that was tough.

He waited about fifteen minutes and then headed into the office. Once inside a receptionist greeted him. "May I help you sir?"

He looked at the young, blue eyed blond and smiled, "Well Ma'am I'd like to see Mister Lefluer."

"I'm sorry do you have an appointment?"

"No Ma'am I'm afraid not."

"Well, I can give you one for next week."

Billy Joe shook his head in disbelief.

"Could you tell him it's a family matter and leave it at that."

The young woman called through to the inner office.

"Sir he'll give you ten minutes and that's all."

Billy Joe grinned at the woman, and added a "Thank you Ma'am" as he headed into Henry Lefluer's office.

As he walked into the office he noticed a very sharp looking man with slicked back hair, wearing a very expensive suit.

"So Mister you never gave my secretary your name."

"That's right I never did. It's Riddle."

The man swallowed hard before speaking, "There's another one?"

"So I take it that you have met my little brother then," smiled Billy Joe.

"He mentioned older brothers but I thought he was kidding. So what can I do for you?"

Billy Joe's cold blue eyed stare stopped the man dead in his tracks.

"That's easy I want to know who a man named Poe worked for. I believe you did his taxes and set up his investments."

The man thought hard and knew if he did not supply the information he would be dead.

"You know I really can't tell you that, it's confidential."

Billy Joe removed his jacket so that the man could see his gun and knife.

"You know, you seem a little bit scared. It better be because of me or you could be in big trouble."

"Even though you are armed I'm not scared of you," the man bluffed.

Billy Joe grabbed the sweating man and pushed him against the wall. He placed his forearm at the man's throat and pressed into his windpipe. He spoke into his ear quietly.

"Look Henry it's very clear you're afraid of someone and if it is not me then who is it?"

He released pressure from his throat.

"Look if I say any thing I'm a dead man." Lefluer gasped out.

"If you don't you're a dead man."

Billy Joe brought up his knife and placed it at Lefluer's throat. Then he spoke one more time.

"You know I have always liked skinning animals, but I have found some people are worse than animals. So tell me who Poe worked for."

"Alright. Their names were Fouchon and Van Cleave."

Billy Joe put his knife away and let the man go.

"Henry just one thing before I go"

"What's that?"

Billy Joe let him have a taste of his big fist right in the mouth. Henry got up off the floor.

"What was that for?"

"That was for my mother."

Billy Joe grabbed his jacket and left.

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